Tactical Art’s Tekkamen Skyline

You might not associate Tactical Art with anything other than highly modified Hondas, but the Osaka-based shop had one car at Wekfest this week that immediately caught my attention – and it definitely wasn’t a Civic.

This white DR30 Tekkamen Skyline RS-Turbo does so many things so right.


Above all else though, it proves that you only really need a handful of simple touches to get the most out of these old boxy rides.


The car’s exterior has been kept completely stock, and to be honest, there isn’t really anything else you need to do to a kouki DR30. The overall look of the car makes enough of a statement with that central hood section sealing up the grille – where the name Tekkamen or ‘Iron Mask’ comes from – and the thin rectangular headlights give it an instantly recognizable face.

Set the ride height lower and you’re halfway there.

As with many cars that Tactical Art builds the Skyline runs a set of 3-piece Classics from CCW Wheels, polished and fitted with extended gold lug nuts.


While it’s always a good idea to beef up the structural rigidity of an older car with a roll cage, I’m not sure the bar running across the windscreen will be too cop-friendly, or safe for that matter. Thankfully it’s just bolted in there, so easily removed when the car actually needs to be driven.


I’d be keen to find out what’s been done to the mechanical side of this RS-Turbo, and I think that’s a pretty good reason to drop by Tactical Art some time soon. Whether it’ll be there given it has Fukuoka Prefecture plates is another thing, but a Kansai Speedhunting trip is long overdue regardless.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Very unusual roll bar in the front screen! Perhaps inspired by the bars they used to run on Australian touring cars / V8 supercars.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Maybe, but it's just for show obviously. Gets people scratching their heads though, and that's the point right


Might be for show in this case, but it isn't as obvious as you may think: as Matt mentioned, V8 supercars ran windscreen cages for years and those weren't for show at all..


It is really cool build. Love the R31! But I dont really get that rollcage. So nice build...they know how to build car...and then they make that bar across the windsield o.O

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It's a 30


Not too sure what to feel about the "Grinder" sticker on the rear fenders, but regardless, this DR30, especially with those glorious 3-piece rims, is pristine af.

Matthew Everingham

The world can only benefit from more DR30's! Excellent spot Dino-san!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

3-Q Matto-san


I've visited Atuki-san at Tactical art three years in a row and I've never seen a non Honda in his garage haha Would have loved to have caught this there! Really cool looking, as is everything that comes out of his shop.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Can't believe I've yet to visit!!

Blake Webster

god this car looks insane i have to draw it. its sorta tastefully done but not really

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The owner certainly nailed the look


Loving the build of it but the only two things I'd change are the rear wheels (incl amount of neg camber), perhaps make them same as the fronts and that roll cage windscreen bar.

Oh and the stickers...


Great coverage for the DR30. It puts a huge smile on my face every time I drive mine and people are so confused.

One of Nissan finest secrets.