Ford To Build A Mustang Hybrid

Earlier today, Ford held a press conference where CEO Mark Fields outlined some of the company’s plans for increased investment in electrification in the coming years. On top of speaking about plans for additional EVs and autonomous technology, Fields also announced that Ford is working on hybrid versions of both the F-150 pickup truck and the iconic Mustang, set to debut in 2020.

Given the increasing number of hybrid performance cars hitting the road, the idea of a hybrid Mustang isn’t as unusual as you might you think, but it remains to be seen just how this car would slot into the line-up and what sort of buyer it will appeal to.

What kind of powertrain will it use? How will its performance compare to the V8 GT? Will it be geared more towards fuel economy than outright speed? How much will it cost? They’re all questions we’re looking forward to Ford answering in due course.

I have to say, the idea is an interesting one, but it all depends how it will actually be applied. What would you like to see from a Mustang hybrid? And would you ever consider buying one over a more traditional version?

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Well, there's an AWD Challenger, so why not a hybrid Mustang?



I am in the camp that thinks this wont be for economy. Sure, a hybrid is synonymous with good economy (read: aid in reducing fuel consumption) but I have a strange feeling that this could be more along the lines of outright power. I think this could be a V6 "hybrid." Think 2.7 EcoBoost V6 from the f150, then two huge electric motors sending an extra 200whp to each rear wheel. 
That combined with some sophisticated traction control system and they will be top dog in the "magazines" for a while. And that sells cars.


Lots of Ford advertisements on this site lately...


Will be very interesting if they make two hybrids for the mustang on using the 2.3l ecoboost for economy and another that slots above the gt350 using the for gt40 v6 with two front and one rear electric motors for torque vectoring and launch performance. But really hope the F150 comes with at least 200mile range on ev mode. Oohh They can build a phev Raptor for increased performance too.


An EcoBoost with some electric punch would make me question all sub-GT350 Mustangs


at this point - the key is driving dynamics - it can make 50mpg, but if it drives like poop, nobody will care about it

if Ford is really trying to slap a hybrid label on a Mustang (or vice versa) then it clearly must think it can deliver performance & dynamics

for those if us that care - we can all embrace 40+mpg - but what will it cost us in performance?, and vehicle dynamics? so many hybrids fail on the last two - and I'm sure they don't have to fail on the last two - the last two are hard enough to get right with ANY powertrain


Hybrid mustang? How about mid engine coyote powered focus rs.


My only worry is the development of autonomous technology. Every time I hear about that stuff, I freak out a little.
Not to mention that with all these driver-assist technologies, car manufacturers are proudly boasting: "These technologies are the building blocks for automated driving."
Imagine the horrors of a world where driving a car yourself is punishable by law. The horror...


370 Hemi This could easily be Ford's answer to that Challenger. Just watch, the electric assist will be to the front wheels...


370 Hemi It would be one hell of a car, active torque vectoring across the front wheels with the electric motors and ecobost power driving the rears. With the 4cyl in the engine bay there's plenty of room to add a hybrid system in there.
I've driven a BMW330E hybrid and the performance is good without to much of a weight penalty. I think this is a good direction for Ford to head in.


MPistol Look into the BMW330E. Great dynamics, good performance, better than 40mpg.
It can be done.


This makes me think Honda needs to make a new Prelude. It was a platform that was used as a test bed for many new technologies, like 4 wheel steering, VTEC, ABS, ATTS. Nowadays there are so many new things coming out for cars, it would make sense, and not just for Honda.  
Pretty much any manufacturer that isn't looking at hybridizing their lineup will be utterly left in the cold by 2025. The writing is on the wall in day-glo letters. They saw it years ago before we did, and now we're starting to see where they are taking it.


D1RGE "like 4 wheel steering, VTEC, ABS, ATTS"...  Are you describing the late 80ites? :D


Now you can hit those crowds silently


Find a way to get this thing under 2,500 lbs and you won't need a supplemental electric drive to hit 50 MPG.


D1RGE "Pretty much any manufacturer that isn't looking at hybridizing their lineup will be utterly left in the cold by 2025."

Remember, the same thing was said about DOHC engines a generation ago. Then GM went and made a pushrod V8 that was so light, compact and power-dense that it completely upended the notion of DOHC > OHV.

I wouldn't count pure combustion out yet.

As long as we can keep the watermelons away from the levers of power, internal combustion has plenty of future left.


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A big applause to Ford for its recent Mexico Plant closing. A good decision made.


arshad talib they cancelled plans to build one, none have closed recently. As far as I know the last Mexican Ford plant to close was back in 2014, unless anyone can correct me?


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arshad talib A bigger applause for Kia, Audi, Nissan and Mercedes Benz for opening new plants in Mexico. A better decision was made :D




arshad talib You can tweet a thanks to Trump for that.


Ferras arshad talib Hybrids would make a lot of sense in Mexico.

You need the instant off-idle torque of an electric motor and the increased fuel economy of a hybrid drive when you live in place where the crime rate's so bad you need to hang 1,500 lbs of armor on a Camry.


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Ice Age Ferras arshad talib LOL organized crime would be the first to buy those hybrid bad boys if they came in an SUV / Pick up presentation...


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nh10798 Literally not one.


Ice Age D1RGE "I wouldn't count pure combustion out yet." God no, please.  Just saying they all need to have the hybrid option. Mostly because people are buying them and demanding them, for economy and stuff. Trust me I want only engines running on 101 octane! :)


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If you're so concerned about MPG, you probably drive a Fusion. That car already has a hybrid model. The Mustang just seems a dicey choice at best when the 5.0, Ecoboost, and GT350 are all readily available - it would have to really blow the hooves off of all to make up for the price tag and wasted weight.


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So many close minded responses. This is why I don't venture into the comments that often.

Low-end torquey grunt of an electric for initial acceleration with a high strung 4 banger or big HP V8 for top end and acceleration assistance? I don't see a problem here as long as Ford doesn't ruin the driving dynamics or make it look like a spaceship.


arshad talib The plant in mexico would have supplied a dozen markets, not just the USA.


D1RGE That's what I'm hoping the new Civic SI becomes. It's a similar size to my BB6 with (Hopefully) 220ish hp.
Plus the Civic shell is actually lighter than my 'lude.


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Save the V8s! But here how I would do it if I ran the world. Make each cyl .5L which has been theorized as the best displacement for efficiency. So you would have a 4.0L V8. Supplement the lowered displacement with twin turbos, as several euro makes have, and also a hybrid power assist module. This would surely net more power than the current GT and retain the classic V8 sound, a muscle car necessity, but with better efficiency. If the installed hybrid unit were to be a pug-in system, you could have a fully electric mode. The owner could then have the option of using fully electric mode (DD/commute) or using the roaring V8 on the weekends/to pass a pesky road boulder Prius. The Mustang hybrid should take a (albeit cheaper) page out of the Porsche 918's playbook.


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The GT made a name for itself in the 1960s, and the nameplate returned to Ford for the 2005 and 2006 models. Since then, the vehicle has truly evolved into a supercar, evident by it’s $100,000+ price tag.
The company has made some changes to the third-generation GT, prioritizing handling and track capabilities in their 2017 model. The result? Not only one of Ford’s most impressive cars ever, but perhaps one of the most innovative cars to ever be released. For more information about the 2017 Ford GT Wishlist checkout


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