Five Of The Freshest At TAS

Ever since I began attending Tokyo Auto Salon many moons ago, RE Amemiya’s booth has always been my first port of call. Situated right inside the Hall 1 entrance, it’s next to impossible to miss, and in fact is the first stop for most show-goers, all keen to check out Amemiya-san’s latest and greatest.

For 2017, RE Amemiya’s TAS hero car is a welcome change from the norm. There’s no crazy body kit or wild aesthetic transformation as you might expect, but rather it’s all been toned down for good measure. As Ken, Isami Amemiya’s son, told me, the green FC3S RX-7 represents a benchmark for Japanese rotary tuning.


Sure, there are plenty of outfits around the world that extract insane amounts of power out of the Wankel engine, but RE Amemiya has always prefered to approach its cars with a different school of thought.

It’s all about ‘total balance’, which refers to a light, well set-up machine sporting quality upgrades in every area and boasting a level of performance that makes it fun to drive, manageable, useable and ultimately satisfying, That’s the ethos this FC is built around. The aero touches have a vintage flavor to them and contrast nicely with the modern Enkei PF07 wheels.


The interior is again a mix of simplicity and modernity. It’s largely original, but adds some select upgrades including Bride seats and an AiM digital dash display.


Under the hood sits a custom-built three-rotor engine able to deliver well over 300 horsepower in its naturally aspirated form. What it lacks in outright torque and power it more than makes up for with electrifying throttle response and contained weight. It’s the perfect rotary engine for this particular project.


The rear end is particularly cool with a high-rise, old school-type spoiler and a pair of dolphin tail exhaust outlets.


It was bound to happen sooner or later, and here it is – a Pandem-kitted BNR32 GT-R. What can I say? If there is one car a set of aggressive over-fenders look spot on fitted to, it’s definitely an R32 Skyline.

I’m not sure what it is, but the profile of the car seems to lend itself so well to such an in-your-face addition. Maybe it’s because this particular car is finished off in a satin color; it makes it look rougher for all the right reasons and thus works so well with the style.

The rear end really sets the proportions. The aero piece almost covers the entirety of the GT-R’s rear flank, and as usual is mounted onto the stock body with exposed screws.


Mated to appropriately sized and fitted wheels, the whole ensemble looks very menacing.


Next up it’s another Nissan, or more specifically, a rather special Skyline wagon I found on display at the R31 House booth.


We’re all aware of the great work R31 House is known for doing, but this time around the guys have truly outdone themselves. The naturally aspirated RB20 seems to float in what has to be the cleanest shaved and tucked engine bay ever to be seen in an R31. Joining it are short velocity stacks and sexy headers, which together will no doubt generate quite the concerto when the throttle is properly used.


The big, boxy ’80s wagon runs a set of Work Meisters and rocks quite tight, yet functional, fitment. It’s certainly one of the best wagons I’ve ever seen at TAS.


From a bygone era to the most modern of JDM cars, we have one of the first tuning takes on the brand spanking new Mazda Roadster RF. The retractable hardtop version of the ND has only been on sale in Japan for a week or two, but Blitz has already been pretty busy with it.


Aero aside, it’s what’s under the hood that was of most interest. Unlike the regular JDM Roadster which is only offered with the asthmatic 1.6-liter four-banger, the RF comes equipped with the 2.0-liter variant. Blitz saw it as the perfect base to inject some proper fun into the under-performing ND, and did so with a turbo kit.


The high-mounted TD05H boosts power to 285hp, which brings the ND into a whole new light.


With the added power this kit offers, there’s no doubt the little Mazda will become quite lively through the gears and off the line. Plus, in RF guise I thought it looked like an expensive exotic, only in a slightly smaller scale.


It’s great to see Blitz step up and come out with something so exciting, so quickly!


And just because race cars are bad ass, my final car in this first selection of spotlights from TAS is the new Lexus LC500 Super GT machine I gave you a little glimpse of in yesterday’s show preview.


I couldn’t help but share more with you as the elegant and organic design has been pumped and given added aggression in a very successful way.


It’s such a pretty-looking car even sporting all the aero additions, and makes the Nissan GT-R look somewhat out of date.

I mean, just look at these series of curves and angles.


Honda also has the new NSX in full bare carbon GT500 guise at TAS, so I’ll have to share that with you in one of the next posts. For now though, I hope this quick string of spotlights will keep you satisfied for a little longer as we continue to cover the show floor and hunt out the coolest cars at Tokyo Auto Salon’s 35th anniversary event.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I always liked Re-Amemiya (specially the FC & FD Re Super G), but that FC is a bit "too much" for my taste. The profile of the Blitz's Roaster is great by the way! Regrets from Spain!


Why do custom exhaust systems for rotary engines tend to use downward facing tips? Is there a reason? I feel like I only see it on rotary powered cars and it's a pretty common occurrence at that. Looks awesome either way.


Tinj I think when it's for noise regulations


Dino... Speedhunters keep up!... Best Regards from Argentina. It vicious to read and check out all of your posts!!!


In regards to the Lexus LC500 Super GT, is there a structural advantage in using thick-weave carbon fiber vs fine-weave?


Can anyone identify the wheels on the R32?


Tinj Rotaries have a tendency to shoot fireballs of sorts when tuned.  Instead of burning off your bumper or constantly having to clean our rear bumpers of sut, we shoot the fireballs towards the ground instead!

Hope this has been somewhat helpful.


Am i the only one allergic to seven spokes


Inb4 everyone getting triggered by the Pandem R32...


a full feature for the LC500 perhaps?


Same, I'm just not feeling it.


the r32 and that 1via from years ago... both look like nascars and i like.


Mr. Gerbik I think they are the new 6666 wheels, the last ones were made by Enkei, I'd assume these are too.
They also look good on an 86.


It just dawned on me: the Lexus LC500 Super GT is essentially a real-life version of the Lexus LF-LC Vison Gran Turismo.


The pandem kit for the R32 follows the stock lines pretty well. I honestly thought when overfenders would come to the 32 that it would be round which I dont think would look good. These ones look good. 

Going to try attend the next TAS!


What rims are those on the R32?


DonHoonigan if people didnt told it was re amemiya... it will labeled as RICER for sure


The FT1 is strong within the LC500. Patiently waiting for the sister car *cough "Supra"


Priceylifestyle The carbon fiber fabric used here is thick from the beginning but by spreading out the filaments you get a thinner weave that does not take up as much resin.  Less resin provides you with a stronger but thinner laminate. And thick weave is much cheaper!


thanks Dino!


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DonHoonigan  Also not a fan. I think part of it is that the stock FC has very crisp lines, and the Amemiya kit is much too curved, putting it at odds with itself.


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Tinj It;s because that is how RE-Amemiya designed their Super Dolphin exhaust system for RX-7, RX-8, etc. As far as I am aware there are no other rotary exhaust systems with downward facing tips, but most people opt for Amemiya as you would.


"There's now crazy body kit, this is clean and toned down.... I wouldn't say any of that about that green rx7. From that nasty wing to the very strange looking hood, or those even stranger looking over fenders. That thing is detestable. Bad color, none of the engine matches said bad green either.


However that r32 is the business


Love every car here!!! Georgious!!! I'm usually not a fan of excessive body work on a street car, but that FC is one of the prettiest I've ever seen!

Pete the perfect pilot

Hey dino, scarce info on the Mazda cx5 on the Amemiya stand, was it rotary?

Closed course films

Have to disagree


I'm usually not a fan of the wide add on body kits, but it works on the GT-R due in part to the wheels that have a resemblance to that of an F1 car.


"electrifying throttle response" seems like overreach to me. How can anyone possibly know that without driving it?


Personally I always enjoy seeing another one of RE Amemiya's wild creations


thank you pandem for keeping box flares alive. nom nom nom


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All about that Skyline wagon!


All 3 of the Amemiya cars are pretty ugly in my opinion. The FC just looks like it came straight from 1992 (which is not a good thing), the bodywork on the RX8 just doesn't look right (the porsche front works on the FD, but looks very out of place on the RX8) and CX5 just isn't a cool looking vehicle. 

I sometimes wish Amemiya would just stick to performance products, and leave the body styling of their cars alone.


RE: BNR32, it does look like a race car with bolted on wider guards (the rear wing helps with that look) and rattle can satin paint, but professionally done show car lol (so, hipster-ish?). Veilside did it better IMO


3nigm4  No offence if there is one thing that Amemiya has always been known for is aero conversions and kits. Sure they did the performance thing and still do but their bred and butter is and has always been aero


MilesHayler It's a type of style everyone should start following in Japan


Frozzy I'm thinking of doing a story on them, showing all their TAS cars since I've covered the show. Would be cool ...


Closed course films about what?


Pete the perfect pilot Nope


rook56 Because I've driven 20B NAs?


hgkmzfk Right on!


JeremieSunico You and everyone else. Get a move on Toyota haha!


LeoChong The race car?


CharlesSangollo What do they do to you? lol


James1010 Mr. Gerbik Yeah 6666 wheels made by Enkei


PabloRossi Thanks buddy!!


Joeguard1990 Tinj It's their style, originally came from D1 Odaiba round where they asked all cars to have these to force gasses (and sound) down towards the tarmac. Doubt it did/does anything


speedhunters_dino 3nigm4 I'm well aware of Amemiya's aero roots. Not all of their cars are bad, I just don't like this years selection.


rook56 It's an Amemiya built 20B, that should be reason enough.


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lazystance Priceylifestyle You also get a smoother surface.

The technology is pretty well explained here


that R31 want


speedhunters_dino James1010 Mr. Gerbik Can't find them on Enkei website :( just these, not the same at all.


While Rocket-bunny cars often look obnoxious and an afterthought, something about this R-32 makes it fit ridiculously well...

Pete the perfect pilot

Why was it on the stand then? They are all about Rotary. No rotor, no motor and all thatU0001f60a


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Mayank0809 Box arches is what. ALL about the box arches. They even managed not to ruin the E30 that's briefly in the earlier post.


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