AMS Alpha G: The Road To Six

On the back of Gidi Chamdi’s record-setting 6-second GT-R pass at TX2K17, the car’s builder, AMS Performance, has released a half-hour-long documentary on the accomplishment.

The record 6.93-second ET is just one of a string of benchmark-resetting achievements by the 2500hp+ R35 known as Alpha G, but with a number of other teams gunning for the first GT-R 6-second time slip – including US tuners ETS and T1 Racing Development, plus Alpha Logic in the UAE and EKanoo Racing in Bahrain – it’s the sweetest one yet.

Engineering a GT-R to cover the quarter-mile so quickly – and break new ET ground for an all-wheel drive vehicle in the process – took a huge amount of commitment from everyone involved in the project, and in this nicely produced video you get a real sense of what it meant to the AMS team to finally run the number.

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How does an all weel drive car burn tyres like this? An special transmision?


It's still AWD. The way the R35 transaxle is, the transfer case/center diff has a clutch in it to assist with torque transfer. With the Syvecs controller they use, they can disengage the center diff clutch to allow it to perform a RWD burn out to clean and heat the rubber.


Don't they swap it to RWD?


As someone who loves quarter mile, half mile and one mile racing, I love when I get to see stuff about drag racing on SpeedHunters. Would love to see more content for those of us who enjoy the straight line stuff as much as the curvy stuff.