Bye-Bye Bernie: F1’s Boss Is Out

When we heard last year that Formula 1 was getting a new owner in the form of America’s Liberty Media, there was a lot of speculation about what would happen to the sport in the future. It was said at the time that F1’s longtime CEO Bernie Ecclestone would remain in the position for the time being. Now it appears that Bernie’s 40-year run as F1’s CEO is officially over.

Liberty Media’s Chase Carey is taking over the top position as the sale is completed, though Bernie will remain onboard as Chairman Emeritus to provide insight as F1 goes under new ownership.

To race fans and those within the sport, Ecclestone has been a polarizing figure to say the least, and his replacement surely means that even larger changes are in store for F1 as its next chapter is written. Some admired his approach, while others felt that the pursuit of profits caused the sport to abandon much of what made it appealing in the first place. Whatever the case, there’s already a lot of interest in what F1’s new owner plan to do, and with a new guy on top there’s certainly reason for excitement.

It’s been a good run, Bernie. Here’s hoping that the new era of Formula 1 is an even better one.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia

Image courtesy of Mercedes F1 Media



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All the best to him. I think it's one of those thing where us on the outside won't really ever know how much he did for the sport.
That said, it's about fucking time!! No matter how many times he's bailed F1 out, it's past time for Mr Burns to ride off into the sunset and let someone else have a go at running the sport.


From what I've read he's a big ol' dbag.


Yeah, he's done nothing but moan about the sport for the last 5 years or so, about time there was some fresh(er) blood there. 
Heard rumours of Ross Brawn? possibly not by himself?


After the crazy qualifying changes of early last season, we were (or many fans) were looking forward to a post Bernie F1.


This is the best thing to happen to F1 in 10 years. Bernie has been holding the sport back from embracing new forms of media and digital broadcasting, not to mention holding popular tracks to ransom over hosting fees in order to drop billions in "New markets" like empty tracks in third world countries.

I'm hoping his chairman position is merely a symbolic one and that he has no real power. F1 is ready to move forward.


johnbezt  It's F1. Ryan Gosling's not going to cut it...


That picture looks like they're arguing over why there is still a steering wheel in the car.


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does anybody anywhere actually still care about F1? the only thing more boring than the cars themselves is the racing and the childish in fighting within the mercedes team, bring back the large multi pistoned screaming engines and it might become more interesting again, until then Id rather watch bbcs new "top Gear" which is appalling.......


fuck that fuckin fuck fuck


Bernie out, Brawn and Liberty in! Best thing to happen to F1 in years. Bernie has brought F1 a long way from the 'sunday meeting' approach it had back in the 70's to the global sport it is today but F1 has been left behind in recent years. I've followed F1 religiously my whole life even through the years where it was dull as dish water (which probably includes the last couple in particular) but times are changing and the likes of WEC, Super GT, V8 sups to name but a few have a fantastic formula that embraces fans and provides some incredible racing!

F1 can still show off its incredible technology and maintain a great 'show' and I think the combination of Liberty Media, Chase Carey and Ross Brawn can do just that. Really excited and hopefully a lot of peoples love for the sport will return


MilesHayler Ross has now been announced as F1 managing Director


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3nigm4 LOOOL


motorness What the hell, what kind of garbage comment is that? What has it to do with Ecclestone? No, I don't think that F1 gained something from 40 years of Ecclestone, but your comment is so stupid..


FuelEconomyKilledTheCarsWeLove! lol, cause F1 has never been full of childish fighting...


"Here’s hoping that the new era of Formula 1 is an even better one"
It couldn't get any worse.


That racist, sexist and outdated dinosaur has no reason to be running any type of company in this modern world. Good riddance. 

I'll leave this off with a famous quotes from the Bernie Ecclestone: 

"You know I've got one of those wonderful ideas...women should be dressed in white like all the other domestic appliances."

"In a lot of ways, terrible to say this I suppose," Ecclestone began, "but apart from the fact that Hitler got taken away and persuaded to do things that I have no idea whether he wanted to do or not, he was in the way that he could command a lot of people, able to get things done."

"What I would really like to see happen is to find the right girl, perhaps a black girl with super looks, preferably Jewish or Muslim, who speaks Spanish."

So happy this monster is gone.


Twitch_6 Everyone knows that he saved F1. But, that doesn't change the fact that he is an awful human being.


gcvphoto and don't forget what he said about it not being worth talking to people unless they can speak English....


The only people who shouldnt be thrilled about this is the wig shop that supplies Bernie with new rugs. They may go out of business, oh no!
Thank god and bring on Brawn. The only positive about Bernie is his hot daughters.
Needs: reduce the front wing, add even more mechanical grip than specified for 2017, and how about a 3 liter twin turbo V10 hybrid


JBfromSiliconValley lol, love that first part


TurboHippie I'm damned excited!


FuelEconomyKilledTheCarsWeLove! Well the idea is that hopefully the new ownership might be able to make some changes to make things interesting again.


3nigm4 Haha! Fitting.


TurboHippie MilesHayler That should be a good thing!


motorness how much disrespect can you fit in one fragmented sentence?


So finally Darth Bern has been throne into the exhaust tube.
There is new hope that the events get more exciting and less tactical .
May be  we also can see the return of circuits like Imola, the "Ring" , Magny-Cours and Fuji


FuelEconomyKilledTheCarsWeLove! I love F1... before the Mercedes domination there was the Red Bull domination, before that Ferrari domination, and Mclaren domination. It's just like other sports where one team seems to rise to the top like Golden State in basketball or Alabama before this year, or the dreaded Patriots (yah, Boston fans... I said it! lol)... that's just sports. 

I love it and I'm looking forward to next season which should be a month...


Go SJW somewhere else. He wasn't politically correct, who gives a fuck.


Lol you sound like a motorsport hipster...lots of people still watch F1. It's still the most watched motorsport in the world, by a long shot.


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bring back the v10 and v12,aero freedom, and cigarette smoking drivers :)


What are your sources for those quotes?


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Slappy_Pistons They are everywhere. Just google Bernie Ecclestone quotes.


Twitch_6 The entire world of F1 gave a shit. That's why no one liked him


...lots of people liked him, that's why he was the boss for 40 years. And for those who didn't like him, it was mostly because he made decisions based on making max profit, and using gimmicks like knockout qualifying, reverse grids, sprinklers, "little walls", etc....not because majority of F1 fans are over sensitive SJW types who get triggered off of a misunderstood quote taken out of context.
Seriously, go back to your safe space.


Google "George Orwell quotes," and see what you get. Over half of the top quote are either misquotes or incorrect...and definitely shown out of their original context.
Did you know that Einstein said, "the more I come to understand about the universe, the more I believe in God." Yup, there it is folks, Google says Einstein believes in God. He was a practicing Christian his whole life, him and the Pope played golf together on the weekends.


gcvphoto Twitch_6 I didn't know!


About time they get rid of that fossil, please please make the sport exciting: bigger engines, faster speeds, better aero and freedom in the areo dept.


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Mike Garrett Its gonna be awesome, dawn of a new era. I'm glad people are starting to get excited about F1 again. Have you seen the ESPN interviews with Ross Brawn?


It's about time he get's out. Piece of s*** has been ruining F1 for years, compared to what it was! heres to hoping things can go back to a shadow of what they were.