996 Turbo Slant Nose: Old Is The New New

At the AF Imp Super Carnival event held in Odaiba, Tokyo last weekend, a Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 wasn’t the only car creating a stir among the fans.

With prices of classic air-cooled Porsches rapidly appreciating every year, getting your hands on one is becoming increasingly difficult for those whose bank accounts don’t have commas and a lot of zeros in them. On the flip side, 996 and 997 prices are becoming more palatable, which means many enthusiasts can still have the experience of owning a 911 without having to be that wealthy or file Chapter 11.


That solves one problem, but what if you’re the kind of enthusiast that wants the aggressive, wide-body RAUH-Welt Begriff look? The world famous aero kit isn’t available for modern Porsches, but there is another solution…


When the Old & New aero kit debuted at the 2016 SEMA Show, paying homage to the iconic Porsche 935 slant nose – or flachbau – by drastically altering the styling cues of the 997, the owner of this 996 fell head over heels in love with it. And with the help of AP Garage in Osaka, his car has been transformed too.


Getting the kit from the 997 to fit the 996 Turbo was no easy feat, but as you can see, AP Garage have done a great job of making it work.

Not only does the Old & New kit fit this 996 Turbo like a glove, the monotone Martini-inspired livery and race-style GT wing ensure that it turns heads wherever it goes.


Custom made 19-inch Super+ forged 3-piece wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes add the finishing touches to this beautiful masterpiece, and it sits super low thanks to an AccuAir/Bilstein suspension setup.


Every time I circled around the venue, I couldn’t help but stop back at the 996 Turbo and think about how I could do a proper shoot with it and maybe check out some of AP Garage’s other builds at the same time.

I’m curious to hear what you guys think about this creation, and whether you believe we’ll start seeing more people modifying newer 911s in this way now that the old models have become so out of reach.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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What I ask myself, how is that thing roadlegal with removing the headlights?
Awesome car none the less.


Headlights aren't removed. Same setup as the original flachbau. Those big black dark holes on the front that look like intakes? you guessed it... headlights. Photos don't really show them.


But those are too low to be technically legal as normal headlights. Looks like someone's running around with just their fogs on.

Still, this kit is gorgeous. Wish I had 996 money :(


Oh, wait, just checked Craigslist. These things have gone down even further than I remember! :)


This does not look quite right...

Dieter Verscheure

Too bad its no street legal running with no headlights. :-(


Perhaps the LED lightbar in the front grille counts? Those things can be pretty bright.



Dieter Verscheure

Those are drl's, not legal for night time use.


Plus if you take a look at the blue one, you can clearly see it can be fitted with headlights

Dieter Verscheure

We talking about the one in this article....


How about a closer look at that green Peugeot RCZ - quite a rarity, I didn't even know there were Peugeots in Japan.


i like this kit a lot. when it was released, my first thought was that it'd be an awesome update to a 996tt.
glad someone else thought the same.

Anthony Chang

Hmm...maybe add a set of pop-up headlights should make it right? LOL

Tristan Mommersteeg

Honestly. Yes. Pop-up lights would be amazing

Yuriy Yermilov

Get rid of the rivets; conceal them somehow, I don't get why all of their kits have those rivets visible.
Everything else is cool; Headlights are overrated, just don't drive at night time! (jk)


Love me some Porsches, but this one...well, it just doesn't look super-tight and some of the bolt-on's look like they don't belong there (rear whatever-you-call-it, bolted-on thing with the missing rivet/bolt/whatever) so really, once again improvement was not achieved.
To me, this whole fad revolves around making something different, but not better, which I truly don't understand.


Jeez, just did another view and realized the damn thing is like it was machine-gunned with rivets...fasteners showing and crooked parts (gas cap cover?) everywhere.


Good call on the gas door. Once you look, the body shop must have had a hell of a time with this one.


Maybe he uses the light bar in the centre of the bumper for light?
Just thinking outside of the BOXer.


What is the name of that grey? It's beautiful!


Needs pop-up headlights and then it would be perfect.


Looks like this thing makes a crap ton of wind noise at anything over highway speeds. And those wheels probably weigh 35 lbs each. But hey, to each their own.


I hate this rear camber so much. It just kills the flow of the car. Anyway, that kit is sick, and for some odd reason I feel like this car should have pop-up headlights equipped, that would definitely add some spice to the front! And god, that perfect booty..

Miles Hayler-MacMillan

Not keen on the profile of the front. It doesn't look quite right to me.


Absolutely badass!


It is road legal (el' eedee's), and looks pretty good as well.

Christian Clark

Highly approve.


Absolutely hate the back part of the rear fenders, almost all of the widebodys in the market share the same design and it looks terrible. It's not like the kits are cheap either so why not make a rear bumper to tie the fenders to the bumper better?


Love the car, only would change to more 935esque rear fenders and a flashier/racier paintjob


That looks great. But I dont like the rear so much. Everybody does the same design with rivets. Otherwise,great build.


the color of the bumper isnt matching up, id be annoyed considering the effort and money that went into this thing...


This thing is so rad.