Tuerck, Powers & Blušs Drift A Soviet Missile Base

When it comes to cool automotive videos, Donut Media has established itself as one of the best creators in the business. And its latest release, Tripped Out: Latvia, is right up there with our favorites.

Featuring Ryan Tuerck driving a supercharged V8-powered BMW E92 M3, Kristaps Blušs behind the wheel of his supercharged V8 BMW E46 M3, and Matt Powers piloting a twin-turbo V8-swapped Nissan 350Z, the three-minute clip mixes multi-car drift action with humor, all set to the amazing backdrop of an abandoned Soviet military compound in Latvia.

Once you’ve checked out the video above – and you’ll definitely want to – you can watch the behind the scenes video here.

The Speedhunters



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That was great, Keep em coming Donut Media!


god i hate drifting. its the car equivalent of hipsters.


Why the hell are you on Speedhunters then? Like 40% of this site's coverage is drifting.


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That was a radar base, not a missile base (and why yes, I am the light of every party :-)


This looks like that place from that Modern Warfare 1 sniper mission


I've no idea what I just watched.

But I liked it.


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Awesome, but damn that's a lot of cuts.

The cinematics and angles of automotive shorts are getting better and better with every edit, but media companies like Donut/Machete/NetworkA need to realize that we need longer cuts. I love the style and energy of the clip, and the drivers' choreography was great, but I can't appreciate any of those things when there's hardly any scenes longer than 0.75s. (Almost) The only scene long enough to appreciate any driver skill was the clip of the Z going into the curve then busting a 360 through the pad - and even that got cut halfway through the spin.

Great production, lots to be praised, but the reason videos like Tuerck's "Offseasons" and the Doonies vids are so good is because there is long, flowing clips that allow us to really see how the car is being thrown. Nevertheless, keep up the great work!


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Smiggins In that case, I say they need more handlebar mustaches and Pabst Blue Ribbon.


That's whats up.


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