911 R Owners Crying? The New GT3 Is Here

A 500hp, naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six mated to a proper manual transmission.

No, you’re not reading the specs to the sought after 911 R – Porsche has just released the 911.2 GT3 to the world, a refresh of the track-focused favorite that has driving enthusiasts twitching with excitement. A traditional manual gearbox will now be available alongside the machine gun-fast PDK dual-clutch (0-60mph in 3.2 seconds for the PDK, 3.8 seconds for the M/T).


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this new and improved car won’t become an instant favorite again, but what about the 911 R? Hasn’t this new GT3 just completely killed the limelight the 911 R has been basking in ever since its announcement? 911 R owners aren’t going to care as their investment has probably tripled in value since they picked their cars up at the dealer, but that said, the model just became just a little less special today.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
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Flame-suit on: Living in London and well over an hour drive through stinky traffic to any road that is half decent, I'd take the PDK over the manual. It's also considerably faster. Manual car hits 60mph in about 3.8-seconds. Yes, I know that a manual is more engaging, but gimme that speed.


Manual in traffic is more entertaining, more entertaining on back roads, more entertaining on track. 0-60 times don't matter on a track, PDK is mostly going to be faster off the line, that's where that 0.4 seconds is coming from. Manual on track won't be slower for most people because unless you're a pro racing driver and consistently turning laps within the margins of a the tenths of a second the PDK saves you, it won't make you faster.


Oh but do you care about 0-60mph or top speed? Cause top 'speed' is higher in the manual :P

Richard Clayderman

Yeah exactly this is Speedhunters, not drivestickhunters.


Also, @dino: Do 911R owners cry tears that have been purified in the Swiss Alps? Do 911R owners even cry?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Tears of joy knowing how much their limited edition 911 has appreciated in a few short months! I'd take a manual GT3, I don't care about acceleration figures, if I did I'd buy the Turbo S or an R35 GTR and tune it for drag racing. #longliveclutchkicks


You can clutch kick with pdk. Hold both paddles. Instant neutral, dial up revs.


my thoughts exactly when I saw this news.
if I had the means to buy the above GT3 but not enough for an "R", but I really really really wanted an "R"
I would buy this and de-wing it?
But I am sure just because the 911R left the factory floor titled "911R" as well as lightness and other details exclusive to the chassis, it would help maintain it's triple sticker price value these cars are seeing now.
in the mean time.. let me get back in my FRS and pretend I'm a peasant racecar driver..




It seems to me 911R was basically Porsche saying thanks to all those owners who stumped up for 918 as they seemed to be about the only people able to buy them, most 911 R's will still be worth a whole lot more than any GT3 (bar 997 4.0 GT3RS perhaps) and i'd wager half the 'R' owners will rarely drive them, they are just an investment car for most. The GT3 on the other hand will sell a lot more and will driven I hope. Manual please


I like this car, don't get me wrong, but idk if the fascia re-design is really any more attractive than the 991.1 GT3. However, it probably is much more efficient.


I think the 991.1 looks a lot tougher.


I'm pretty sure 911R owners will be upset until they see how much their 918s have gone up in value. Anyone who went out and picked up a 911R off a private sale was stupid, knowing that this car, and the next GT2 are better deals for "investment" purchases.


a punch in the face for the ones who bought a 911R as investement...which is not the worst thing.
all others keep enjoying ,what seems to be one of the best and rewarding roadgoing Porsche´s ever sold


Finally I love the 991 GT3 front bumper.


Maybe this will drive down 997 gt3 prices?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Doubt that. #becausemoderndayclassicporsche


DriveTribe on YouTube has a 20min vid with the head of Porsche RS going over all the changes to the 991.2 GT3


It's the 991.2, not 911.2
Easy mistake to make :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

typo :(

Brooke Whiting

Questionable title - I can't imagine anyone who is lucky enough to own an 'R' would cry over any new model - they will always be special.


Porsche gets it. Understanding the driving euphoria.
A win for the designers over the marketing team. Could even be the gearing requiring another shift before 60mph that increase the manual times. 3.2s over 3.8s on paper, but that didn't matter.
Because in driving, manual sure as hell gives more smiles per gallon.

If you constantly want the fastest car, look forward to the other electric automated cars that can go faster without a driver (less weight), let electronics do everything, and you can watch your fast car from the sidelines cheering it on.
I don't endorse that route, and I don't think neither does Porsche. ( ̄ー ̄)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

I'm with you here. 0.6 sec. Who cares. MT every single time!

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

This 991.2 GT3 is basically how I'd want my 911 R to be: stick shift with a big wing!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Well that's just the thing. You'll see these getting raped at every track day you go to. You will never see 911Rs being used like that, and that's exactly what the car was always supposed to be, something to look at and collect rather than throw around. Of course I hope some owners will use them properly but...we know the majority of them wont


I just want a Turbo RS not a GT2. MAKE IT PORSCHE! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes please!


Porsche would probably charge lambo money for it though :/


I'd still choose the PDK.