A VW Fastback, Hot Wheels Style

As I mentioned during my event coverage from the 2016 Mooneyes Xmas Party, air-cooled Volkswagens were out in big numbers this year, making for a nice contrast with the more traditional American hot rods and customs.

So when it came time to select some cars to spotlight at the show, I figured it was only right to include a VW in the mix.

Mooneyes-X-Mas-Party-2016-Mike-Garrett-38 copy

But rather than a Beetle or a Transporter, the car that caught my eye was this orange Type III.

Mooneyes-X-Mas-Party-2016-Mike-Garrett-42 copy

The 1970 Fastback is owned by Israel ‘Paro’ Sanchez of Los Angeles, who told me he just finished up the car prior to Saturday’s event. It’s far from a show car, but it has no shortage of character with an overall vibe that’s part rat rod and part lowrider with a touch of vintage racer.

Mooneyes-X-Mas-Party-2016-Mike-Garrett-46 copy

The first thing you notice is the slammed ride height, and to achieve this Paro actually dropped the ’70 body over a 1965 pan with swing axle suspension. Factor in a set of Rader-type wheels and red accented tires tucked into the fenders, and it actually reminds me of a ’60s-era Hot Wheels die-cast.

Mooneyes-X-Mas-Party-2016-Mike-Garrett-41 copy

For clearance reasons, the engine comes from a Type 1, and while it’s basically stock it more than gets the job done when it comes to cruising. And how about that exhaust setup?! After speaking to Paro, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a built motor back there the next time we see this car.

Mooneyes-X-Mas-Party-2016-Mike-Garrett-39 copy

As for the interior, it’s simple and to the point with a large diameter stock steering wheel and an aftermarket shifter to handle the gear changes.

Mooneyes-X-Mas-Party-2016-Mike-Garrett-40 copy

But my favorite part is the two-tone bucket seats which have these super-cool gold metal-flake inserts.

Mooneyes-X-Mas-Party-2016-Mike-Garrett-44 copy

Combine all that with a healthy dose of patina and the bumper-less body and you have the recipe for an extremely cool looking and highly unique VW build that was achieved without breaking the bank.

Well done, sir.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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those seats are far from bucket seats!!!


Curlytop Yes, very far.


Cool build, but I'm not a fan of the faux paint distressing.


Ha ha, you guys kill me!
Probably a tidy t3 when it's finished. Not yet though...


Is this car street registered? I see plates. A lot of people seem to complain about how strict California is on cars, but something like this can be registered??? Or am I backwards, and Cali is one of the fair states?


3nigm4 In Cali 1975 and older are smog exempt, so the car is old enough to not be inspected. We only inspect for smog here, safety and light inspection seems to only be for vehicles purchased on a salvage title.


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I can't wait for the "it's got Patina I just pulled it from my back yard", look goes away. This car has obvious fake "patina". It's got rust and "unfinished body work in areas that have no reason to be aged in such a way except for looks. I do find the car to be cool, but not so cool it deserves a 'shout out' and photo spread.

Honestly the best thing about this fastback for me; are the wheels, rear tires and seats.


Thanks for introducing me to a car I'd never seen.  It's a beautiful design.


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Hotwheels should make that into the mainline next year. With them real riders and spectraflame....


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