Team Speedhunters: April & Beyond

Like everything else, specific car scenes are products of their own environments. I often reflect on this, thinking back at how some styles have evolved over the years and how others have come and gone.

One thing that fills me with joy is the fact that Speedhunters is in a position to document it all; our team of photojournalists spread out around the globe are dedicated to bringing the best builds and most exciting aspects of car culture to the project.


Being based in Japan, I’m probably subjected to the widest range of styles and schools of thought when it comes to car modifying and customizing. Aside from it being the birthplace of many trends, Japan is also the most fertile ground when it comes to cars as a hobby, You’re still – for the most part – allowed to mess around with your ride and not get too much stick from the authorities, but the most notable and commendable aspect of JDM car culture is the way in which nobody criticizes. The total lack of negative attitude is what allows people to push their ideas – as wild as they may be – without fear of being looked down upon by more established groups.

Take the pictures I’ve included here, which I shot on Saturday night at Daikoku PA. Not everyone is going to be into the latest LED illumination trends, race-inspired Civics, or old slammed ’80s Mark IIs and Soarers that make a ton of noise and scrape around everywhere, but this is the variety that makes things interesting. What you may be passionate about may not be the same as the next guy, so it’s respect that helps us bind it all together.

We are now into our ninth year of Speedhunting and I’m excited as ever to see how car culture continues to evolve. I personally want to see more emphasis being put on performance, regardless of the discipline. Speed has to continue to be the first thing we hunt, followed closely behind by style and execution. It blows me away what some shops and builders are able to achieve these days – the level of quality has increased tenfold since the experimental times of the ’80s and ’90s.

As it all advances, we at Team Speedhunters are going to be there, fingers on the shutter, ready to hunt. And speaking of, we’ve already lined up a bunch of interesting stories for April – check out some teaser images below.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

2017 FD01 Worthouse Thursday by Paddy McGrath-1


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What's up with the RWB's? Looking forward to the article on those...

Matthew Everingham

RWB Movie premiere. It's live on the site now. :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes, we'll have more from that as well as the second part from the RWB Emirates triple build : )


I think that's the first meet up of all the RWB cars in the southern hemisphere...


Speed has to continue to be the first thing we hunt

Cut down the number of crazy lowered cars with huge rims please, those dont work in the real world, on real roads.


Consumer Reports might be better suited to your interests.


And by that I mean, why cut back on anything, we should embrace every possible cool vehicle out there, even our own personal interests lie somewhere else. Speedhunters isn't a stance site, rally site, hot rod site, or Dajiban site. It's everything combined, and that's what makes it great. I've gotten a lot of inspiration just from this quick article, and it's in areas I never would have imagined.


Well yes, if we look at the whole picture, diversity is what makes the site great.


What's with all the hate on people's rides these days anyways, there is already an example of hate in the comments...


my mother always told me, "if you don't have anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut!". I just dont get it, why bash a hobby......

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Wise woman! It's all about respect


yeah dude, why let anonymous people voice their opinion on the internet? it's the current year for [DEITY]'s sakes!


XB Project......... think you could fit a 2AZ-FE in there? Turbo? Turbo 2AZ-FE? that'd be good for 250+WHP on low boost..... that toaster would HAUL! lol. Can't wait to see the updates, looking forward to the Speedhunters updates as always


Before I started reading speedhunters back in 2009, I was pretty much a "Japanese perfomance car or nothing" kind of gearhead. Since then, due to the sheer variety on here, I've come to realize that every car can be interesting, despite how uninteresting it may seem on the surface, or how popular it is to hate. I can appreciate and enjoy just about every tuning style for what it is, and isn't.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Oh I was kind of the same, not out of spite or anything, but just because that all my work with magazines was about Japanese stuff. SH has helped me grow as a car guy in so many ways!


Right? Before Speedhunters, I thought certain cars could never be cool, just because they were boring in stock form. For example, the Volvo 240 Estate. In stock form, it's slow and heavy. But, as past coverage from Gatebil has shown, the 240 has great potential. Granted, it's not as easy as widebody and Turbo LS swap on many cars. But it's the creativity and "Because I Can" attitude that makes all the difference.


"The total lack of negative attitude is what allows people to push their ideas – as wild as they may be – without fear of being looked down upon by more established groups."

Here's hoping that this way of thinking, finds its way over to those of us here in the U.S.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

We should all have this mind set, no matter where we are from.


Those LEDs... so bright!



Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes there were lol !


:D When done to that extreme, that's cool. Reminds me of this.

Matthew Everingham

YES! Ahhhh Chooooo!!!


Deeply saddened by Mike Garrett's departure. He brought much needed style, content and straight up real-ness(is that a word?) to SH.
Please give him a proper send off with a highlight reel or similar.


I am interested in where you got this information too...


go to his instagram page. I don't think SH is allowing me to post the link

Airik Keringes

WHAT?!? Mike Garrett's leaving SpeedHunters? Why?? He's my favorite Japanifornian!


wallpaper link for the first pic of the GZ10 soarer isnt working.. def need this as a wallpaper!


The rally Porsche alone will bring me back (as if I needed a nudge to do so)


Michigan is such an untapped area for Speedhunters I feel. There's so much crazy stuff here. I mean it's no Japan (I wish,) but it's still awesome.


That's what I want to see! What is a good site where we can share pics from our areas? SPEEDHUNTERS NEEDS A USERSUB SECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Automotive obsession

Turbo civic causing hearing damage!