A SEMA Skyline Without A Wide-Body Kit?

As someone who loves Skylines, every model spotted at SEMA became a natural stopping point. It was interesting to see how different builders and companies approached the iconic Nissan model.

Because the latest generation GT-R is sold new in the US, it was, without doubt, the most well represented of the generations (even though it’s technically not a Skyline). Wide-body kits from the likes of Rocket Bunny, Ben Sopra and Liberty Walk were more common than the number of aftermarket LED lamps mounted on trucks at SEMA, which combined would probably be enough to create a light beam to Mars. It should come as no surprise then, that this imported ’89 R32 sedan in the GReddy Performance Products booth held my attention for more than a few minutes.


Built out of GReddy Racing in Irvine, California, by its owner Ben Schwartz, the Skyline began life in Japan as a humble GTE variant with a naturally aspirated RB20DE engine under the hood. These days, however, it’s packing RB26DETT power from a GT-R, complete with the full host of GReddy upgrade parts including a Type 29 F-Spec intercooler, intake plenum and an SPL 90mm Supreme SP exhaust. There’s also a rather large single Garrett GTX3582R turbocharger. Unlike a GT-R though, it remains rear-wheel drive, an RB25 5-speed gearbox and OS Giken TR twin-plate clutch heading up the driveline.


What’s really appealing to me about this build is its clean and subtle exterior look, which was a breath of fresh air in the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. There’s no huge kit, no oversized wing and no showy paint. Instead, you’ll find things like a Nismo GT-R front bumper and GT-R grille, carbon fiber lip and a roof spoiler, and straight white paint. To pull the look together, 18-inch Advan RG-D2 wheels sit flush with the body.

To complement the Skyline’s extra power output, KW Variant 3 coilovers (and a KW HLS lift system) feature, as does a Brembo 6-pot Gran Turismo big brake package and a Wisefab S15 rear suspension kit.


Interior follows the no-fuss ethos; a GReddy Profec electronic boost controller together with a Racepack IQ3 dash provides the driver with all the necessary information. There’s no rollcage, nor any bare metal to be found inside, instead, the full interior allows friends to come along for the ride in relative comfort.


It was refreshing to see such a clean and tastily modified car at SEMA, and considering how many people were stopping for a look as I shot this spotlight, it seems like others did too.

After a few years of wide-body kits dominating this event, I believe, or at least hope, to see more builds like this R32 in the future. If there was ever proof that a car doesn’t need extra wdith to be cool, this is it.

Arslan Golic
Instagram: arslangolic



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beautifully done, not widebody-ed or cambered or big ass winged (thats now a word)  to it. let the car speak for itself.
the only thing i would want to change on this car is the registration so it has my name on it.

R32 sedans look so natural and unforced compared to other sedans that are based off coupes.


Now this is the type of build that I love the most.. Something that's not overly done, and has a sort of authenticity to it; and looks like something that the average hard working person could own.
I think we see so much of the kind of cars that are built with a blank check so to speak, and that look so over the top, that it's surprising when we see something like this Skyline that is so simple in comparison.
Now I'll admit that I love Abo Moon and their R32's with the chunky BN Sports kit, insane ride height, and trademark blue paint job, but its so refreshing to see such a simply built R32.


It is a god damned shame we never got these cars :(


Difflocked_Mees Agreed! It's refreshing to see a clean car without all of the status quo widebody and stanced crap.


Nickgenerazio32  Less is more sometimes! :)


If you want something clean though don't slap an ugly vinyl wrap on it. Don't get me wrong. I love r32s but they look better without all the vinyl.


Although personally I can't stand the Racepak dash's... especially since this car seems so streetable :P


Why? It's not like Racepaks belong only in track cars. I'm personally saving pennies for a Racepak for my street car, it looks way better and allows for a much cleaner interior than the smorgasborg of gauges I have. It could also allow me to monitor vital stats easier and would attract less attention from the fuzz than an a-pillar full of Auto-Meters.


CultusRamirez i23sonny They're quite practical no doubt. When I see them I think gt500 cars or the like where its pretty much the only interior piece they have besides the seat.
But on a street car stacked in-front of the OEM dash on the steering column seems 'cheesy' lol. To me anyway, maybe I'm a minority here.
I understand it can work for some people though, overkill or not.


sfdckob Really? A fake link?


jew666420 Quality comment right here.


It's builds like this that peak my interest. Very streetable vehicle that is aggresive enough to catch eyes, but isn't wearing much that scream for attention. It even has the perfromance to match it's sublte style. In regards to Skylines, we can't neglect the V35, V36, and now V37 because they are more true to Skyline heritage than what the GTR has become on it's own. I'd suggest keeping a look out on the Q50/Q60s especially with the implement of the VR30dett which technically makes them a succesor to the GTS/GTST models!


arslangolic Nickgenerazio32 I dig this car as well, it has a sort of JDM innocence about it that is lost in translation with the over-fender and high-wing crowd.


I'm totally diggin this car. Is this a demo car of sorts, or the owner's personal ride? I kinda like the notion that a large company chooses to showcase a customer's vehicle.


arslangolic Nickgenerazio32 I'd say less is more a lot of the time lol. Even the striping isn't overdone. Seems like  a real fun car to be around/drive in.


oh the wide body kit - it's gone the way of the tattoo - when everybody has one - it's the ones without that get your attention


Difflocked_Mees lol remember the chevy cobalt 4door.... dreadful looking.


wouldve been cool with a gracer kit retrofit to the 4 door.


JDMLife  I agree with you for the most part but have you seen the hks car? damn that thing looks good


The R34 in Dinos article wasn't wide either... GTE comes with a RB20E btw, not DE


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Colby O JDMLife ya okay   that ones not bad.   some look alright if you find the right colours.


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Pwain dudes on the East Coast are getting bnr32 sedans sideways along with come laruels. I wish we had these loop holes to get cars like that in California :( 



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I don't like purists. I hate the idea - trying to feel good about your own sense of taste/style, through simple restraint (i.e. Doing nothing).. Pathetic.


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Minor correction - the GTE came out with the single cam version for the RB20DE, the RB20E, I know this because I have one. This is a true inspiration, and like others say, a realistic role model