The Ultimate Shop Truck

For many automotive workshops, the humble shop truck is a beat-up workhouse with a million miles on the clock and a funky smell. They serve a purpose: picking up and dropping off parts and doing the lunch run, and not much else. But sometimes, shop trucks become the focus of wild ideas fueled by lunchroom banter, and when that occurs and those doing the talking are ultra-talented fabricators, bodywork artisans and engineers, amazing things can happen.

That’s definitely the case with this 1966 Chevrolet C10 named ‘Tiffany’, built out of Classic Car Studio in St. Louis, Missouri.


This year’s SEMA Show has turned up some stunning four-wheeled creations, and this build displayed on the Holley/MSD Group booth is right up there with the best of them.

Starting with solid C10 base complete with its factory turquoise paint, the Classic Car Studio Speed Shop team have transformed the pickup with the perfect mix of modern technology and custom fabrication, all without losing any of the truck’s vintage appeal. The bodywork itself is mostly original, an enlarged rear screen being one exception to the rule.


To achieve its ulimate low ride height, major modifcations have been made to the C10’s chassis, and with GM Transport wheels now at all four corners a unique inner fender solution was required. Up front, there’s full custom suspension and these awesome hand-fabricated tubs.


Combined with matching die-dimpled panels at the front and rear of the engine bay, the tubs do a great job of framing the motor within – a small block Chevy good for 750hp. Built around an LS1 block with LS6 heads, the V8 benefits from a pair of Nelson Racing turbochargers running 8psi through TiAL wastegates and a Holley Dominator EFI setup. The exhausts run straight out the side of the fenders, Pro Mod drag style.


Power is transfered through a GM 4L60E transmission, but out the back it’s a Ford 9-inch getting it to the ground. Which is exactly where the bottom of bodywork sits when the AccuAir air ride fully lays the truck out. A Porterbuilt suspension setup features at this end.

Peeking into the bed reveals more custom metalwork, which along with covering the frame provides a neat contrast to the C10’s patina-rich paintwork. Those two fans are for the radiator, which was relocated to the rear to make room for a front-mount intercooler.


Rounding out the build is a custom interior that pleasingly maintains a real sense of originality. Relicate Custom Leather re-trimmed the C10’s bench seat before turning its attention to the door cards and flooring with similar effect. The cabin also features a custom dashboard, Dakota Digital gauges and Vintage Air air-conditioning.


As much as we’re sure Tiffany would have wowed the SEMA audience on her own this year, the Holley/MSD Group really wanted to step things up, and it did so with Mike Finnegan’s ‘Game Over’ jet boat.


If there was ever anything more perfect to tow behind Classic Car Studio Speed Shop’s C10 shop truck, then this 2017 Placecraft running a 711ci Sonny’s Racing Engines V8 with giant twin Precision turbochargers and Holley ancillaries would surely be it.

Brad Lord

Photos by Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia

Additional Photos by Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I doubt any parts would ever be delivered in this, seeing it has no tray. Awesome build though.


This is the problem with SEMA - everyone is so focused on looking nuts that very few people are delivering anything usable for it #becausenotconsumer The truck will tear itself apart with that engine and that boat probably can't carry enough fuel to make it out of the harbor or enough down force to stop it from doing giant back flips on full throttle with that kind of weight in the rear.


Don't know much about the truck build but the boat was built to drag race not just be a show vehicle.


motorness I can 100% guarantee you that this truck has been built to a standard that would allow it to function properly without tearing itself apart. It running a stock chassis is completely out of the question, Dino even mentions in the article that its running custom suspension in the front and a Porterbuilt rear setup.


That boat paint, damn... look at that flake.  Too bad you don't see many cars with it.


motorness Finnegan has built and driven a lot of drag boats over the years, he knows what he is doing.


motorness To be fair to Mike, the boat wasn't built for SEMA, just happened to end up there...


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Its a turbo orgy!!!!! Amazing!


motorness You don't know Finnegan...


I can't stop staring at the interior....this is the way I'm going to go with my next truck. Rusty on the outside but leather lined on the inside.


Scotty D did a cool video feature on this truck. I always dig his content. "See Ya!"


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Now that's some fab-work there boys & girls....nice.


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Need more info on that boat!


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Leroy P Search for Finnegan's Garage on Youtube, he has a few videos on building the headers and "exhaust" for the twin turbo setup, fun watch.


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about having the outright fastest car in the field. For some it’ s about
building and finding the limits of a car they connect with.


The real
battle for people like Paul isn’t with the the rest of the field. It’s more
intrinsic; their battle is the fight within themselves, and the machine they’ve
chosen to build as an extension of themselves.


The real
battle for people like Paul isn’t with the the re st of the field. It’s more
intrinsic; their battle is the fight within themselves, and the machine they’ve
chosen to build as an extension of themselves.


Magic happens when the desire to build and refine something
  unique is
stronger than the desire for outright victory in just another well-proven
chassis. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad for Paul’s philosophy and also
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I wonder what the top speed of this car is? but man it is so nice I would buy it on the spot!!!!!!!!!!!!! why is everyone pining over the fucking boat?