The Mustang Gets Refreshed

Rather than doing it amidst the craziness of the Detroit Auto Show, Ford waited until this week to reveal the the new 2018 Mustang, the first update to the S550 chassis since its 2015 debut.

While it’s not a dramatic departure from the earlier cars, there are some notable updates both to the exterior, interior and the powertrain options worth talking about.

New Ford Mustang V8 GT

Starting on the outside, the biggest change comes to the car’s front end with a lower hood line, new bumper and grille design along with redesigned LED headlights, all of which are said to improve aerodynamics over the previous car.

New Ford Mustang V8 GT

Under the hood, Ford has dropped the V6 engine option on the base model cars completely, with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four cylinder now being standard equipment. And both the EcoBoost and V8 GT models get a new 10-speed automatic transmission to replace the previous 6-speed unit. Ford hasn’t released new numbers for the engines, but says the 5.0 and 2.3 engines have been reworked for improved torque and response, while the V8 also gets an optional active exhaust system, which is never a bad thing.

2018 Ford Mustang V8 GT

There have also been updates to the suspension and chassis for improvements in handling, and the big news is the addition of MagneRide dampers on cars equipped with the optional Performance Pack.

2018 Ford Mustang Interior

As is typical with mid-cycle refreshes, the Mustang’s interior also gets improved materials and restyled seats to give a more luxurious feeling.

2018 Ford Mustang digital instrument cluster

The most dramatic change here from the previous car is probably the instrument cluster, with the old traditional gauges now replaced by a 12-inch LCD display that can be fully customized.

2018 Ford Mustang V8 GT

Already the new styling of the Mustang has ignited some strong discussion across social media, and having previously owned a 2015 Mustang I’m honestly not sure what all the fuss is about. Looks will always be a subjective matter, but I can’t see the new front end either drawing in new buyers or turning them away.

Aside from that, this seems like a strong update for a car that already delivered a lot of bang for the buck. But what do you think?

Mike Garrett
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I think I just don't get the 'why' for the facelift. Sure the whole spiel for aerodynamics could garner some traction, but I really don't think that would change the coefficiency all that drastically. Maybe I just think they are unnecessarily messing with a perfectly good thing.

But really, a 10 speed automatic? Is this promotional for the new Fast and Furious?


Front end looks like its from a dodge.


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I actually think the front face looks more dated than the current car. Reminds me a lot of the Jaguar XK with those strange hood additions and the rounded projector bulbs which are inset and more steeply angled along the car. 

Not really sure if Ford's intent was to draw yet another British automaker, but this car just screams Jag at me for some reason.


damn! 10-speed automatic? Is this a car or a mountain bike?!


The revised 5.0 is also port and direct injected with compression rasied from 11:1 to 12:1 according to Ford's test driver's instagram.

Like the "1964.5" and "289 miles to E" that 4-55 is no random number.

Calling it now, the 2018 Mustang GT will be rated at 455 hp.


Ugly face and a 10 speed auto?  And no V6 option (immensely popular)?  Sounds more like a new iPhone than a new mustang with all of these "updates."


I just want to know what the hell Ford is doing right now, the ruined the Fiesta by making it look like a damn guppy, and this looks like it should take anti-depressants.


In other news. Fords new manual gearbox has also been released....


Seriously though, if I were Ian Callum right now, I'd be a little pissed someone at Ford just got paid to smush my Jag XK and XE designs together.
I like the bonnet line, and don't mind the headlights, it's the lower bumper that just looks a bit 'meh'.


ford, you must be high or some shit. please don't use the 10 speed auto, the time the tranny will take hunting for gears will annoy you so quickly, and dropping the popular v6 is just asking for a loss of sales, because many people bought that as the base model. plus, i don't see any mention of a manual, if you got rid of the manual in the mustang, you basically defeated the whole point of a muscle car.


it's like they took the dodge charger 2013 front lights and squeezed them


Personally, I can't notice much of a difference in the looks. I won't be missing the v6. And if I'm going to buy a Mustang, I'll be eager to learn to drive stick. But improved aero? better suspension? That I can get behind. I would prefer actual gauges though. More power to Ford if they're going to make legitimate improvements.


Nooooo! Utter fail. That nose does look like a mishmash of Jag XK and Dodge Charger. Totally lost the mustang uniqueness.


Front end looks like a Darth Vader mouthpiece smh, headlights now remind me of an Audi S4.


I Like the new Mustang. The bod,interior,speedometer,nice job.
All is nice


I'd say it has a bit of ND Miata in there as well


I absolutely love this. I liked the previous Mustang, but I always thought the design did not feel powerful or muscular enough versus other new muscle cars such as the Camaro or the Challenger due to the very slim lights. This fixes pretty much every issue I've had with the car, exterior-wise. 
Concerning the interior, I liked the physical gauges better, but I don't hate the new digital stuff.


Love the rescuplted hood and headlight lines. Don't much care for the wing or the front lower fascia.


"V8 GT models get a new 10-speed automatic transmission to replace the previous 6-speed unit"



The front end of this refresh looks disappointed in itself compared to the last one it looked way more angry.


Kinda funny I really didn't like the headlights when I first saw this yesterday, kind of miata-ish.  But today it's grown on me and I think it's an improvement.

Not a bad looking car, I just feel that it's too big and cumbersome to drive one.  Didn't really click with me when I drove one recently.


Why are there two water temp gauges?



370 Hemi The left one looks like a gearbox temp gauge


SeanStott Same !


I prefer the purity of the current model as you can buy one and have it look reasonably basic without lots of additions or fussy design. I'm not so much a fan of plastic vent trim and inset lights but that's me, I'm sure it will do well either way. Not like I'll ever own one here in the UK.


There is one feature I'm particularly fond of, the dash. Just like muscle cars of old the dash is at a glance symmetrical but still has a reasonably strong design which harks back to the original.


otanica 370 Hemi I see it, underneath where it says RPMx1000 and the right hand one of the central three. That's weird, maybe placeholder design?


Unsure on the updated front facia


Ontakeriput because having 4 more gears is a good idea


i think this is wayyyyy too european for a mustang. its trying to be a german sports car, but they have to realize that muscle cars aren't about this stuff.


New front end looks very aggressive..I really dig it.


mustang is going jaguar......


awesomefearwave Get the manual then.


awesomefearwave I mean to say yes the manual is still available.


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Guys they made the 10 speed auto for fast and furious...


It looks MUCH better in gunmetal gray than that weird orange. At first I didn't like it because OF THAT ORANGE, but now that I've seen it in other colours it's growing on me. Still, I think that the Camaro is better, but that refresh is definitely a step in the right direction.


JakWhite otanica 370 Hemi oil temp and coolant temp most likely. cmiiw


Ontakeriput lol I bet it cruises 60mph at 900rpm. btw why did your username translates to "wrinkly camel"? lmaooooo


THE_EXN Still not enough.


I thought the 2015 design was perfect.  I don't really like the front end, it feels like the hood curves down too much from the windshield, and the lights are reminding me a bit of the latest MX5 (which I like).  I get that there will always be mid-cycle refreshes, but I thought the previous S550 design was (and still is) the best of the current muscle cars from the big 3.


Well done Ford. You managed to maintain the Mustangs identity by making an already great car even better. I'd drive it, if I could afford it.


Not sure why it looked so bad in other press photos. It's grown completely on me.


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toddwithrow9 I'm pretty sure the V6 was the worst selling model of all 3 variants and was bought almost exclusively by rental car companies.


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Looks like a Fish...but then again the S550 front end always looked like a cross between a fish and a Aston Martin.

Don't think it will hurt sales at all. Personally, I think the S550 is the BEST Mustang ever.


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