An NSX Shouldn’t Be Babied

If you follow the enthusiast car market at all, I’m sure you’ve seen the way high-end Japanese sports cars from the 1990s have recently being shooting up in value. And of that bunch, few cars have garnered more interest than the original Acura/Honda NSX.

Whether it’s a result of nostalgia or renewed interest because of the new NSX, the original models are quickly becoming darlings of the collector car market.

VTEC-Club-Buttonwillow-Mike-Garrett-71 copy

While it’s nice to see the NSX receiving so much positive attention, it also seems like there’s going to be a lot less people modifying and racing them in the future. It means cars like the Marvelous Tune x Nemo’s Garage NSX are becoming part of dying breed, and that’s a bit sad.

VTEC-Club-Buttonwillow-Mike-Garrett-63 copy

This car is owned and driven by Amir Bentatou, a longtime track junkie and one the key guys behind VTEC Club USA. Amir picked up the NSX last year, but rather than locking it away and watching its value rise, he began a journey of hard driving and modifications, the first stage of which you see right here.

VTEC-Club-Buttonwillow-Mike-Garrett-117 copy

At this point the car’s specs are still quite simple. Before going crazy with the mods, Amir’s first plan was to see what he could do with basic bolt-on upgrades.

VTEC-Club-Buttonwillow-Mike-Garrett-73 copy

The C30A V6 engine has been left largely stock, with the exception of bigger injectors, intake, a custom exhaust system and a tune. It may not be a high-powered monster, but the result is buttery smooth and great sounding NA power – like a stock NSX, but better.

VTEC-Club-Buttonwillow-Mike-Garrett-68 copy

When Amir isn’t out racing he can be found designing parts, and that’s where exterior upgrades like the Marvelous Tune front splitter and GT wing come from.

VTEC-Club-Buttonwillow-Mike-Garrett-64 copy

There are some basic suspension upgrades as well, namely Dali Racing sway bars, a Comptech camber kit and a set of Exceed SSD coilovers. And in terms of form meeting function, it doesn’t get much better than his choice of 17 and 18-inch RAYS Volk Racing TE37s.

VTEC-Club-Buttonwillow-Mike-Garrett-65 copy

Inside, you’ll find Bride Zeig III bucket seats, a Cusco roll bar and a Vertex steering wheel just to name a few of the upgrades Amir has made.

VTEC-Club-Buttonwillow-Mike-Garrett-66 copy

In its current state the car looks and sounds great, and it certainly gets a lot of attention whenever Amir drives it out to a VTEC Club event. It’s also damn quick.

VTEC-Club-Buttonwillow-Mike-Garrett-127 copy

But this is just the beginning. Amir has some pretty crazy plans in the works, ones that include a dramatically different exterior and an unconventional turbocharged engine swap.

Needless to say, we’ll be checking in again with Amir and his NSX that isn’t afraid to break the rules.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia

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SUCH a good looking car. I wish we saw more of these around being driven.


Stunning motor.
I cannot remember the last time i saw one on the road in the U.K!


Well done.

I can just see the concours guys wetting the bed all the way through the mattress while plaintively whining, "You've ruined the investment value!"




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Jordan_Butters Driven around? You shortsighted fool!

Don't you know it's the responsibility of the current owners to preserve these cars in as close to their original condition and with as few miles as possible, so that generations of non-enthusiast lawyers and doctors yet unborn will have "low original miles, numbers-matching" works of art to bid 100 billion Future Dollars on at Barrett-Jackson in 2086?


What a bummer, they are common here. Luckily, you get all the euro models I don't get to see.


hmm let me guess k24 turbo. less weight more power.cant wait till i see that. hasport have been wanting to do that for a while.


hey why can't i see the 7th picture in gallery mode? =(


Hahahahha fantastic comment mate, you just made my day :D


Been following this car on ig for while. Awesome car


Sooner or later, aftermarket companies are going to start working their magic on the new NSX. I guarantee it.


Don't change the engine !


Ice Age Probably had high miles, or the exterior wasn't as clean as a show car's. I'd love for an NSX track rat but if I end up buying one with <30k miles on it I'm going to baby that thing.


well bro5


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Looks great,except rear end loks like work in progress wich probably is.  You say basic upgrades on suspension and then you make looong list of upgrades. I tought basic ususpension upgrade is.... I dunno...changing the springs?




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The price rise of NSXs makes me so sad. Its been my dream car since I was 13 or 14 and now I don't know if I'll ever be able to afford one if the prices go up faster than my income!


It's @that911's car on ig and looks clean prior to this


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well done bro!


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