In The Moment: Making RWB History

Three cars in six days.

Nakai-san has never attempted this, but when the opportunity to put his signature look on a trio of Porsche 911s from Dubai presented itself, he didn’t turn the challenge down. Rather, he’s embraced it.

And that’s precisely why I find myself in the UAE for the very first time. I’ve witnessed RWB gain a following in Japan in its early years and then literally explode worldwide, but this is something I couldn’t miss. We’re a single day into the triple-built and one car has already been fitted with the full kit, so it’s five days to go and two more cars to transform. I’ll be bringing you a look at these special builds in the next week, plus diving head first into Dubai’s diverse car culture to find out what this amazing place is all about. Stay tuned for awesomeness!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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*gasps* Stop teasing us already! Looking forward for the build ever since I saw people teasing it on instagram


These have the potential to be great, but a part of me feels they will end up tacky.


Sorry but usIng "iterally explode" in an article set in the Middle East is leaving yourself wide open criticism or tasteless jokes, this post is an example.


Now you listen here, Oscar buddy, and you listen good:

-First off, don't tell Dino what he can and can't type, this is his article and he can write whatever he wants.

-Second, I'm pretty sure you took Dino's words out of context. By the words "literally explode," Dino meant that the RWB phenomenon really took off around the world.

-And finally, look at the replies to your comment, you've only made a fool of yourself.

I really hope that you realize the mistakes you've made of typing a comment like that.


Oscar... maybe just go fuck off somewhere for a while, huh?


booooooooooooo. go back to Tumblr with that s**t


There was literally no context in which that reference would have been made, other than by an ignorant, simple minded troll, such as yourself, looking to sir up Islamophobic hatred. Please, log off and get out of your parents basement.


Sorry, but always drawing articles into a negative light will leave you open to criticism.


That is going to be a lot of cigarettes.


Would be cool to see an actual build for once. It seems like everything is painted and ready to go when Nakai shows up and starts riveting stuff together. Doing that three times in six days doesn't seem like such a big deal especially when it apparently only takes a day to do a car.


Exactly. As someone (forgive me for not remembering who) wrote under a video of a previous RWB build, "man fits bodykit, people get emotional". That's all it is to me.


Yeah I know what you mean, there's a lot more that goes into it. Wonder if they do anything to prevent the air sawed off arches rusting etc once he leaves?


Do a feature on their insane police cruiser lineup!


This I cannot wait for...