Setting The Honda Standard

If you’ve had anything to do with the SoCal Honda scene over the past decade, then you’ll surely be familiar with the name ‘Big Mike’ and his fourth-gen 1992 Honda Prelude.

Now in its third and ultimate evolution, the BB4 stood out at SEMA for all the right reasons, and Mike drove away with not only a Top 10 placing (out of around 260 entrants) in the show’s prestigious ‘Battle of the Builders’ competition, but received a ‘Young Gun’ award in the process.


There’s so much more to this car than we could ever hope to squeeze into a spotlight, but we couldn’t leave Las Vegas without taking at least a quick look at the unique custom Honda, starting with the Audi Nardo Gray-finished and Martini stripes-inspired body work.

In many ways, it’s what you probably wouldn’t notice that makes the exterior so good. Big Mike hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the way the Prelude looks, but rather he’s tweaked things where required to satisfy the desired aesthetic, and importantly, maintain full functionality. For instance, the front bumper is based around the OEM Honda item, but builds on the design of its seamlessly integrated JUN lip spoiler.


Then there’s the fenders, which from the front appear to be original Prelude fare. As you can see, they’re definitely not though. To achieve the look, they were initially formed by clay-modeling, and in their finished FRP guise are 35mm wider than stock on each side. There was a reason for the widening too, and that comes in the form of RAYS Volk Racing CE28Ns in a 17×9-inch fitment and their accompanying Falken 275-section tires.


Putting the power down to the ground shouldn’t be too much of an issue given the width of the Azenis RT615Ks, and Big Mike is planning to take full advantage of that fact through the boosted F20B powerplant up front. In its previous guise, the Prelude ran a naturally aspirated F20B engine with Kinsler individual throttle bodies, but this time around there’s a Garrett GTX2863R dual ball-bearing turbo to force feed the 2.0-liter four-cylinder setup.


As you’d expect with a build that won the praises of SEMA’s judges, the attention to detail in the bay is amazing, the custom fabrication and overall presentation being a real talking point. But it’s definitely not all for looks, and tuned through an AEM Infinity engine management system the motor’s making a respectable 380hp.


Inside, Big Mike knew exactly what he wanted to achieve with the Prelude’s unique wraparound cockpit, and the result is a combination of racing and luxury, plus some personal touches. Notable additions include a 6-point weld-in roll cage, a custom dash with AiM digital display, and Sparco seats trimmed in suede and leather to match the rest of the space.


Given that the Prelude was pieced together at Rywire, you’d be correct in thinking that its electrical fitout is first class. You might have already noticed the lack of wiring in the engine bay, but really that’s just the start of it. The Rywire Big Mike Edition Powerbox in the passenger-side footwell is another one of the solutions.

Although the area behind the front seats has been stripped bare, the custom pressed panels and finishing is all to the same high standard. Here, a feature has also been made of the Nuke Performance-based fuel system.


Combined with other modifications that include a prototype coilover package, Wilwood 6-piston front and 4-piston rear brakes, and a Wavetrac limited slip differential running a Gear-X 4.64 final drive, the Prelude is ready to be driven hard, which is exactly what Big Mike intends to do with it. That’s always been part of the plan too, and Global Time Attack’s Limited class is where it’ll likely end up.

For now though, everyone involved in this rebuild will no doubt be enjoying a well-earned rest after a couple of intense weeks leading up to the Prelude’s Vegas reveal, but for this labor of love to have been put up on a pedestal alongside some of SEMA’s greatest builders (think, the Ring Brothers and Roadster Shop) it was surely all worth it.

Brad Lord

Photos by Arslan Golic
Instagram: arslangolic



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As much as I don't like Hondas, especially FWD Hondas, I find myself gravitating towards this. What an epic build!



Thank you very much. Check out other stuff I'm working on at IG: @thebigmike if you are so inclined


It's really unfortunate, I wish there were more incredible builds like this and Rywires Integra. This is the kind of work that elevates Honda from bro slang talking half assed engine swappers. I know that's not all Honda owners and modifiers but man for every one of these there must be a dozen or so of the latter.

Props, Big Mike


Thank you! It is my entire goal in life to break down the stereotypes that exist about Honda and import enthusiasts in general. I appreciate the love and kind words.


Followed this build via The Chronicles/Stickydiljoe, and just watching the passion that the people have who are responsible for putting this vehicle together is just so fantastic.
If you all are curious about some of the work that went into this car, check out Stickydiljoedotcom on YouTube to see behind the scenes of this build.
It's amazing (to me personally) to see a Honda make it to the top 10 of the Battle of the Builders..really speaks to how well done this car is.


Thank you very much. I appreciate that you appreciate how well the car was done. I put a lot of me in to it.


I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss the stereotypical Honda modders that you described. They're typically working class kids working with budgets less than what some of us spend on wheels and tires alone, and though crude and far from what many consider to be "clean" or "classy", their Craigslist and eBay modded B swapped EGs are quick, fun, and cheap. Isn't that what hot rodding was about in the first place?


That is quite true!


I wish there was a better shot of that front bumper/lip integration. This car is full of amazingly executed custom bodywork. I think the guy in the Ford Racing shirt stopping to look at this build in the top photo is a fun symbol about how excellent craftsmanship can bridge all automotive genres and subcultures. Top notch build.


There are on my IG. Check it out @thebigmike if you are so inclined. Thank you!


NYporkdept I have seen both sides of the coin and will always appreciate good work whether it is from a college kid or a pro with every tool in the shop. Also I will never ever look down on an engine swapped civic from a performance aspect because they really do punch above their weight class.

It's probably a regional thing but there are few truly awesome Honda's in my area and man, the rest are sad.


Finally, a Prelude!
Sadly these are neglected but it's a nice coupe actually. Too bad it wasnt RWD.


This is too cool, that interior is fantastic.


Thank you!


Amazing !!




Damn!!! I love it ! Happy to see a Prelude on Speedhunters.


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Thank you for the photos and write up. I appreciate it greatly.


Thank you so much for noticing. You can check my IG @thebigmike for some detailed shots. And yes, I agree that the guy in the Ford shirt shot is a fun symbol and my car being called a bridge is exactly what I hoped for. Thank you.


Congrats Mike, you deserve it!


I like the paint quite a bit, fits the shape and lines of the car nicely. Also, interesting choice with the F20B, most guys would do the ubiquitous H22, so it's cool to see something different.


Thank you!


this really makes me miss my bb4 h22a...


om nom nom


How many innocent alcantras had to die for that interior?


I couldn't be more proud of someone I've always looked up too! Kudos Big Mike!!!


The Big Mike Nice meeting you Mike!


Thank you!


They weren't innocent. But like 37


Thank you


Thanks, Cody.


Thank you


It's amazing to me too! Haha


My goal is to inspire others to build theirs to this caliber to help break down the stereotype


That last sentence... Was the goal :)


Thank you!


Great meeting you too! Let's keep in touch.


The Big Mike Goal achieved sir. Well done!




Thank you!


I'm a Prelude guy at heart, and Big Mike's car has always been an inspiration to the entire scene. I couldn't be happier to see how well it's been received by the world, and recognized for it. I've also had the fortune to speak with Mike a number of occasions (Starting with the Speedhunters car meet at the media offices in LA) and I'll straight up tell you he is a wonderful person to talk to. An inspiration all around, and he's never EVER cut corners on his build.
Mike, I salute you. You finally are getting the props you deserve, and your newest build......UUUUUUNGGGGGGGGHH! So good. The livery is freaking perfection, and straight outta left field. My hat is off to you, you really did it. You blew everyone away :)


I appreciate you and these words very much.


I have Accord CG4 with Lude at it`s hearth. I`ve go H22A in it..
Love ludes, but they seem a bit small. So Accord Coupe feels best compromise. Of course theyre on the heavy side, but still nice.


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The Big Mike What's the connection between martini and hondas ?


CharlesSangollo The Big Mike Pretty sure there isn't one. It's simply an iconic livery. People put the Martini and Gulf colorways on anything these days. Personally, I think it's a cool touch and was incorporated very well.

It's funny, I recently got back onto the PreludePower forums for my Accord H project and the other day it dawned on me that I hadn't heard about Mike and his Prelude since it was last featured in Honda Tuning. Jumped over to Google and was shocked to see it not only just made a return, but is one of the SEMA top ten. Hat's off, Mike. I love the work, the attention to detail, and your taste! I love that you've kept one of my favorite Honda chassis around and kept evolving it.


Jesus Big Mike! 
I fondly remember your car when it wore that mint green exterior, and the impossible awesome array of aftermarket gauges!
I read about it in an importet Banzai Magazine issue.
Really a massive transformation!
I love the meaty look of the 17" honestly that looks way more argessive than riddiculously huge rinms and impossile slim rubber contact patches.
Mad respect for that awesome car!


Nickgenerazio32 How have you been following the build through The Chronicles? Has there been exclusive info in one of Joey's social media outlets? I'm not on Facebook or any of that, but I've been following his main site for years and never saw this coming.


I have so much respect and admiration for Mike as a builder, but more importantly he's a good person too, he deserves every bit of recognition and more for this build. Not a lot of people will work as hard and persevere through such a huge undertaking and meanwhile never compromising their goal and values to achieve it.
Kudos to all who contributed. Well done on another stellar build, Mike.


Onecton 17's are perfect for 4th and 5th gen Preludes. Not too small, not donk, fits great with a little meat on 'em.


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us don’t encounter in person very often.
Did I mention I really like this car? You will too by the end of this piece.


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Long live the Lude.


ChrisKutcher Ludes being small....? One of the main reason why the Prelude couldn't be great as the DC2 is the curb weight....I still love em, but still....


This car has changed so much over the past couple decades, the Honda scene has evolved dramatically. Amazing transformation, also congrats to Mike for getting the SEMA judges praises!


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I guess deep down I'm still a 90's Honda lover.  It never goes away....

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Andy always comes up with some crazy shots, must be the beard! =P
             see more detail


turbo F20B??   weird choice...why not K or B series?? anyway awesome build!!!


D1RGE Thank you very much for the kind words. I appreciate them very much.


Onecton Thank you very much! Yea, that Banzai magazine feature was epic. Thanks for the love!


KerryannDelaboost Thank you, old friend.


Rotormotor Thank you very much


honda7962 Yes, turbo F20B. I don't want a K in this car, and there is no logic in putting in a B series in the Prelude chassis. Thanks for the kind words.


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VWayyyyyyyy ChrisKutcher They're small :) They can be a lil dense, but Honda put many features in even the base Prelude that the other Honda models only got in luxury trim. The torque in the H more than makes up for it imo :)


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Amazing build!  Can't think off a single 4th gen owner who wouldn't be drooling on their keyboards... Great job The Big Mike


ChadDugan The Big Mike Thank you very much