A Minimalistic Take On The S13

You might think that all an event like Wekfest Japan would turn up is a similar bunch of cars, but as you’ve seen in my spotlights so far, that’s not exactly the case. Sure, there were some builds that followed the same theme, but there was still plenty of variety parked up inside Nagoya’s Port Messe exhibition dome.

Case in point, this dramatically simple yet brutally functional Nissan Silvia S13, with a Mooneyes theme.


First things first, yes, it’s naturally aspirated. The SR20DE almost seems to float in the shaved engine bay, all the hoses, piping and ancillaries having been nicely tucked away to let the 2.0-liter four-cylinder take center stage.


The four polished velocity stacks are the first things to capture your attention, but then slowly you begin to notice the details. Like the equal-length, custom stainless steel headers, the meticulously painted cam cover, and the gusseted suspension turret reinforcements.


Carbon fiber fender flares tightly hug the chunky rubber mounted on 16-inch SSR Formula Mesh rims while providing a nice contrast to the bright yellow exterior.


A splash of color on the inside comes courtesy of some sticker-bombing, and with the addition of some Recaro seats up front you have yourself a challenging car to drive hard or drift.

In a sea of similarly styled and modified S13s, here’s one that’s not afraid to make a statement.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Chris Colouryum

Is it actually a sticker bombed wheel or is it just a wrap? Must be horrible to drive with if it's genuine! Anyway love a good moon eyes theme and this is very tidy!

Martha Stewart

2012 Throwback interior


I would love to do this to my Silvia, but I fear I could not pull off the fender look.


What a shame this isn't a proper feature and there are no specs, I'm always so interested in NA SR20 setups, I wonder if this has a stroker kit, it could be pushing out 350 angry hp <3 I realise the rest of the car isn't necessarily feature worthy bit that engine looks awesome


a forged high compression rebuild is as much as a turbo motor and you can maybe make half the power for the same investment the sr20 is to cheap as turbo motor to be built na that said they sound super good revving high


One of the worst s13's on here.

Rotary Nissan

Because troll living in Mom's basement.


Those S13s with the trunks, as opposed to the hatchbacks, have such a nice classic profile. Nice to see them still rolling. Great job!


its a silvia comes with the (nagasaki was overkill and we wont give you the dope version) trim level


Dash mat!

Clayton Payton



ayyee it's a honda! The extremely rare 93 CivicRX-13 only appears once every 13000 spotlights!

(but still beautiful)