An American-Styled M4 From South Africa

To the uninformed, Africa is a place where people ride on elephants instead of in cars, and lions and other wild animals roam the streets. But if you dig a little deeper, it’s so much more, with ridiculous car culture and pretty crazy builds to be found. You just need to know where to look.

My name is Stefan Kotzé, I’m from deep, dark Africa. Well, more specifically, South Africa. I’ve been a total car nut since I was a first grader in 1994, when the totally over-the-top, but totally awesome at the time TV show Viper first aired. From that moment on I was forever hooked on cars, spanning die-cast models, Scalextric, R/C cars and eventually real cars.


During high school my love for cars grew even more and I still remember being in awe when a spoiled kid pulled up in a Golf Mk3 VR6. The six-cylinder burble infatuated me. Living in South Africa there’s lots of cars we’ve missed out on, including loads of Japanese sports cars like the Skylines, Supras, RX-7s and all the American muscle stuff as well. It’s all because of our strict no left-hand drive policies.

To make up for this we’ve had a few very special and currently very collectible cars, produced only for our local market, like the E30 BMW 325iS and 333i as well as the Ford Capri Perana V8 to name just a few. Let’s not forget Elon Musk is also from here as well as Gordon Murray, the designer of the McLaren F1. Suddenly, old Africa doesn’t sound so backwards anymore. Furthermore, most of our Police are very lenient to speeding and a simple ‘donation’ is almost always enough to get out of a sticky situation.


What do you do when you already have a huge collection of supercars, including a Ferrari Enzo, McLaren P1, Pagani Zonda, McLaren SLR, Aventador SV, Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R and a Liberty Walk Porsche 991.2 Turbo S to name but just a few?  You buy a BMW M4 of course. Then you drive it for a month or two and realize it totally bores you.


That’s exactly what the owner of this wide-bodied beauty did. He thought a M4 would be something fun and more normal to try out, but it got somewhat pedantic pretty quickly. So he called up tuning house Race!, the same guys who had built both his Liberty Walk cars, and told them he wanted his M4 to be stupidly loud, stupidly fast and that cost would be of no concern.


Race! is without a doubt the the most sophisticated and professional custom shop in the country, by my standards anyway. The company started out working on custom and race bikes, with the owner of the shop Marco Casciani, having raced many bikes over the years, across multiple continents. Race! still builds some crazy bikes, but it eventually transitioned into cars as well. Today, it feels like there’s nothing the Race! guys can’t do and no car is too rare or expensive for them to work on. From restoring Lancia Delta Integrales, to cutting up Ferraris and Lamborghinis, all in house, everything they touch comes out as close to perfect as perfect can get.

The M4 project happened pretty quickly, because although budget wasn’t a factor, time was. This shop is no stranger to impossible deadlines though, and Race! constantly pumps out top quality builds in very short time periods. A lot of planning was done to get everything right from the start. Only the best parts would do for this build and first up and most important was the choice of wide-body kit for the car.


The Vorsteiner GTRS4 kit was chosen as the perfect fit. Not only does it have super aggressive looks, but there’s a superior build quality with construction from pure carbon fiber instead of FRP or ABS plastic, and not forgetting the reduced weight too. Once the kit arrived it was test-fitted onto the car, then painted and refitted, looking like it could’ve been fitted by the BMW factory itself.


A wide-body with skinny wheels would just look plain stupid, so HRE was called upon for a very wide set of HRE RS100s in satin black, wrapped in sticky Pirelli P Zeros measuring 275/30R20 in front and a stupendous 345/25R20 in the rear. That’s a lot of rubber, the Trojan Magnum XL of tyres you could say.

Now that car’s booty was huge and it had wheels and tyres to match, it was time to sort out the suspension. Not that the standard M4 suspension is bad, but after all the effort put into other areas, leaving the suspension stock was never going to happen.


JRZ RS Pro coilovers were chosen for their quality and adjustability, offering up handling performance for the track, but still able to be dialed in for a comfortable ride on the street. Coupled with an Umbrella Auto Design variable ride height (VRH) suspension system, the BMW is able to be raised or lowered by up to 75mm on the fly at the push of a button.

The M4 produces some decent numbers from its 3.0-litre twin-turbo powerplant, but when was stock ever enough? The software was upgraded to extract some extra kilowatts and running along the car’s belly is a full Armytrix stainless steel valvetronic system to really let the motor breath and more importantly make some glorious noises, especially when the valves are all the way open.


The final touches to the build were some satin grey striping across the center of the car incorporating the Vorsteiner logo, just to give it a more completed look. The Vorsteiner GTRS4 conversion has been done on a few cars since its launch at the 2014 SEMA Show, but this specific built has left almost no details out, checking every possible box for an epic build.


Do you think the owner made a wise decision doing this to his car, or would a Liberty Walk build have been better? Perhaps you are of the less is more approach and think that the stock body is just perfect with some suspension and wheels. As for me, I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my garage at all.

Hopefully I’ll be bringing you some more interesting stories from sunny South Africa in the future!

Stefan Kotzé
Instagram: stefankotzephoto



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Thanks for the feature guys! Hoping to share some more awesome stuff in the future!


Finally a post from my home country. Greetings from mzansi to all speedhunters!.


Visually I think the car is beautiful, but just doesn't seem like it would handle well. Massive stagger on wheel size front to back and only an exhaust and tune on the power side just doesn't make sense. You'd kill a lot of your potential performance gains through all that extra rotating mass. It should also make for some massive understeer if you don't have the power to break that rear loose which I just don't see it having.
If this is stage one and it's got some power upgrades coming and the wheels and tires are prep than OK, but if this is the end goal I don't get it.


still kinda disappointed it's a dct m4, not a manual version. but still, i like the effort of the car, especially since it came out of what i thought was a third world country. nice.


thumbbass8 Trust me it breaks traction pretty easily, and go google the suspension it has in. JRZ makes proper suspension, so it can actually handle pretty well.


mpathwenhle27 Happy we get to show off some of the awesome stuff we have over here


I'll be keeping my eye open for more of your posts @Stefan kotze


I had no doubts about the suspension, more of the overall balance of power to grip. Just can't see the need for that big of a rear wheel and tire at those power levels. From a performance point, it seems like it would hinder more then help (more rotational weight decreasing from the potential acceleration gains from the modest power gain and more unsprung weight hindering that nice suspension from handling even nicer).
I'm all for increasing grip, but balanced.


WOW fancy that - a post from a fellow South African on Speedhunters, being born & raised in S.A but leaving the country in '94 (when you were a first grader :-)), it will always remain in my heart as my "hometown", so seeing this post is simply epic - thank you. 

What else to add about the post, fantastic images and a nice read, but being a JDM fan & having read your intro, I sure hope you'll be posting some of those Skylines, Supras & RX-7s soon


Viper came out when I was in high school and man, I loved that show - but the first incarnation with the hex-scale transformation, not the rebooted Venetian blind effect. The "feel" of the first season was so much better.

Anyway, this is a well-done car. Aggressive without being obnoxious.


Yeah the first one was also the one that I loved. The reboot was just terrible, as with most reboots.


Stefan Kotze  Fun fact - your name means puke in German :D
But nice feature anyway. Love to see cars from countries which not so often portrayed here


I already know that, means the same in Afrikaans.. Kotze is descendant from Germany btw, the first Kotzé was a Knight from Saxony, so I'm alright with the meaning :)
Thanks, we have some crazy cars over here actually.


JPRedhead Stefan Kotze Agreed - showcasing "non-standard" car cultures is a fascinating look into alternate universes of a sort. 

I remember thinking of Harry Turtledove's work when I saw that Camaro drag car from Saudi Arabia one of the articles on this site featured a long time ago.

I think it was from Saudi Arabia.


Just off the top of my head, we have a rat mini here, epically done, with air suspension, V8, extended chassis, a real work of art. Theres also one of the 11 Novitec N-Largo S F12s here, 2 Mclaren F1s, 2 LaFerraris, 2 Porsche 918s, etc etc. Not cars you'd expect at all.


Stefan Kotze Niiiccceee :DD


Ice Age JPRedhead Stefan Kotze Yep. Wish that the German car culture, especially our small but still awesome JDM-culture, would be featured more often


Lekker! I'm also worried that there might not be enough power for all that rubber, but, it sounds like the owner is willing and able to add more should he feel it's necessary - not a big problem

Hoping to see more SA content in future


Epic intro is epic


My only criticism was in the "left-hand drive" comment;
Skylines, Supras and RX-7s were all manufactured as right hand drive cars....
Unsure what the real reason is to why South Africa never received them but it wasn't because they were left-hand drive.

Apart from that, well written and good feature.


77GalantV6 Thanks. I was actually more referring to the American Muscle stuff,should've just stipulated it better, my bad. We couldn't get any left hand drive cars since 1999. Before the new Mustang came out now in RHD, guys kinda found a loophole, importing left hand drive American cars, then doing the RHD conversion on them, and registering them as rebuilds.


Um!! what !?? ," people ride on elephants instead of in cars, and lions and other wild animals roam the streets". I am guessing you live on Kruger national park or something with all them wild animals. I only see dogs and cats when i walk outside and first time i road an elephant was in Thailand loool .Congrats on the feature but keep it real bru. !!


TRDGUY haha do you know this thing called sarcasm? I have actually come across people that have asked if we have wild animals as pets. There are really people that think parts of Africa are still in the dark ages.  I live in JHB by the way.


epic content ! Cheers from JHB !


Although not my style of build I am extremely excited to see more builds from South Africa!


Your writing sounds very speedandsoundy


First apartheid restrictions, secondly government legislation put in place in order to protect the local vehicle manufacturers restricting imports. The leafy hand drive thing was a major thumbsuck


sprinterGLS I used to shoot and write for Speed & Sound, so that's probably why..


Yeah it really did suck, and now we're still losing on all the awesome iconic Japanese cars, while our neighbouring countries are spoiled with choice and can import whatever they want.


Awesome and at last. Kick ass cars from South Africa


AWESOME photos and good to see content from more unknown parts of the world. :)


Awesome stuff Stefan Kotze  , great to see some South African flavour abroad. Well done.


Great article @Stefan Kotze. Incredible imagery and loads of good info. You need to write more for speed hunters! Well done man


Power article Stefan Kotze . Amazing pics and write up as usual. Hopefully we can have a few more feature cars from South Africa here on Speedhunters !!
Have to share with the world our car culture and im sure we have some epic cars that are worthy on this page!


Fantastic imagery! Cant wait to see more work like this from South Africa.


What an aweome read! I'm really glad that the South African car scene is on the map. Great work Stefan! I really want more!






Holla everyone my is name Carl wat good


Holla buy


Finally someone to represent us.I hope you keep the content coming Stefan