The Freshest S14 You’ll See Today

If you had to select a Japanese car for a project build, what make and model would it be?

Maybe something not so common, as it would be far easier to come up with an original and fresh take, right? But a Nissan Silvia S14 chassis? Wouldn’t that be like shooting yourself in the foot before you even get started? I mean, it has to be one of the most modified and fettled with Japanese platforms ever.


Yet, when I came across this kouki S14 from the Low ‘N Slow crew at Wekfest Japan last week, I was pleasantly surprised. It combines a number of touches from a variety of styles, yet fuses them all together beautifully to result in something you can’t help but stop and admire.


The choice of a black exterior gives it a real menacing look too. It was like a blackhole parked in the middle of the Port Messe exhibition dome; you really had to get up close to actually spot all the details. And of those, there are plenty.


Contrasting that deep black body color is a set of custom three-piece forged Infinitewerks BRs with with crazy offsets resulting in huge dish front and rear. But then again, if you want to impress you have to go the whole way.

And that’s what the owner has really done, giving unique touches to the exterior through added vents into the stock front fenders as well as a custom fabricated and integrated tapered trunk lip spoiler out the back. It’s all metal and all beautifully executed.


While at the paint shop the inner section of the chassis received a digital camo treatment with the same Tiffany-blue that’s been used on the roll-cage padding and steering wheel.


A Bride Euro seat for the passenger and a Bride bucket, and the interior was all done.


The car is dotted with cool smaller details like the custom headlights and an LED upgrade for every other bulb.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, there is no air ride – it’s static suspension all the way.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Hate to correct you Dino. That passenger seat is a Bride Euro.

Great car though and great pics as always.




There ought to be a rule against kouki S14s on Speedhunters.

Nah, just kidding. I just think zenkis are way cooler, is all :)


I was actually sorta wondering what was under the hood?


The sticker above it says all you need to know.


Oho, what a clever jab!


To answer your question at the beginning of this article: I would personally go for a Nissan Silvia S15, partially because I absolutely love its design language. It's simple, stylish, sporty and aggressive, all at the same time.


Putting THOSE wheels on THAT car is the perfect way of ruining it.


Buying huge wheels with huge tires, then adding huge camber to the whole soup, just to get the same contact area as a 155 tire on a 4.5" wide wheel is just STUPID, no matter how much money you threw at it.


Agree the wheels are terrible and cages on stanced cars like this are retarded. Put some proper fittings wheel/tires and it would look really good actually.


Agreed, it is a bit of a confused car. Is it a superfast racer/drift car with the cage and pop off wheel? Or low n slow stance car that it only good for shows? Props to the owner though, he has quite clearly put a lot of money and time into it, and I appreciate that certainly had a lot more spend on it than my car. But I can't imagine him hunting much speed in this car, bit more direction and he would have an awesome car. :)


I don't think speed is his main focus. There's a sticker on the windshield that says "low and slow".

Have you ever seen the old Haraguchi Drift RX7 from the early 2000s? The first time i saw that car I thought it was too low and stanced out to be a competitive drift car. I was wrong.

David Hasan-lichtenstein

Saw the first pic of it and realised 'that's what inspired the Twerk Stallion'


This is so good


I LOVE vip wheels on old skylines and silvias, it reminds me of JDM before JDM was mainstream, so many 240p videos before the youtube eras showed obscure drifters in this style...I also seen nothing wrong with a cage on a stance/show car (if that's what this is) because A) it looks great and B) you didn't have to pay for it, so relax.

Anthony Chang

That's some really deep dishes... washing machine's drum anyone?? XD


WTF, has some merican got his fat hands on a lovely car and he has fvcked it up big time, those wheels do not suit an S14 :( and wtf is it with these fake roll bars that curve ffs why not drive about with a bag of sand in the car. Some people shouldn't have nice cars....

Rotary Nissan

Some people shouldn't have nice cars....

Ok... so if you disagree with someone's personal taste that makes it ok to confiscate their personal belongings? Seriously, think about where that line of logic would take the world.

It's not your car, it's not your money, and given the general location of this shoot, the owner is probably not "Murrican" or fat.

You don't like it? Ok, fine. You are allowed to have your opinion. But if you're going to be so blatantly insulting then you should use your excess of free time to go a build a better car instead of wasting it on a website you don't even like.


Looks like another hotboi s14.


i'm so dead. "Hotboi" s14 with a Sara.Choi autograph!