Don’t Call It A Show Car: Risky Devil’s Boss S14

In words, at least, this is a car that will almost certainly evoke a sigh or two.

It has all the right (or wrong, depending on how you choose to look at it) ingredients for a drift car: an LS2 V8, a Rocket Bunny kit, some SSR mesh wheels and Air Lift Performance suspension. There was a time when this combination would have blown people away, but now it’s almost the expected, and maybe the proven choice for a fun street/track car.

But, I’ve long since learned that it’s not how you stand by your car, it’s how you race your car.


This isn’t the first time that this particular car has appeared on Speedhunters, but we do feel that it’s worth a second look as it has evolved since Bryn originally featured it. It’s still evolving too; since Mark captured these photographs, it’s now running a supercharged LS1 making 560hp to the wheels. It’s far from a show pony.


Drifting, as a whole, is about expression. It’s always been this way and some might argue that non-competitive drifting is perhaps the purest form of drifting, as it offers the driver the most amount of freedom with regards to expressing themselves. Risky Devil, established 2007, are maybe the most recognised crew from the United States, mostly because they epitomise this mantra so well.

There is a particular look that’s considered appealing in this community: as low as possible, wide wheels with lots of dish and as much smoke pouring off the back of the car as achievable. This 240SX delivers on all of these things.


The whole package is a visual treat. While I had seen pictures of the car before, I don’t think I appreciated the two-tone paint scheme; the black roof and pillars are maybe the most important part of tying the Boss kit into the S14, itself combining US and JDM style into one car.

While it might not be a fully fledged competition car, safety has still been addressed in the most comprehensive way. Fixed-back buckets and Takata Racing harnesses are enclosed by a full FD specification rollcage. The aim might be fun, but that doesn’t mean that the impact will be any softer if the worst happens.

Seeing a car static in photos is one thing, but actually seeing it living and breathing in video is another. I managed to dig out this clip on YouTube by danbcr which gives a pretty good insight into the sort of life this car lives. Sure, it might make you flinch when you see it, but I respect that the car is still out being driven as intended. It’s better than the alternative, right?


I don’t think it’s anything that we haven’t seen before but when something looks this good, I see no issue in setting aside some of the infinite amount of webspace for it. You might forget about it in an hour or you might not stop thinking about it for weeks, but I’m just glad it exists.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
Twitter: pmcgphotos



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Amazing shots, editing, and lighting. Had to comment just for the photography alone. Great job Mark!!!!


ChrisSempek ^ Yeah, that. And the car does look good.


The red on this car is gorgeous!


I remember when this car was white,


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That Boss kit is just so goddamn good. Makes me want to get my hands on an 240sx.


Wow, amazing car...BUT I'm here for the photography...jeez...inspirational execution right through...the lighting...the sharpness...the colour depth...the gruuuuunge!!! Awesome set!

And again, awesome ride!


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The photos...are magic. How do you achieve such witchcraft?


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Yep. Photography is beautiful. The car is also. No other words for it - beautiful.

Had to comment about the title. Reminded me of that one SNL clip Kristen Wiig was in - almost pizza.
In this case - it looks like show car, but don`t call it a show car. It`s "almost show car".


That dead front end shot is spectacular. All the photos are, wicked location too.


Those pictures. Damn, Mark.


Loved this, got all inspired looking at the pics. Not actually a fan of these kits, but in red, I like it.


Car looks well put together on top of the fact that it gets used and driven pretty hard. Kudos to the photographer on those pics, very crisp. Anyone have his instagram handle or any website for him? Would like to check out more of his work.


Such an impressive car! 
I saw this very car at the Road Atlanta Gridlife event, and was blown away when I first laid eyes on this car. Mind you, this event was the first time I'd ever seen any cars with the Rocket Bunny or Boss kits..  So when I saw this thing, it was cooling down under a popup canopy/tent, and I walked around the front of it to see exactly what kind of car it was and lo and behold, it was this exact car! Pictures of this car doesn't do it any justice, it's much more impressive in person. 
And to top it all off, the red E30 BMW from Risky Devil was parked right next to it.


Mayank0809 several years studying at Hogwarts. There's an Adobe range of spells which come in quite handy.


Supercharged LS1? There is no supercharger in that engine pic.


Shaunock Supercharging happened after the photoshoot according to the article...


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OMG! :o That photos man! Unbeleviable! YEA! you nailed it totally.  And location....that dirty doors behind the car.  Loks awesome. And car is very sexy,very sexy indeed. Im glad that its driven hard.


Killer shots Mark!


Any car on bags will never be a real drift car


oh_snap_boy I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining it.


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oh_snap_boy Your name is a pretty good expression for what Paddy just dealt out


I just sold my 240sx because it has some frontend damage that needed fixed and needed titled. Kinda wishing I kept it now. That boss kit looks killer and a lot better priced than I was expecting. Time to go troll Craigslist...


The pictures are amazing! I want more engine shots! Nice work


oh_snap_boy Did you not click play on video or nah?


The pictures are just.... WOW! Time to change the wallpapers?


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