Meet The Stinger: Kia’s New GT Machine

It’s the week of the the Detroit Auto Show, which of course means a lot of news about concept cars and upcoming production models.

So far one of the biggest stories coming out of Detroit is from Kia, who took the wraps off the most performance-oriented car in the brand’s history. This is the 2018 Stinger.

2018 Stinger

With a goal of entering the highly competitive luxury sport sedan segment, the Stinger was designed in Germany and has brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz clearly in its sights.

2018 Stinger

The body is easily the most attractive ever to wear a Kia badge, with wide and low styling and the same fastback roofline that many high performance four-doors have popularized as of late.

2018 Stinger

But for driving enthusiasts, the real story isn’t what’s on the outside but what’s going underneath. The Stinger rides on a rear-wheel drive chassis fine-tuned by Albert Biermann, formerly of BMW, but all-wheel drive will be available as an option.

2018 Stinger

The Stinger will also come with a choice of two different engines: a 2.0-liter turbo making 255 horsepower in the base cars, and an optional twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 producing a stout 365 horsepower and 376 lb-feet of torque through an 8-speed automatic transmission. Kia claims the V6 car will go 0-60mph (100km/h) in 5.1 seconds.

2018 Stinger

All of this adds up to the most exciting new car to come from a Korean automaker since the Hyundai Genesis Coupe nearly a decade ago. Time will tell how it stacks up against the competition, but having another performance-oriented car on the market is never a bad thing.

Expect this one to go on sale later this year.

Mike Garrett
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Looks great in the rear kind of a "butterface"... shares it's grill styling with the Kia Niro.


The overall shape isn't too bad, a bit thick and heavy on the rear maybe. The front looks nice. Interesting to see how it's going to drive.

That tail light side extension thing and the side vent look horrid and useless. Seems like car designers nowadays have a useless-detail-shotgun that they need to shot the car with in the end of the design process.


I'm a little disappointed but not at all surprised with the final product. However, seeing another RWD performance car hit the market is never a bad thing, as you said. I guess I let the concept foolishly grow on me a little too much.


Dare I say that I am more and more impressed with KIA lately?  First was this beast at Essen this year, now a twin turbo V6 sedan?  Not to shabby Kia, not to shabby at all.


It's still a Kia. Garbage.


I used to have similar concerns with Kia. Since buying a new Optima in 2011, though, I can only think of one issue that I've had (a power steering coupler) that was repaired under recall (after the five-year warranty had expired). Even my biggest concern when buying the car--resale value--is proving to be a non-issue as the residuals are nearly as strong as Honda; outpacing the rest of the competition. Kia is not the same car company is was 10-15 years ago.


gcvphoto The last time I checked, it's not the year 2004.


Not too shabby really. Not a car I would buy, but nice. There's hints of Audi in that interior, which I like.


LouisYio gcvphoto you know people gripe about KIA but they are actually well built cars. They get very little respect but they are really tough cars. Kudos to KIA.


The front bumper looks like a GTR, which they copied
The rear looks like a Maserati, which they copied


I like it, I'll bet a tune and a little tweaking on a lease return stinger will get you a whole lot of car for not a lot of money. And just think about it, a longitudinal ttv6 showing up in junkyards early winter 2018


Would love to see a coupe version if this. Could easily hold up against a 370z in modern times :D


i dont get this mid range companies shooting for the high end market.
cant they just make some simple RWD car like the GT86, make it even more basic, and even cheaper. they wont be able to build as many as they would sell ...
as for this car ... sorry but i wouldnt even consider it. i would rather get a lower end model from BMW or Mercedes ... or even a japanese brand but not this.


gcvphoto seriously? car racist -_-


Alfa Giulia + Audi A7


You can tell this thing started life as an Optima...and they went to town on it.


Coyote_ar "i dont get this mid range companies shooting for the high end market."

Because apparently, every single model on the market has to be a luxury car.


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My fun car is a 1969 Alfa Spider Veloce but my daily driver is a ... gasp ... 2010 Kia Forte Coupe. I bought it after my 95 Mercedes C Class became too expensive to maintain. I had a friend who worked at a Kia dealer and he got me good deal. I thought it looked decent, a little too boy racer but the price was right. I got it thinking I would get rid of it after a few years and trade up. Well 7 years later, I still have the damn thing. It has been an excellent car, it has never had a single electrical or mechanical issue, it has never been in the shop for anything more than routine check ups. I have driven it across the country 5 times. It has been through all kinds of horrific weather including severe flooding. I'm close to 90K miles and its still going strong without any issues. I would happily buy another Kia. I think the design of this one is a tad too fussy but overall, it is pretty attractive. I remember back when any cars made in Japan were considered absolute garbage. Years from now we'll look back and wonder why anyone thought Kia was crap.


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The outside, BMW. The front of the Audi doesn't look so good, very boring. The BMW's lights, grille and front facia look better. As for the rear they both look good. Inside I'll have to go with Audi bc it looks fresh. --------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>►►►►►►


Ice Age you mean a K900 right?


Honestly you fellas just aren't getting it. It's obvious this car was designed with the ladies in mind. A professional but sporty sedan for the ladies in your life who work hard at the office all week and then wants to enjoy her fun and sporty self on the weekends. Love my Kia!


I tought its peace of shit , nice looking but peace of shit. Then I read its gonna be Rwd and nice  powerfull engines. Very nice. Interior did not impress me,but if they give good price.... it could be very good car.
Im glad to see more Rwd cars coming out.


Coyote_ar They should  made some cheap rwd coupe. Like 200sx was.


LouisYio gcvphoto LOL. Doesn't change the fact that they are still not that reliable.


donkyyyyyy LouisYio gcvphoto who are you trying to convince? lol. They have not proven to be reliable cars. They are just pretty to look at.


EythanAldrich gcvphoto Nope. I have just seen how unreliable new Kias are.


MPistol Ice Age No, I meant an Optima. A K900 is visibly different.


I saw the stinger GT concept at a motorshow 3 years ago and this has some resemblance to the concept except that it was not 2 door like the concept and was more slim and shark like in design unlike the production model which is buff and big like lexus es models or bmw 5 series... well maybe kia may bring the coupe version out as well if the sedan sells well


AceAndrew2 You speak with the intelligence of a man who owns a bmw 2002 ;)


BozoMotosport you sounded like those kids who think they know RWD so well but end up with wrapping cars around trees.


gcvphoto LouisYio From what I've seen, Hyundais and KIAs have been pretty reliable since around 2010-ish. I know a few people with them and I've only ever hear positive things about their specific cars (Optima and Genesis Coupe). Unless you've personally dealt with an unreliable KIA, saying they suck doesn't mean anything. 
You don't grow to become a multi-billion dollar car manufacturer by making terrible cars.


gcvphoto donkyyyyyy LouisYio not you obviously.


gcvphoto LouisYio I can't say that.


Maverick1990 I was totally against getting a KIA. But my wife fell in love with her RIO at first sight. Its ten plus years old and 180k on it. It ain't fast or fancy but its pretty darn solid. If it blows up tomorrow we got our money out of it. I remember the Hyundai excels that were crap cans but its a new ball game now.


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gcvphoto LouisYio As someone who works at a dealership that sold kias and quite a few other makes, no... they are not unreliable. The older ones had issues but the newer ones are highly reliable. GM cannot make a car that doesn't get recalled and ford is having quite a few recall issues and some minor issues with ecoboost and don't get me started on dodge. Toyota replaces its engines given half a chance. Kias maintain like hondas but they are more attractive on a whole in my opinion, who cares if they style it like a maserati, gtr, or anything else. It looks good and it will probably be cheaper than hell to maintain. I think it will be a hell of a car.

To the guy who commented about getting a bmw or merc instead, have fun with the maintenance costs. No one thinks about taking care of the car in the long run but Kia parts are semi cheap while many others are not.


Im sorry to say this but at the of the day its still a Kia. This article says that this car is competing with BMW and MB but honestly cars such as BMW and MB earned their reputation. Its going to take more than just one car to compete with the well known luxury brands. Good luck to Kia but I feel like this car is going to be a flop. Again it takes years and plenty of different car models with build up the reputation like many of the heavy hitters in the auto industry.


you can't polish a turd but you can cover it in glitter


gcvphoto EythanAldrich well they're selling well here.....what do you think they are huh? give kia some space mind you...what about the genesis coupe and the veloster? garbage as well? smh


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EythanAldrich gcvphoto see? now you get it!

Kia's have always sold fairly well. Otherwise, they wouldn't be around anymore. However, it doesn't change the fact that they are unreliable in the long run. But have fun being blinded by the pretty exterior. lol


LouisYio gcvphoto LOL really?! Going to many different car meets, I have met 20-30 people that would tell you how unreliable these cars are. I work at an auction house and regularly have to transport cars from dealerships to the auction house. I have had numerous issues with Kias and Hyundais. Shit. A 45,000 mile Soul blew the headgasket while driving it. 

But, what do i know?!

This girl I know is on her third engine in her Genesis coupe. 

Sure. It's a great deal. Buy one new with a warranty, great gas mileage and you don't have to worry about anything because of the warranty. Hell, most people that get these tend to do a 2-3 year lease and never pay a dime to fix anything on it. They are absolutely going to rave about how great these cars are. It doesn't mean that they are reliable in the long-run and the newer cars haven't even been around long enough to claim that they are reliable. 

If you, for one second, think a newer KIA or Hyundai is anywhere close to reliable as a 250,000 mile 1995 civic on CL, then please share what you are smoking. 

Have fun with those garbage cars lol


Zach Attack gcvphoto LouisYio But all the KIAs and Hyundais that I have dealt with breaking down on me and seeing them broken down on the side of the road. Or all of the people that I know that have complained about them? We must all be wrong then.


Vapotrini gcvphoto HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm just gonna ignore your comment. You are linking to a Forbes article?

You really think they know ANYTHING about the reliability of cars? hahahahaha


JakWhite Actually you CAN polish it




deleted_117624410_NismoTom I like Kia but I totally agree with you here. This isn't competing with BMW or MB in any way shape or form.


gcvphoto EythanAldrich blinded by the exterior? are you nuts? so far I haven't heard or seen a incident with a kia like that -_- I know what the heck I am doing for crying out loud


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Emptypie I'm seeing lots of Jag XF, but the A7 is pretty similar. The grille looks like they are inching towards ripping off BMW's one.


D1RGE deleted_117624410_NismoTom Can't agree about bmw and MB. new cars have more plastic parts in engine than ford's and vauxhals. MB using plastic for engine oil sumps. They are overrated. 20 years ago yes now they are producing piece of shit


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Shame they didn't call it the Stellar...


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"and an optional twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 producing a stout 365 horsepower and 376 lb-feet of torque"... Wouldn't be proud of those torque figures KIA...


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deleted_117624410_NismoTom Yeah, BMWs and MBs earned their reputation 20-30 years ago, and rightfully so, but their quality nowadays is not what it once was.


UZ86 BozoMotosport RWD is the new "rice", relax.


gcvphoto LOL! Don't let facts get in the way of your ignorant bias.