Making The Cut: A Soon-To-Be RWB 930 Turbo

If you’ve caught any of my recent posts, you’ll probably know that I’m currently in Dubai witnessing the build of not one but three RAUH-Welt Begriff 911s. The car I’m about to show you isn’t one of the three, but it will be the fourth.

There’s a reason for showing you this 911 and not the others currently under the knife too, and that’s because the owners are reluctant to disclose the colors of their cars until Nakai-san is completely finished with them. It’s also the reason why every picture you may have seen floating around social channels is in black and white.


Everyone will have to wait a couple more days to see the two 993s and one 964 in full detail, but in the meantime I thought I’d introduce you to this 930 Turbo.


This is one of the cleanest examples I’ve seen; originally sourced from Japan it’s a 1989 model with rare 5-speed and just over 70,000km on the clock.

Despite the dust and sand that covers everything in this part of world, the copious amount of wax laid over the paintwork was still bringing out a beautiful shine from the dark metallic silver hue – a color that will be carried through to its forthcoming RWB look.


It must take a lot of commitment to give such a pristine example of the 930 the fender-slicing RWB treatment, but the owner hasn’t got a doubt in his mind.

Check out the Mitsuwa Motors sticker on the back of the car, one of a few official Japanese Porsche importers from back in the day. I’ve actually come across a few other cars in the days I’ve been here that originated in Japan, including an E55 AMG and a Ferrari 550 Maranello. Cars from Japan tend to be better cared for and of far lower mileage than those sourced out of Europe and the US, so it makes total sense to look there if you’re in the market for one.


The air-cooled 3.3-liter turbocharged engine is as stock as everything else on the car.

The black leather interior has been surprisingly well cared for too, not even showing signs of the wear and tear you would expect to see on a car of this vintage.


I’ve always found this particular model to be one of the purest and most to-the-point expressions of the 911.


I’ve also only ever seen one RAUH-Welt Begriff 930 Turbo, and that was last month at the RWB New Year Meeting in Roppongi.


Needless to say, this will be a much talked about and debated build. Of course, it’s the owner’s pride and joy and he can do whatever he likes with it, but if you were lucky enough to own a 930 Turbo, what would you do – keep it stock or modify away?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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10/10 would keep this example stock and buy a second one to cut up.




...maybe this IS his second car.


Buy a third one, it's not like this person is lacking capital.


I think its great to cut it up and for the owner to do what he wants with his car....
But, you would have to admit that such a nice example deserves to stay untouched. Buying a second one more common model, or just a very bad example of turbo.


Actually pissed about this. I don't care what other people say about "their ride, their choice", because this is bullshit. I understand aftermarket culture just as much as the next Instagram wannabe famous "tuner", but this is horseshit. Destroying a pristine 3.3L 5-Speed 930 to fulfill their lust for a fad that will die in the next five years? No thank you! This is the reason 911 prices are steadily sky-rocketing, people molesting rare and completely original beauties like this.


Here's an idea. Why don't you buy all the pristine 930 turbos that are left and keep them safe from all the molesters that want to defile their pristine bodies.

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean someone else has to as well. It's like a vegan telling everyone they meet to not eat meat.


You sound upset.


News flash: This isn't a fad, this style of modification has been happening since the 70's. And it's just a damn car..there's no need to get so worked up about it. Not like we're talking about a priceless antique or something like that.


"Just a damn car" ? You don't deserve a car in your life, man.


Please explain how it's more than just a car. Seriously, I look at it and think "Eh, do whatever." I'm not a porsche fanatic, so please elaborate.


Hey Aaron Lepper.
I personally wouldn't say it´s more than just a car...because it´s for sure just a car. I also would prefer a long and healthy life or a happy family to a porsche, But if you got the chance in your life to drive in some car´s (not only performance orientated cars) and maybe also the luck to drive any 911, you would understand that the original manufacturer did a stand out engineering on that car which should be a holy grail for every other person/engineer/company. It´s just something like respect to the car, if you try to leave it in it´s original condition or improve is slightly. That improvement of perfection is missing in the most of nakai´s builds, also if he is a nice guy.


Seems almost sad to cut this car up. If anything I'd give it a resto-mod but to go that drastic and cut up just doesn't seem right.


I'd do it in a heartbeat. Why? It's just a car we're talking about. It's not like we're talking about altering a priceless antique or whatever. I don't see why people get so up in arms when someone wants to modify a car like this..


You know nothing about "car".


stirring the hornets nest?


Well at least 5 years from now body shops will still have tons of business fixing all these rusted out screw holes and shtty mods + clean old Porsche the DOW - up up and away!!!!!

And if you are going to post a your car for attention like this, you literally are begging to get trashed - so you're welcome.




I know many would disagree with me but I kinda don't like the car culture in the UAE. I was there and also was fascinated by the big range of exotic cars you see all day, but I don't know if a regular car guy could relate to this car culture, because for me the most of them just seem to have to much money and don't know what to do with it. They just buy and let build and the only special thing here is how much money has been spend. It looks soulless for me, like everything build in the UAE. It just doesn't seem in the right place. Regarding the massive gap between rich and poor in the near and middle east this whole thing seems even more disturbing to me.


What a waste.


Agreed. Butchered by so much tacky plastic and sealant. A couple of years and it will look so cheap and dated...

MPistol HVBullets

keep it stock - or contribute to the growing rise in prices for stock 930's


It seems like such a waste to do this on such a pristine 930, at least do something different to it than the typical bolted on over fenders and absurd wing.


Considering this is such a perfect example of the exact car I want, just wrong color, I wouldn't cut anything. Some modern updates? Sure, but cutting this one up saddens me. Just my opinion.


I don't know how I feel about this, Dino-san!


Rest in Piece dear 911 Turbo, you are now gonna be turn into shit, by a guy who cobbles together design cues from old 911 racers with no coherence, no regards for aerodynamics and with bad taste, thanks to your owner being an idiot who knows nothing about cars, and just wants to be popular on the internet.


The vibe that I honestly get from all of these RWB cars is just a lack of originality. It's cool for a while - like most fads - but ultimately it suffers an untimely aging. Because these cars are exclusively built by Nakai-san I really am starting to question a few of key elements to this "my car" argument.
1. Is it really your car? Sure you bought it and probably paid a buttload of money to get it built... but is it yours? What about it differentiates it from any of the other RWB cars in a meaningful way?
2. As an enthusiast, you kind of don't get to just cut up anything. If you really care you have some kind of awareness about the general community at large: how many cars are still around, how many people are looking to maintain pristine examples like this, etc. I guess the heart of my issue here is that cutting up a car like this shows a general lack of awareness of the Porsche community.
3. The only reason to really cut up a pristine car like this is attention -- for you or the car. But this guy won't get it. Like you said, it's the FOURTH one being built in Dubai in quick succession. If the third times a charm, fourth time's a bore.

I hate be cynical about this kind of thing, but there are very few RWB cars that really stick out from the crowd (the speedster comes to mind, then there's the beautifully understated pea soup green car), so it's hard to claim any kind of real character. This will just be a cookie-cut gingerbread man among an army of cookie-cut gingerbread men (sure different frosting, but same shape and stencil).

I guess I would urge the owner to think long and hard about how to make this 930 THEIRS, not RWBs.

PS. For the love of Ferdinand, do they all need to have massive banners across the windshield announcing their obvious lineage, as if anyone who would notice them in the first place doesn't already know who built the damn thing?


Maybe it's a big scheme. Maybe the owner has another, even more pristine 930, and he wants to artificially drive the value up on that one by permanently devaluing this one

29 much salt in the comments section.


To play the devil's advocate for a moment, I wonder would people be so much up in arms if the current Porsche bubble wasn't so inflated?


That's a really good question. For me it's not about the fame or the money value, i'm crying because it just looks so beautiful...


So many pussies up in here. Why are all you girls crying? Grow some balls!


Yes. I have the same problem with Datsuns. That's essentially the opposite end of the dollar spectrum.


I'm sorry, that was not meant to be confrontational, but I do think people generally feel this way about whatever automotive group/style/brand they associate with. It's more about the empathetic connection to the rest of the community than it is the dollar value of the car.


DONT DO IT! SAVE THE PORSCHES! Use a high mileage example or a shell to build onto. This overfender craze is slowly ruining classics.




Someone should create a givealittle page to save this, or make a petition and get 20000 signatures.


what an ass. if your gonna cut it up and throw new paint on it, might as well find a chassis in less than pristine condition. i am a fan of RWB cars but this is just stupid.


Its so sad... it made me wanna cry :.(




Not only i wouldn't do it if it were mine, but if i were in Dubai now, i would lay infront of that garage and defend that wide stock look with my life. I do respect RWB and i'm no purist whatsoever but this is just too beautiful to touch it... expect that rear plate, level it for god's sake




One thing people forget when commenting on cars in dubai, many people have money, buying a mint/good condition 930 turbo and keeping it that way is probably very easy. Look online or pay someone a finders fee and import it. Boom, mint car. People want individuality, and that is totally what they're getting here, whilst to many all the RWB's look the same, well of course, you didn't decide the details so you don't know the differences, you can't JUST buy an RWB, you need to have it made, THAT is the appeal. As with any top end car, you choose the spec. They're all different.


Then you're just buying another 'thing' to have. There's nothing about these cars that is exceptionally performance oriented for real use (unless you take them to the track, but that's not the case most often -- yes, I've read Dino's long piece on the endurance race they took a bunch of RWB cars to, but that's the exception, not the rule as far as we can see). If you REALLY wanted to be different you'd take all that money and go off and do something with your own imagination.

You can build anything to choose your own spec, hell, many of us do it in our own garages. You don't need RWB to be different. You need it to be RWB, which really isn't all that unique any more.


You could say the same for 99% of every limited number production car, they are unique, I can count exactly how many RWB's I've seen IN REAL LIFE on one hand, none... yet I've seen several la ferraris and a number of P1's. Just because it's built to look like a race car doesn't mean it has to be used as such.. .why do people always use that to degrade a build of an owners ideal car? I like the look of the 787b and would kill to have a replica, would I want it to be an all out race replica? God no, I want to use it on the street. Why did you just use your own example against yourself? "many of us do it in our own garages" funny that, since RWB can come to your garage and often does to build you YOUR car. Many people don't have time or the skills to even change a tyre on a car so I don't see why someone modifying your car for you in the way YOU want is any different to buying a ferrari or adding leather seats from a better specced car. Saying you could just go and build anything, well yeah, good luck with finding any home mechanic or garage that builds a car ground up from nothing that is street legal, they are extremely few and far between. Here in the UK that is Q plate territory and a nightmare to get registered. What is the difference between nakai san building an RWB to having a suit tailored to you? none, it fits only you. whilst it looks the same as all the other suits made.


I should add, I view Nakai's work in the same way I view paintings and art, only in this case the artist is still alive and takes commissions, looks are subjective, not everyone will understand why you like it or don't like it, you aren't just buying the car, you're buying the experience of it all but at least when it comes to nakai's work you are getting something you can use, yeah it's not to Singer standards, but that's an entirely different kettle of fish, you know you aren't getting porsche perfection or boutique quality, but that in the end, is Rauh Welt.


lo-freakin-l. Look, I'm all for modifications. I'm all for appreciating lines. But the build quality of RWB kits is about as on par as a wings west kit installed on a civic. Cutting out the fenders, with ZERO corrosion protection (raw edge of metal exposed), fucking screws into the sheet metal, again, with zero corrosion/protection from the disimilar metals in contact with each other, and a tube of silicone? Give me a fucking break, bro. Dude is a hack. This is not some master using an english wheel, it's shitty fiberglass kits installed onto cars in the most hack way possible. No leadwork. No welding. No contouring. Nothing.

It's suitable for building chump cars, but it does not really fit with the price tag/demand for aircooled 911s. If you want to build an RWB 911, I'd find a CLEAN fiberglass slantnose with fiberglass fenders. Cut that up, because who cares.


He cant keep getting away with it.


I'm going to go against the majority here and dissolve the lure that is "Every Porsche is rare and special". They made over 20,000 930's over the production run before the 964's came to be. Sure the early ones are more special. This isn't one of them. If you own it and want to cut it up, GO FOR IT!!!!!!


Couple of things...

For starters building the car that an owner wants off a high mileage rusted or poor condition chassis is a waste of time, for both the owner and a builder. Starting with a solid platform is always best. You wouldn't build your dream home on a tired out foundation I assume because it has to hold up the house.

Secondly, Nakai and RWB. If you have had the opportunity to actually experience first hand what it is what it represents and the community behind it, there is nothing else like this in the world. Internet warrior me all you like and continue to post "save the porches" but all these cars, this one man has built all over the world and people get in line to have this experience.

I don't think the flared/wide/low style will ever fade as its been a style coming out of Japan since Japan has made sports cars. Regardless of this fact if this is a style you as an enthusiast likes or dislikes go get some wrenches get your hands dirty and build something you enjoy for your self and let the people who carry their craft continue to build cars for the people who enjoy them.


You can start with a solid platform that isn't a pristine 70,000km car that needs to be taken out of Japan and shipped halfway around the world though. That's what bugs me, this person went to extreme lengths to take a pristine example out of it's homeplace to have chopped up by somebody who flew in from the same damn country as the car! And now it's going to sit in some Dubai garage for most of its life instead being enjoyed by someone with fewer cars in their collection who has time to give it the attention it deserves.


Matthew, your rebuttal is that of opinion and assumption, If you live in a country other than the car was manufactured in the car has been imported, its not an extreme process
Also you are assuming the car is going to sit in a collection and that the owner wont enjoy it or give it the time.
so wording your comment to say " man if i had a 70,000km 930 turbo i would keep that car pristine, give it lots of time and the attention it deserves" would make more sense.


+10!!! I am with you on this


I'm not sure what could be done to "improve" that package right there. Very few cars have the styling, heritage cues, and performance envelope that hits all the boxes. But that is one of them, as it sits. Owner gets to decide, but, geez....


I honestly just have trouble with the whole UAE scene. Its all about tasteless spending, powered by whatever the trend du jour is. I don't have a problem with RWB in general, but at a certain point I think people need to exercise some restraint. The fact of the matter is one could buy a basket case example and restore it to better than stock condition for far less than a pristine all original 5-speed is worth today. This was done by someone with more money than sense and no eye for context, all so he can brag about it to his friends while they all sit around getting richer off what may as well be slave labor.


Epic fail. More money than brains.


Perfectly great example to chop up! RWB, custom flares, heck I'd convert it to all motor just because I want to. Hehe. Looking forward to following this build. And by the way, all the narrow minded so called purists and die hards can kiss it! You bunch of pussycats.


I'm by no means a purist, but it hurts me to see a car like this get chopped up and then never driven.


It seems as if the car was never really driven much in the first place anyway. Maybe the change in looks will give the owner reason to drive it more.


if it weren't for the fact that this is an obvious monetary statement and nothing else, i would be perfectly fine with it; aside from my indifference towards most classic porsches (yes, i know im disowned from the enthusiast community already) i just appreciate what nakai does with cars and the entire process of putting one of these kits together. however, i have a hunch that this 930 was procured solely for the sake of spending more money on the base car and that pains me greatly, as a modded car should not be a symbol of wealth but rather an extension of oneself.


UNESCO doesn't approve.


:( It's like looking at photos of Emily Ratajkowski before she's about to get pumped with silicone and collagen.


If you've ever seen one of these cars in person than you will know, you can only f**k up the styling. The car is beautiful from the factory!

Now, under the hood do what you want, refresh the suspension, put in a roll cage. Do it all, but don't f**k those beautiful lines!


I totally get that if you're going to go all out on a build as you do when embarking on an RWB, you start with the best base you can. But a part of me is really torn about cutting up the fenders on something so pristine as this. It's one thing when you're already doing panel repairs to deal with rust or dents etc, or when the car needs a restoration anyway. While I love RWBs, I really would want to keep something like this in mostly stock form (at least the body) as preservation.


"It must take a lot of commitment to give such a pristine example of the 930 the fender-slicing RWB treatment"

That ^

I love RWBs but still.... Sigh.... :(


Totally agreed. Just felt something is NOT right.


When the wrong people have the money


OMG. This is the stuff of wet dreams.

Less is more sometimes. Thanks for the photos anyway.


Cut it up!!

One of the reasons Nakai San and Magnus Walker gained so much recognition is because of how society worships the 911. The car has been elevated to such a holy level with decent (and even non decent) ones climbing to such ridiculous values. So many other builders have skills/creativity that goes unnoticed by the masses. Start chopping up a 911 though, and you got people's attention!
It's still a sports car - i.e. manufactured for people to enjoy (and not necessarily preserve for museums). Any anyway, the 911 is literally one of the most vastly produced sports cars in history.

Chopped it up!!


No. They gained recognition because of how trendy it is, but that will be fleeting. Just like the F&F craze from 10+ years ago, all that will be left is what these cars are- hacked up, wildly winged caricatures of what they once were.

The 930 was not produced in huge numbers, and such a clean example should not meet it's death being sacrificed for the flavor of the week in the car scene.


"originally sourced from Japan it’s a 1989 model with rare 5-speed and just over 70,000km on the clock"

I think this is why I'm somewhat sad.

Guillaume de la Bastie

STOP cutting perfect 911's !!!! Especially a clean 930 Turbo.
Over fenders are just stupid, RWB gets way too much credit from stupid internet. Bolting on over fenders on road cars is as laughable as its idiotic. They are not race cars, no need to pretend like your classic 911 is just out Hunaudière straight at the Le Mans.
You will see what I mean in a few years


Maybe the price of this porsche to the owner was like the equivalent of me buying a 93 civic sedan with 200,000 miles on it. If I'm buying something as cheap as said civic, I'd be doing whatever the eff I wanted to it. This could be the case since there are a lot of people in Dubai that have seemingly endless amounts of income.
It's like messing with one of my kid's toys and 'modifying' it. To the kid, it's crazy to do it because they can't just go out and buy another if they don't like it. For us, it's no biggie because it's just a drop in a bucket if we want to purchase another one later. Maybe that's how this owner sees it?


Regardless of the Porsche bubble, I think this just feels like such a waste. I completely get the 'do what you want with your own cash' reality but this just feels like taking something already strikingly individual and beautiful in its own right and hacking it to bits purely for aesthetics. Money over taste.


This is already a perfect car.


Why would you let someone who clearly has very poor vehicle building skills hack up your Porsche, finish it badly by riveting and glueing some plastic crap onto it just to be classed as 'scene' or 'cool' what RWB do is shit. If you want to see some proper vehicle modification go and find a proper old school metal worker who will build you whatever size arches you want out of steel !


John, It being "scene or cool" is purely your internet perception of what RWB is. And saying what RWB does is shit is an ignorant comment. So racing super wide fast Porsche's is shit ? Being so passionate of your product that you are the sole builder for a company that has built 100+ cars ? you can dislike the styling based on your own preference but saying what this guy does is "shit as an over all comment is a small minded remark.


I wonder if you hold the same reverence for Wings West, and their equally shitty fiberglass kits.


Rob if you or someone else wants to use a wings west body kit and you are proud of your car and have accomplished what your goals were I will hold the same reverence.


No i stand by my original comments it is shit.

Hacking the arches off a car, not finishing those exposed metal parts properly, drilling on arches not finishing the holes properly, not painting under the arches properly, sealing it with silicone rather than a proper rubber. It's a bodge job, its not art, it's not passion its SHIT ! pure and simple. I've seen what a proper builder can do, One Guy ! hand rolling metal arches using his hands and then forming the same arch or the other side, a proper build engine with a custom machined supercharger kit made from billet alluminium good for 600+ bhp That's proper passion, that's art not hacking and glueing on plastic crap !! Get your nose out of of this twats butt crack and start looking around at some proper engineering and craftmanship !


John, You nailed the exact response i expected from you, Again i am by no means in anybody's "butt crack" and i am openly writing this to someone who i wont win an epic internet battle with as im sure your keyboard is locked and loaded.

But People build cars to what they envision same goes for the individual who you reference, with no doubt a master in his craft. But builds cars to his vision
That is what people want with rwb which means rough world in its name it states the vision of what he builds.
my return comments are not to be a butt dweller but to point out that people build cars or have cars built be cause thats what they like. then they can share what they have done for the masses to rip apart with out looking at what and why people mod cars in the first place - individuality and that's the point you miss. Maybe you need to gain some more experience with people and what they like over your strong opinions.

But Dino had asked " but if you were lucky enough to own a 930 Turbo, what would you do – keep it stock or modify away?"

Not let me hear how you think someone else's car or work is 'Shit"


Usually I believe in "do what you want with your car." Now is not one of those times.

RWB could achieve the same end game without chopping up a pristine 930. It seems counterintuitive...every part on the car will be modded so why not just chop up an SC? Or sell the 930, buy an SC on its last legand use the pile of money for mods. Im all for modding freedom, however I cant condone flushing money and rare models down the toilet.

Again, its about the endgame. It could be achieved more intelligently.


You'd have to be insane to put all that plastic on this car. I suppose if you can afford to muck it up, you can afford to restore it later!


"This is one of the cleanest examples I’ve seen' and these effing muppets are going to cut it up?!?! There are plenty of pigs available on which to apply lipstick. These RWB clowns should be lynched! Calling it a "build" is a bit of a's a hack job at best. And to all those saying, "it's his car he can do what he likes", NO! One does not own a Porsche, we are merely custodians until the next owner comes along. NEWS FLASH: They are not making 930s any more, and there wasn't many to begin with. Cutting it up means one less car for future generations to enjoy. Yes, I'm pissed off but rightly so.


A little sad to see, certainly not a cheap car anymore and with things like this happening these are only going up in price, and fast. There is currently one here for sale in NZ for over half a million $.


My dislike towards Dubai is only increasing


Once again, another perfect example of where money cannot buy taste or style.
Wanna be, look at me fads pass, and gladly such tacky mods (now passe in Japan), are at least semi-reversible...


No! Don't. Do. It. Too nice and clean to be cut up.


This is like a perfectly beautiful woman going in for a plastic surgery for an "enhancement." No, bitch, you'll turn into a witch!!


This is auto rape.
Keep the future $250k 930 as is, buy someone else's awful RWB.


Why would an owner of a car (forgot that this is a 930 for a second) limit his creativity and lust to modify only to appease people who are never likely to own or even drive one of his cars.

It is the owner's prerogative to enjoy his car just as he sees fit, if this means cutting a pristine car into pieces in the name of fun and enjoyment then more power to him. I look forward to seeing how this turns out!


Alf fm Melmac can I have your rims when u make the improvements. Lol


What a terrible waste of a fantastic car. I'd much rather see this car wadded up in a tree line than get hacked up by RWB. At least then it would have died an honorable death being used for its intended purpose. If you want to rivet on some huge fender flares, a massive wing, and played out Works, go for it. But do it to an old tired base SC or something. This is sacrilege.


Owner is getting what he is looking for, attention. I am pretty sure there is more to this "pristine" example.


Well. it is very sad people can't enjoy these cars for what they were built for. I am not that much into originality, but when it comes to such a nice example like this 930, going to be cut and charged with so much unsprung weight it's going to be useless, I feel very sorry for the car, and finally the owner, even if it's not going to change the fact that he can do whatever he wants with it.

David Arulcheyan

If it was mine, i'd do whatever i wanted to it. It's mine. People seem to really get worked up when certain cars are cut up or changed but whocares if you own it? If i paid for something and want to change it to my taste then so be it, if you don't like it buy one and do with it as you will. If Singer design got their hands on it and built it into a $900,000.00 car did they make it better or worse? Neither, they made it their own. So to this owner i say enjoy YOUR car! I am pumped to see what it looks like in that shade.

Cheers from Torontoooooooo


So we saved this Porsche :D


You know i would love a wide body porsche.

Just not one from this hack that everyone froths over. I think that if its your car do what you want (There are exceptions but very few and i think most people would know when to stop) but why not do things the right way? Instead of having someone take masking tape, a sawzall and some roofing screws to your pristine porsche, get a high end body shop to do it the right way. All these RWB cars will have rust through the fenders and screws that will fall out in 5 years time.

This is absolutely stupid.
Why hasn't singer taken off and become bigger than RWB? Their cars are on another level compared to these hack jobs


really wish people would stop cutting up the classic 911s for these stupid widebodys. They were cool when it was limited and only a few in japan but its out of control and played out at this point. Tired of RWB and rocketbunny crap.