Bringing A Mustang Dream To Life
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I don’t know if it’s just me, but I seem to be seeing new S550 Ford Mustangs almost everywhere I go these days.

I’m not sure if it’s because of how great the car looks or how cheap it is for the base model, but whether I’m sitting in Los Angeles’ infamous traffic or road-tripping up to Yosemite, I just can’t go very far without coming across one.


With a base price that sits about $1400 lower than the Toyota GT86, it really is no wonder they’re so popular.


And because more and more of these are hitting the streets, we’re starting to see more and more owners modifying them.

Owners like Toshi Lu.


Toshi picked up his S550 in the fall of 2014 and wasted no time in starting to make it his own.


The car pays tribute to the passing of his father, and Toshi saved up every penny he earned from working odd jobs here and there to purchase the Mustang brand new. It’s not only his first new car, but also the very first car he’s modified.


Jumping straight into things, the first thing you’re likely to notice about Toshi’s car is its super-low and super-wide profile, the latter achieved through the fitting of modified Grid over-fenders.


The exterior is topped off with Carbon Creations front splitter, side skirts, and carbon rear diffuser extensions, while the front grille and rear diffuser were removed in keeping with Toshi’s vision for the car.


The low stance is achieved via Air Lift Performance‘s 3H management system, which definitely helps when Toshi takes his car to Willow Springs for a track day in the morning and then brings it back to LA for a nighttime car meet.

The wheels of choice are Vertini’s formed-flowed RF1.1s measuring 20×11-inch all around and wrapped in Falken Azenis FK453 tires.


And bringing everything to a stop is a Rolloface SS Series big brake kit with JLT cooling system.


The exterior, while perhaps extreme in some people’s eyes, was exactly what Toshi wanted; we’re sure you’ll agree that the all-black look gives the car a sinister demeanour.


Toshi has also given the interior his own personal touch, with a DCT Motorsports steering wheel and custom shift knob fitted atop a Ford Performance short-throw shifter bringing some extra sports appeal to the controls.


It the seat department you’ll find Braum Venom recliners flanked by 5-point harnesses from the same maker.


There’s definitely no back seat though, the addition of a GS Werks rollcage bringing some extra safety to the chassis during its regular track day appearances.


The engine hasn’t been left untouched, but right now it remain standards Mustang GT 5.0-liter V8 spec with just a few performance bolt-ons added to the mix.

Along with a Corsa cold air intake, Toshi’s car also features a Corsa Xtreme 3-inch cat-back exhaust to improve the soundtrack, and a SCT X4 Performance Programmer.


Having spent countless hours in the garage with his friends bringing the dream to life, the S550 is now everything Toshi hoped it would be.

Next on the list is a supercharger which should really bring the engine to life, but that may just be the start of a whole wave of new upgrades for this Mustang.

Louis Yio
Instagram: lusciousy

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I normally don't like Mustangs at all, but I really do like this one for some reason.


It has overfenders, automatic dislike. I'm joking, I'm just not one for overfenders considering how mainstream they are.


Ivii19 Mitsuru I am fucking sick of people like you posting links to these websites, which are nothing more than a bunch of scams to take people's money. STOP IT.


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nicely done


Nicely done.


This one definitely ticks all the SH 2016 boxes.


Mustangs are proving to be a pretty diverse platform recently. Not how I would of done it but it is pretty cool. It certainly has presence.


The fender gaps make me nauseous.


Your car your dream thanks for sharing I like all the mustangs yours is unique enjoy


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well yes in rich places such as California, you can see the new Mustangs everywhere. i have yet to see ONE


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I dont know, I usually  try not to poop all over someones hard work, but i dont see the claimed "vision" here. All i see is a collection of mismatched parts that do not complement each other. On one hand you have a hardcore cage,planned supercharger, few other performance oriented mods, and than the "other" stuff like the 2 or something inch wheel spacers(cringe), airlift suspension, and what it seems to be bold tires... If its a fun street car, than why tare up the interior and install that crazy cage,i cant see it being a track build either.   Some of my biggest problems with this build, is that wheel/tire combo is way to skinny for those over fender, and the accomplished stance of the car is just "sad" in my opinion.
Although i can see that this is one of the no-crap given approaches that some pride them self's on, this car has lots of fans and heritage behind it that needs to be respected by enthusiast, and its a little short in that department here in my opinion.  
 With that being said, it sure beats my first car, and i do recognize the amount of work and money that has been put in to it. So do not take this opinion of mine as "hate", i respect the owner of this car as fellow car enthusiast , its more like a response to a claim that i don't agree with.


Looks terrible, but on the plus side if it's that low it wont be able to pop a curve into a crowd of pedestrians like every other Mustang.




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Why do people hate and trash on other people's build? It's personalized to his likeing and pays respects to his recently passed father, show some respect. As long as he's happy with it that's all that matters, y'alls opinion is irrelevant.


If peoples opinions dont metter, than why in hell put it on social media. If he built it for him self and dont care for other to see it and voice their opinions, should have said no to the feture here.
If you want the recondnition without any criticism, just go to youre mama, she loves you no metter what. But if you are a MAN and want to put your self and your work out there for poeple to see, be ready for diference of opinions. Especially on anything thats ment to raise eyebrows like this car.


People have their different preferences and opinions, I personally like this build, I think it's beautiful. I just went on a little rant, didn't mean no harm.


RollingGT35R raise eyebrows? A murdered out mustang? wew lad... This is as classic as it can get bar the hydraulics. Its a great looking car.


abezzegh87 Do you live outside of America? Mustangs aren't special cars here unless it's a Shelby or something.


Epic wheel fail. I'd say postpone the supercharger and get some wheels that fit without hilariously large wheel spacers.


JohnKrzeminski Yeah, shut up. This car is owned by a honest, hardworking man who created this as a tribute to his recently passed father. Please leave the site.


RollingGT35R I could not read a single word of this.


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I always like subtle decals, the flat black on gloss black looks great but the bubbles under the hood decal are killing me. But aside from that the car is cool.

Gianluca FairladyZ

this little pony looks pretty badass! Thumbs Up!




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Why tho


Car will look a lot better once he gets some proper fitting wheels. Spacers have to go.


RollingGT35R Taken from the article "the addition of a GS Werks rollcage bringing some extra safety to the chassis during its regular track day appearances".


Great effort, but the problem with black-on-black-on-black cars is that light gets sucked into them, losing all those great details. If he were to change it to a dark green or blue, the light would refract better and highlight all those interesting lines.


JohnKrzeminski Dude please stop with that Mustang crowd jokes ffs DX It's making me annoying


cjmcclure25 If you're referring to the (anodized purple) hub section of the two-piece brake rotors on this car as "hilariously large wheel spacers" then gtfo.

Epic hater fail


Totally bad executed, I the wide body has no flow, black on black is never that good and if the pictures were taken at night it will do the car a bit more justice.


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Love it! except the brakes. They look cheap for some reason.


as cool as the over fenders are there isn't really much of a need for them on these new mustangs. You can fit such massive wheels in the stock arches. I believe the gt350 has 19x11 in front and 19x11.5 in the rear and they don't have to modify anything to make them fit. like I said before they are pretty dang cool looking though




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I love the car, wish i could use it as a background but you guys never upload 1440p images do you???


Mike Garret - I want your stang should look something like this by next sema.


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ugly fenders, this is why you should use 3d software to do these thing. old people continue to do bondo foam or some shit just to end up looking this bad, ruined car.


Zoxsi you can us them as wallpapers


JordanJamesKing no i need 2560 by 1440 quality not 1080 like these are