A Spoon-Full Of S2000
It Just Draws You In

For many in the Honda world, there is a name recognized second only to Mugen and desired almost as much.

In Japan, Spoon Sports is known as a leader in time attack and all-out performance using the Honda brand’s legendary vehicles like the Integra Type R, NSX and S2000, so when the company decided to launch in the US, it marked the occasion by building something special.


Using every part in its extensive catalog, plus one very striking extra that’s unique to this and only one other car, the Spoon Sports USA S2000 is the result. 8,500rpm never sounded or looked so good.


The most striking thing you’ll notice right away is also the unique feature I just alluded to. The open-air concept roof was designed by Spoon Sports Japan, however the design was sent stateside to be realized for the Spoon Sports USA car as well. This is no fiberglass top either; save for the rearward brace that sits between the hunches of the tonneau cover that’s OEM for the CR model S2000 and the central brace that spans between the windshield and that rearward brace, the roof is a single piece of billet aluminum machined out to the shape you see.


The idea is to allow you to still enjoy the open top experience without the worry of rain, which to be honest is not much of a problem here in Southern California. The other advantage is that it does cut down on wind noise while driving so you can hear that Spoon exhaust sing all the way up to 8,500rpm.


The tinted plexiglass also gives you that open air feeling and helps you feel a little less claustrophobic in the tight confines of the S2000 cabin. For some, the design might be off-putting because it doesn’t serve a performance function like the rest of the car’s parts. However, it is a design piece and a concept that showcases the ideas and creativity of the Spoon engineers, and for that reason it fits its purpose and functions as it should even if it doesn’t make the car faster or more aerodynamic.

Until you take a closer look at the intricate design and machining that went into creating this and the original concept, it’s hard to appreciate it. From a designer and machinist’s standpoint, it’s an absolute work of art worthy of this car.

True Performance Art

That’s not to say this car wouldn’t perform when asked, though – it’s a Spoon Sports demo car that’s filled to the brim with everything the company makes and sells after all. The only piece not for sale is that roof, otherwise you can build this exact car for yourself. The top is there to grab your attention, the rest of the car holds it until you need a way to wipe the drool off your face from your daydream of owning a similar machine.


Let’s start where most people do when they’re building a car with the wheels and tires. Those are the Spoon CR93s with an aggressive offset for the S2000, fitted with the latest Yokohama Advan Neova AD08Rs. However, to make sure the rubber isn’t totally exposed, a set of front and rear Spoon wide fenders, which are legendary in their own right, are employed here. The stock brakes wouldn’t cut it and the CR93 wheels allow for larger Spoon monoblock calipers, which are of 4-piston variety and work with the amazing ABS system used on the S2000.


The body is a bit of a mix of Spoon’s S-Tai and Aero upgrades. The front and rear bumpers are Aero fare, but the rear diffuser and hood is S-Tai. The wing is the Spoon GT item for the S2000 while the Aero mirrors cut a distinct, narrow profile.


To take control of the front wheels, a Spoon steering wheel allows you to feed steering input and the Spoon shift knob feels nice in the hand as well. The Recaro/ASM RS-G seats are the only parts not OE Honda or Spoon.


The suspension is full Spoon, from the coilovers to the upper control arm gusset plates, to the front strut bar.


Likewise, the engine is a full Spoon Sports Japan build. While the intake manifold is Honda OE, the throttle body is a Spoon unit that sucks in air from the Spoon air cleaner under the OE Honda intake.

Sending that spent fuel and air to the Spoon N1 muffler kit is a Spoon exhaust manifold in a four-two-one design for peak power and torque.


To top off the engine is an eye-catching yellow valve cover and Kevlar coil shroud. Finally, a Spoon aluminum radiator, coolant hoses, and radiator cap ensure coolant never leaks or gets too hot on long road trips or spirited driving on a certain set of mountain roads.

Your Dreams Can Come True

The open-air top isn’t for everyone, but if it is ever offered you can be sure it won’t be the machined billet aluminum piece you see here; that’s expensive and would be out of the budget of most enthusiasts. Everything else is available, attainable even, so it’s a realistic project.


However, the idea of the S2000 was to have a pure, open-top sports car driving experience. That idea remains with this concept and, who knows, maybe we will see a version of this one day and then you can make an exact copy of this very car. Until then, build it a piece at a time and enjoy that open-air feeling. Well, until the rain starts to fall.

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Nice to see more S2000 love. Rather let down by the article though. I'd like to see more time talking about the history and design of the company/parts and how the car makes you feel, and less time listing parts.


I think you'll see what you're looking for in the next Spoon article I do. This one was intended from the start to just be about the S2000.


You know that feeling you had when you were still just a kid and you asked your parents for that new Nintendo console but they kept saying no over and over but then after you woke up on Christmas morning that year, you saw that totally awesome Nintendo console you kept asking for, along with a few extra games and controllers, sitting right by the Christmas tree? You remember that feeling? Well, that's what it feels like when you hit the redline of this S2000.


Thanks Louis, I know the feeling well. Great photos as always!


I actually really like the idea of this open air hardtop, it sort of gives the car an semi-exotic feel. I feel like it needs to be paired with a pretty wild car to work well though, like the one it's currently on.


Being an s2000 owner and avid reader of speedhunters I will say the kit is terrible. And that top... leave the billet work to pagani.


So no one else is allowed to make billet parts except for Pagani. Yeak ok mate...

Rich E Wavy Kariuki

Try as I might, I will never like that roof. The rest is coo.


x2 for me. Also, if there's two of them, by definition they're not "unique".


I'm sure this car is well made and a joy to drive, but that roof couldne be any more uglier. Lets hope it stays a one off prototype..

Basith Penna-Hakkim

This is one of the best track builds, especially the Spoon Sports Honda S2000. This is like a tribute to this legendary model and making it one of the cars remembered to break track records. #HondaLove


The hardtop looks like shit...honestly.

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

What open-air feel do you get when the roof covers the top of the cockpit?


It's kind of like having the rear window down. The wind isn't blowing on your face so it doesn't disrupt your hearing. And you get the added bonus of being able to hear the exhaust really well. Like really really well.

Richard Browm

I actually really love that roof! It's funky.
I like the car, thanks for sharing!


I like the roof! Certainly unique! I'd be very keen to sit in that car and know what it feels like with that roof. And to think it's a billet piece makes it all the more interesting.


This thing is really cool.


Way to make an entrance Spoon!


Where is the famed 1995 Acura 2dr, Legend Sport Coupe with Type II, 235 hp, V6, 5 speed?


See 1995 Acura Legand, coupe,


Ditch the weird roof for a hard top and its perfect.


"The Recaro/ASM RS-G seats are the only parts not OE Honda or Spoon."
Pretty sure the bonnet is a Mugen. Got that special shape to allow the Mugen air intake to fit under.

Charlie Hulme

"The front and rear bumpers are Aero fare, but the rear diffuser and hood is S-Tai."


Any specs on what this beauty is putting to the ground?


I have mixed feeling about roof,but its rear end reminds me on Coswoerh spoiler,wich is cool. Rest of car is very cool but I dont like rear bumper. I have loled on Gospoon plate, Gospon means Sir on Croatian :D


This has got to be the ugliest S2000 I've ever seen... EVER. And I've seen a lot. That top looks like something that would fit a TVR, not a Honda. So out of place, and that read bumper. Just why? Every part looks to have been designed by a completely separate company, there's no appearance that any of these parts were designed to work in unison as one cohesive package. R.I.P poor Honda. It would have came out better if a 16 year old went shopping at Pep Boys or JCWhitney.



Stunning car! Which sizes are the wheels? And are they spaced? Cause im planning to widen my s2000 a bit and I like these Cr93 wheels.

Steve Hayward

"the roof is a single piece of billet aluminum machined out to the shape you see."