Ferrari Triggered: The GT4586 In Action

It’s one thing to have looked at photos of Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari 458 Italia V8-powered Toyota GT86.

It’s another thing to see it in person, sitting proudly on display in the Formula Drift paddock these last two rounds. It’s a divisive car, but the engineering put into it is really something to behold. Even at a standstill, the front-facing exhaust manifold and the custom windscreen which accepts the air intakes are marvellous details. Still, this isn’t a car that was designed or built to be appreciated in a static situation.

2017 Toyota GT4586 Drifting Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-1

I had seen the car move under its own power a couple of times, but always at low speed with the odd throttle blip to herald the occasion. In Orlando last weekend for FD Round 2, qualifying had just finished and I found myself ‘trapped’ on the infield of the oval. While the majority of other media had left, wisely having chosen a photo zone with an immediate track exit, I had no choice but to wait in the horrific heat (high 90°F, 95% humidity) as the track was still considered, ironically, hot (live).

2017 Toyota GT4586 Drifting Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-2
2017 Toyota GT4586 Drifting Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-5

Before we had the chance to ask why the track was still hot, the corner worker announced that Tuerck was bringing out the Feryota. Or Toyrari. Whichever you prefer. There was a short wait, which felt infinitely longer in the heat, but once the distinct sound of the car starting somewhere out of sight, followed by the corner worker informing us the car was on the way, the heat didn’t feel like such an issue any more.

2017 Toyota GT4586 Drifting Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-6

The run was short, although it was longer than the FD course, with Tuerck adding an extra corner followed by mandatory donuts and burnout at the end. Having just watched the FD Pro class qualify, it did look a little slower compared to its 1,000hp+ compatriots, but I was still surprised by how quick it was. The sound is strange, as you can definitely hear the unmistakeable Ferrari tone in there, but it’s slightly muted.

2017 Toyota GT4586 Drifting Speedhunters by Paddy McGrath-8

Before we knew it, Tuerck and one lucky passenger were finished and heading back towards the paddock and we were finally free to seek shade with track finally being declared cold. Again, the irony was not lost on me.

I hadn’t realised until I got home that the car had run the day before, too. Thankfully, Donut Media put together a quick video which saves me the hardship of trying to make the correct noises with just words, and you can check that out above.

It’s not the first or last time the car has featured here, because every time it does something, it’s an occasion worth celebrating. Plus, you know, wallpapers for everyone.

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Creativity - 10
Ingenuity - 7
Execution - meh



Im curious what you think is the "meh" execution... looks pretty solid to me.


The car is functional, I'll give it that. However, putting a DOHC V8 into a bay intended for a 4cyl Boxer looks atrocious. They had a tough task and it looks like they did the best job they could but, that's all it looks like. It's like surgically attaching a leg to someone's shoulder. You can do the best job possible but, no matter what, you know it doesn't belong and you know it looks dumb.



Fair enough, although the 90 degree Ferrari engine is just as wide as the boxer, and if you look at the build post from 2016 the engine actually fits really nice and was a super clean install. If you're referencing the intake being above the hood line its because they fabbed a taller intake with longer runners, just like hot rodders and drag guys have done for decades. Got to admit tho I actually loled at your shoulder leg analogy haha.

Matthew Everingham

Toyrari Please. Trying to say Feyota makes me cringe a little...


The blending of names at all is so cringeworthy... Brangelina approves of these names...

Paddy McGrath

Quiet, JoBe.


haha what about Ferrota, or Toyoari, I already had a nice Toyrari collection as a kid lol.


I think "Ferrota" has a nice ring to it.

Fitzgerald Mayi

this thing in person looks 100X better pics and vids don't do it justice.


I like the idea of stuffing a 458 engine in a Toyota 86.....but that engine seems a bit off where it sits. sits so fucking tall...
I would have loved to see it right behind the seat....sitting LOW!


This is what happens when you are forced to wait for the track to go cold.

Paddy McGrath

Does it even cold in Orlando?


Sick build, impressive fabrication and engineering. Creativity is great too. But what kills me is when cool cars don't have a hood. It seriously hurts me. They look so unfinished. With a budget like theirs, and fab skills they have, surely they could get a custom hood, right?


A hood...


lol just noticed the original file name for this pic is: heres-a-rare-pic-from-the-5-minutes-the-hood-lived-for.jpg

Paddy McGrath

As far as I know, they had one and it was lost or damaged but are in the process of replacing it.


If I'm not mistaken the hood got damaged before they got to SEMA last year. I think it was even on display next to the car.


At FD Canada a few years back in Montreal the track was super hot and getting caught in the track was easy.

Some smart media folk gathered up coolers with water and you put money in each morning. Great idea and surely kept me alive.

Larry seemed immune to the heat entirely however.

There were no Ferrari frs things but there was a man with a jet pack...

Paddy McGrath

That's because we upgraded Larry's water pump, fitted him with a CSF radiator and changed his blood for fully synthetic. He's been running like a charm since.


Well played Paddy, well played.


Although I care not for drifting in any form, this car interests me because of the audacious build and especially the engine choice. I like that apparently following the pack is not in his blood in any way, and he really seems to enjoy it as well...can't beat that!


" Having just watched the FD Pro class qualify, it did look a little slower compared to its 1,000hp+ compatriots..."
next on the list a pair of turbos...