The Renown x SH 100 Steering Wheel – Get It First

Back in November, we gave you a little preview of the Renown x Speedhunters 100 steering wheel in the works. Well, the wait for this limited edition wheel is almost over, and on March 24 they’ll officially go on sale in the Speedhunters Store. But before that happens, a very lucky Speedhunter is going to get their hands on one before anyone else.

Read on to find out how to win…


Designed for driving and exclusively tailored for the Speedhunter, the Renown x Speedhunters 100 steering wheel is a very special piece of equipment. As the name suggests, only 100 units are being produced (all will be individually numbered), with Renown incorporating some unique SH symbolic elements into the design.


Those features include a Speedhunters Circle Character horn button, a silver, gray and black weave stitching pattern, Speedhunters script engraving and a subtle black centreline, all of which give this leather-bound and hand-finished 350mm diameter (and 100mm deep) wheel some unique flair.


So how do you get yourself in the running to win one and receive it before they go on sale to the public? It’s easy – simply post a photo of your favorite driving experience from 2016 on Instagram and include the following three hashtags: #bethespeedhunter, #renownusa and #speedhunters. Do all those things and you’re in with a chance.

You’ve got from now until the end of the day March 13, 2017 (PST) to get your image online and tagged appropriately, and on March 17, 2017 (PST) we’ll reveal our Top 10 picks from the submissions, of which one will be declared the winner.

There are a couple of things to note: Only original images can be accepted for entry – you need to be the person who has taken the image, an only one image entry per person is allowed.

Good luck!




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My eyes! That steering wheel wrap and stitching! Was it done by somebody that has never sewn before with their non dominant hand?

And then the design, could they not find a less popular Mono to rip off?

Seriously, you guys put your name on this. Who approved it?


This guy obviously don't know a shit about sewing... by the way, where is the defect? I can't see even one.


Who the fuck cares about what you think? You are nobody, and will die being nobody... just a random normal person, your opinion is spam.

Richard Clayderman

Ironyyyyyyy ♫


Ankle biters are everywhere, lurking to nit pick about not-too-much. Any "perceived" flaws in the stitching, which I do not see at all, may tell us that this was made by a human hand. Not by a robot, by a craftsman. In the lore of Japanese craftsmanship, which borders on the fanatical intensity of detail and perfection, they say that a flaw must be inserted, intentionally, into the result. To show that this is a product of a human hand, and, alas, that we humans are not perfect ourselves!

I have a flat steering wheel for my FC, a Momo, which I now feel ought to have a dish because my reach is too great being 6' tall. This beautiful wheel would be a treasured addition to my car if I could get my hands on one.


Dang! This steering wheel will fit perfect in my car! So much want :D I entered ^.^ ✌



If you're going to have a pointless rant at least be accurate.

So you have an opinion, all you have to do it just not buy one of these wheels, pissing on peoples chips is only going to succeed in making you look like an uneducated idiot.

Which, if that was your goal, succeeded immensely.


Pointing out an error like the misspelling of Momo does not detract from the fact that this website has, on multiple occasions, campaigned against knock-off components. Yet here we see a chinese-manufactured (albeit wrapped here in the US) Momo knock-off bearing their name. That does appear to be a bit of a self-contradiction.
However, I understand it represents a new and unique (for the company) branding opportunity, so more power to them.

Josue Bragayrac

I like it, i support it ,an if i have money when they come out ill buy ONE.


I hope I will win it :D It would look so nice in my Sierra

David Hasan-lichtenstein

I don't have a car to put it on yet but I'll have to buy one, it's gorgeous


Looks great in that Porsche, maybe not so much in my FR-S. Need to find a car worthy of such a piece!


I'm still trying to understand the Renown thing.
Why isn't SINGER using these wheels? Instead of using a MOMO Prototipo they could use a Renown "Monaco".
Same wheel, right?


Goodluck everyone ^_^


Goodluck for everybody, so sad that I don't have instagram. :(


Can I just get a sticker of speedhunters with suzy wallace sign ^_^ pleaseeee i'll submit photo on IG


Would look great in my Datsun 510




Haha, a chinese made prototipo for more than a real momo? Lol not for me, I'll stick to my momo. Where are the save the wheels people on these replica steering wheels lol same concept is it not?


What time on March 24th will it be going on sale? Really want to get my hands on one!


Is there a set time and time zone this is being released in? Above you mentioned PST for the giveaway, it's now midnight PST and the wheel hasn't dropped on the Speedhunters store or Renown's. I've been periodically refreshing both pages over the past three hours.


Oops, just realized I had the date wrong, one day early.

The question is still relevant though, is there a set release time, and if so, based on what time zone?