A LaFerrari Encounter In Dubai

Having the triple RWB build in Dubai based at a race circuit has provided a unique Speedhunting opportunity. Instead of having to actively chase down cars, all I do is wait and drool-worthy metal seems to arrive from every direction.

Take this LaFerrari for example. The other day it was casually being thrown around the Dubai Autodrome in the same way you or I would take our project cars to the local track for an open session.


Once you get over the excitement of seeing this hypercar rarity in the wild, you can’t help but take a closer look, get lost in the details, and embrace what is one of the most technically advanced cars in the world today.


The rear is by far the best angle this machine has to offer, those cut out sections allowing you to see the inner workings of the massive V12 and the hybrid system that supplies an extra boost of electric fun.


The added vinyl and polished rims don’t do much for me to be honest, but it made me wonder if this is the same car that was wrecked in Italy last year… If it is, Ferrari certainly did an awesome job of fixing it up!


I’ll leave you with one final image of the profile; it’s an awe-inspiring silhouette to say the least. At the same time it reminds you that Ferrari’s design language continues to evolve at a rather rampant pace, the 488 moving things forward and now the 812 Superfast introducing a whole new way of thinking.

All Ferrari has to do now is work on how it names its cars…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Mark Joseph I. Argoso

1. Wow, nice comments section.

2. The 812's name is good and accurate. Ferrari did miss the opportunity in naming the drop-top 488 the GTS, though.

3. Gee goodness what a car, that LaFerrari. Say what you want about its pace, but Ferrari created something beautiful with this.


What's wrong about it's pace? It is the second fastest holy trinity car and not much slower than the 918. Or did you mean something else with the pace, in that case I haven't said anything ^^


Ferrari has done everything right with the name - everybody is talking about that and making really good PR + the name explains the car in just one word.


Why they mount license plate on it engine hood...


1. There's no engine at front.
2. There's no other place to mount it.
3. It's just a sticker.
4. At the rear it's mounted at the place it should be and it's not the hood.


I'll take two...they are small.

MPistol HVBullets

when I first saw one in vegas - it was jaw dropping - and definitely smaller than people would expect

as far as the name - I think Ferrari was right, and we are wrong - why are people calling it The Ferrari La Ferrari? That not only sounds ridiculous, it IS ridiculous - we should simply be saying La Ferrari

what other description is needed for a car of that caliber?


Let me break it down, so people understand why the majority of the world doesn't like the name.

Following naming conventions, globally for cars; When you refer to a car, you say Manufacturer, followed by Model name.
Examples; Nissan (manufacturer) Skyline (model), Lamborghini (manufacturer) Diablo (model).

So when you have Ferrari (manufacturer) and La Ferarri (model). It's actually a Ferrari the Ferrari. ('La' meaning 'The')


"La Ferrari" is a name that is perfectly right and sound absolutely right in Italian. And ferrari happens to be an italian company, something that english-speaking people -it seems- have a hard time to grasp.


Ferrari F70 would do it for me, instead of the LaFerrari


That does sound weird. Even The Laferrari sounds weird lol.




I really think the 488 looks like what the new NSX should have. It has the slim/sleek, driver-centric aesthetic that makes the original NSX such a cool thing to look at. The new nsx looks derivative and dare I say boring.


Reminds me of the one i saw at Sepang last week. One of the race drivers turned up to the track in it 3 days in a row, and it ended up doing some laps as well.


P1 < LaFerrari < 918 < Insane Nissan Patrol from Dubai :P


Would you really say the design language is evolving at a 'rampant' pace? Although beautiful cars, both the 488 and 812 are fairly naturally evolved from the 458 and F12berlinetta respectively. Even LaFerrari sits comfortably among the 458 and 488 design wise, especially when you compare an Enzo to a 360.


Hahaha Jalopnik also mention about how uncool the name 'Superfast' is. But hey, Ferrari debuted the name back in.... the '60s, yes?


We had one in the shop yesterday for annual service. The car is deceivingly small. There are some details that most of the viewing public will never get to appreciate. The under body is so well covered that we have to service it on the alignment rack because it has no lift points till the under tray is removed. The carbon weave used on the rear tire tubes is big enough to play a game of checkers on. The only car louder at start up is the Enzo.

Wanna rack your mind? Do some research on Ferrari's hydroylicly controlled variable length runner intake manifolds on cars like the F12 TDF!