Boost Not Required: Aslan’s EG6 Civic

Time attack is virtually a battle in which combatants choose their own weapons.

Some like the effectiveness of automatic rifles, dependable and to a point just like a turbocharged all-wheel drive car. Others prefer a bit of a challenge, a sniper rifle perhaps, which requires more skill, experience and concentration, like a rear-wheel drive machine. Then there are those that prefer to go against the grain and prove a point, using the equivalent of a pistol or even a knife, and make a proper battle out of it. Let’s call this the naturally aspirated front-wheel drive car.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, because with enough will and experimentation you can make anything go fast around Tsukuba Circuit. Case in point, the Aslan EG6 Honda Civic that came all the way up from Osaka for last weekend’s Attack event.


The little early ’90s hatchback ran a best lap of 58.105 seconds, a time that once was thought of as unobtainable by a naturally aspirated Civic. But with perseverance comes results, and everywhere you look on this car the details are considered, from the carbon fiber body to the experimental aero.


Under the hood, the Civic runs a highly tuned K20, breathing through a Toda Racing quad throttle body setup. The four velocity stacks are fed air via a diverter coming straight up from the center opening in the bumper, with no filters to be seen.


Aesthetically, the Honda is pretty dramatic looking, with a multitude of winglets assisting the main front spoiler (I admit, I did smile at the cables holding the outside ones in place!), as well as pumped and louvered fenders and a ton of carbon to help shed weight from what already started life as a lightweight chassis.


And to balance out the front, a decent amount of aero has been applied to the rear too.


In the braking department you’ll find the holy grail of Honda stoppers – Spoon calipers.


With RAYS Volk Racing TE37 SLs rounding things out, the whole build is very impressive, and shows yet another way of preparing a Civic for serious time attack duty.

Until a clip of the Honda at Attack Tsukuba surfaces, I’ll finish up with this in-car video from a Central Circuit time attack event at the very end of 2016, which should give you some more insight into what this very quick little car is all about.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Can't even edit my own comment... That sucks! (guess that's how you guys solved the spam problem). Anyway, good build and great article. I wonder how much power the "tiny" K20 produces ?


i think at least 280-300bhp


If that is true, the engine must be a pain to maintain in good shape, that's pretty much the maximum an aspirated engine's power can achieve! (less bothersome than some turbo'd engine I guess)


Thats not the maximum hp of an N/A power engine especially of a little 4 cylinder. They can reach up to about 500+ hp especially on a K series or an F20a swap. Check out some drag builds of all motor little civics running low 9s in the 1/4 mile.


The K20a used in this build is stroked to 2.1 as far as i'm aware. Adam at 6two1 did a quick overview in his japan vlogs. It's close to 300bhp


Ha, headnod to the kanjo loop, always good.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well spotted :)


What about the swastika sticker on the back?


The swastika is way older than you know... dating all the way back to sanskrit texts. in buddhism, it is a symbol of harmony and peace...the nazi version is a backwards swastika...

Learn something.


chill bruh he was just pointing it out


Yeah, in Japan, google map is also known for promoting all the neonazis meeting... They are everywhere on there. Damn you, Google!


(not being sarcastic or rude) the swastika is an ancient symbol of protection and culture raped by the nazis .also the japanese were on nazi germanys side in the war


Swastika? Did you mean the temple racing running man?


Near the drivers side brake light, near the number plate recess


Yeah, it's a Swastika. Nazi symbol is in the other direction.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Look at it closely, it's different from a Swastika ;)

Joachim Taverne

Ok, I know that Function > form in Time Attack but I'm the only one to think that it became a bit "overkill" (in term of look I mean) those last years.
Sure, aero is important (and usefull when you see the time result) but stil ...


Form has never been at the top of anybodies list when building a serious race car. Time attack as a sport is gaining a far more complex understanding of the aerodynamics required to put down quick times, and they are never going to sacrifice time around the circuit because someone on the internet feels like their aero is a bit "overkill."

Joachim Taverne

Don't get me wrong, I never ask anyone to sacrifice anything. I kow that all this thing has a purpose (and from a technical point of view, it always interested me ).
Like one of my friend reminded me, that's not a new thing (Suzuki Escudo Pikes peak already appeared 20 years ago ).
Just expressing a personal feeling here.
Cars "close to origin" always made me more dreaming than "pure monster of efficacity" machine.
Fortunately, we all have different tastes :).

Bailey Groutage

this is a sacrifice. Money and "overkill" in exchange for not being the fastest. Look up the Garage Work or G-work civics. Less aero, less motor and faster than this.

57.580 with a B18 and a lot less extravagance


That was a sick vid. That driver is a badass.


It is arguable that the Garage Work guys are making up extra time because this track is essentially in their backyard versus this driver from Osaka only see's it a few times a year.


Driver skill is the number 1 factor in these cars being as quick as they are. The car can only do what the driver makes it. The Aero is great and obviously has a big effect, i don't think anyone could argue that. It's just not the deciding factor when it comes to the actual run itself. In my personal opinion there are ways to achieve maximum effect aerodynamics without the need to make the car look like it's been fitted with a mecharno set.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Function is function so I would have said no until a few months ago. After seeing what Andrew Brilliant did with the new HKS GTS800 it changed my opinion. If you really know your shit and you are a true aerodynamicist you can get a ton of downforce without adding a ton of spoilers, canards and other stuff. For reference look here to see what I mean:


"If you really know your shit and you are a true aerodynamicist you can get a ton of downforce without adding a ton of spoilers, canards and other stuff."
I knew the guys in F1 are hopeless in aerodynamics.

Seriously though, you can't compare a grassroots Civic build with an HKS demo car level project.


I had no idea this was also affiliated with Temple Racing.


Great stuff!!! Under 59s in a FWD, NA car at Tsukuba, is simply an unbelievable achievement!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

It sure is! I'd be lucky to get within a sec of that once my GTR is fully tuned. Just to put things into perspective ....


God damn to top it off the B-Greo MAXIS/ZEROS (which ever it is) is icing on the cake, Holy grail!


Hair raised on neck watching that.


Did everyone know that another na ek4 civic did a 56 second lap a few days before this event?????