No Stock Ferraris Allowed: LBW’s F430
The Tried & Tested Approach

Grab your children and run! Run and hide, because Kato-san and Liberty Walk is out to get you. Well, all your Ferraris at least.

It was always in the works; call it a progression, starting off with the most unthinkable base for the LBW wide-body conversion with the 458 Italia, and then giving the same attention to the older and more accessible versions of the V8 supercar lineage from Maranello. The statement was made and the world took notice, so now it’s the turn of the F360 and F430.


During a recent visit to Liberty Walk, one of my main objectives was to spend some time with Kato-san’s freshly completed F430 demonstrator.

When you build cars for the sole purpose of turning heads, there is nothing you hold back on. Look at this F430 and you might come to the conclusion that it’s just the same old recipe applied to a different car, and in essence, it is. I’m not going to sit here and attempt to convince you that it’s not; what I am going to do is try to justify its existence.


I mean, just because a style has been done and repeated countless times doesn’t mean it should be totally abandoned, right? Why must we always expect to be shown the next big thing? I’ve thought long and hard about this myself, year upon year as more and more over-fender kits from Rocket Bunny, LBW and every other aero manufacturer that Miura-san has collaborated with makes it to market, and I struggle not to repeat myself when writing about them.


But it comes down to the simple fact that all these shops and brands have found an identity. People seem to still crave it, so who are the shops to say ‘no, screw this, we are going to stop here as we’ve done it for too long’. These are companies built on the sole premise of standing out. There are tuners known for creating the best engines with specific character, much in the same way outfits like LBW inject their own style into builds. While it might not be liked by all, it’s certainly craved enough to warrant its existence.


And so I found myself in front of this 430 soaking it all in. The purist Italian in me hated it for having been chopped up, dropped on air and its true calling in life ruined just to make it look menacing. The other half of me looked at it and couldn’t stop grinning. This is such an unorthodox way of personalizing a sacred icon in the sports car world, and at the same time pissing off those pedantic purists and anoraks that go through life spouting pointless, self-imposed rules about what is okay and what isn’t when it comes to altering a car like this.

Over-fender Everything

I love cars that split opinions, and this my friends does just that. Who gives a shit if it won’t pass Ferrari’s guidelines as a well-kept factory-correct example, because it looks badass out on the street and it gets you noticed. When aired out, the 3SDM wheels tuck nicely into the extended flares to emphasise the whole in-your-face look.


The stock Brembo carbon ceramic brakes haven’t been touched, but the face of each caliper has been machined for a brushed metal look and then repainted with the applicable Ferrari branding added. Little touches of personalisation like this are becoming common in the world of high-end modified exotics.

If there’s one reason why these kits look good no matter what car they are applied to, I’d have to say it’s because they concentrate on emphasising specific and important areas of a car’s shape, most obviously the fenders. Things like the side skirts are often left as is, or simply highlighted with an under-skirt section, as has been done here.


Your eyes automatically then fall on the big radius flares that are screwed onto the stock metal body.


Step back, and as a whole it just makes total sense. You can totally understand why someone would want to be seen behind the wheel of a car like this. You sit there and look, while probably thinking, ‘damn, I’d rock this too if I had enough money’. Am I right?

While the kit is available with a big GT wing, the almost vertical ducktail just completes the looks so damn well and doesn’t pretend to actually provide any real downforce.


Seen from the back, the whole ensemble combines to give you the automotive version of a big, fat middle finger.


And seeing that Kato-san’s style draws direct inspiration from the yankee and bosozoku movements, when a car is laid out and looking its best, it’s never really completed until it has the appropriate soundtrack.


Lift the rear glass gate that covers the 4.3-liter naturally aspirated V8 and you won’t find much in the way of actual tuning. But let’s be honest, the 430 doesn’t really need a boost in power, it’s a superbly balanced car with enough grunt for anyone.

What it does need, like every single other exotic out there, is a rethink in the sound department.


Taking care of that is the Fi Exhaust valved system, a stainless steel cat-back muffler that makes the already sonorous flat-plane crank V8 really wail.

A Few Touches For Maximum Effect

It’s a must-have touch to a project of this nature, and it gives the whole build a far more appealing character.


Realistically, there isn’t much that needs to be done to the interior of a modern Ferrari. Provided it’s been specced up decently from factory – an exercise that can cost you as much as buying a Japanese sports car – you are usually looking at leather covered everything and carbon trim to finish things off.

That’s why this 430 has been left as is, still boasting its comfortable yet supportive leather seats joined by a JDM single-DIN, flip-out navigation/audio system and the wired controller for the air suspension setup.


The dark metallic gray makes it look subtle even. Okay, not really, but it’s definitely less in-your-face and far more elegant than say a bright red or yellow hue.


So there you have it, another LBW project employing the tried and tested approach of cutting fenders, bolting on flares and dropping the chassis to the ground.


Do we like it? Yes we do. Are we tired of it all? Not really. Would we do it to our own cars? Well that’s another question altogether…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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And....let the hate commence!


Asymmetric wheel finishes? Interesting..
I can't wait for the LBW 250 GTO though. That would really be something!




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Sick ride!


Personally, I couldn't care less if this thing pisses purists off. In my eyes, if you're a purist, you're just distancing yourself from a world of endless possibilities.

Go ahead and hate away, purists. Kato-san doesn't give a shit.


I have no strong feelings or opinions about this whatsoever.  Potato.


Wow, I never really thought the 430 was a great-looking car until now. 

Pretty standard supercar shape, rear-engine layout - sort of by-the numbers. But this kit, especially the spoiler, really brings it to life. Plus, the wheels have a nice amount of dish to them, and the cutout for the Ferrari badge is a nice touch.

However, I simply don't get slamming a car. Seriously, will someone please tell me what's so appealing about the Broken Suspension Look.

This car looks perfect at stock ride height - if they straightened the wheels to a proper near-vertical, of course.


What audio head unit is that? I see it's Pioneer Carrozzeria, but what exact model?


Please tell me that asymmetrical wheels r/l aren't becoming a thing. It just looks sloppy and weird. Everything else is cool though.


andy_B "Asymmetric wheel finishes" -  Thanks for pointing that out!  Allows different looks to be shown for the kit.  Smart marketing!  Got me thinking...


TPLC2 I see that all the time in show coverage over at The Chronicles, and I agree. Call it indecision, quirky styling, more money than taste, whatever, it's not a good look.

I love the paint on this car. But while it's awesome that people are putting so much custom work into high-end cars these days, I'm really over this RB/LW/6666 style.




All is fine but, please stop cars with camber, I just do not understand or see any point in this. Therefore this car is destroyed,


While id never do this to my own car im glad cars like this exist just to show us a different way to do it.


What is Ferrari's policy on owners of their cars that do this to them? Are they blacklisted from buying any Ferraris (new from dealers) in the future?


TPLC2 That "style" has been around for years. I think the first time I saw it done was on a Honda back in the mid-late 00s.


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I'm down with the asymmetrical wheels. At no point in time can you see different wheels, and it allows someone to show different looks on a car without having to switch. For a demo car, all day err'day.


I've got a love for this. While many would grow it as blasphemy I truly love it for its sheer audacity. Automotive middle fingers are what I love because I feel there is way to many judgemental people and way to many haters in today's society. Especially in the automotive side of things. I say **** them and do what you wanna do, no matter how redonkulous it may be. Be like Japan and keep the love flowing..


There's just something wrong with the proportions of these overfenders, like the front are a bit too small and the rear too large? I'm not sure...


funny stuff


Other  than a little too much camber and stretch a really nice looking car. Always enjoy Ferraris that are not red. Now let's get really crazy and paint the wheels lime green.


Nickgenerazio32 It's not hate, it's just opinions :)


andy_B It's a show car thing...keeps wheel sponsors happy


nightrift97 Well put!


Ice Age It's slammed when it's aired out, when it's set to driving height the wheels camber back up to "normal"


TPLC2 It's a show car thing


gzylo Negative camber occurs when you air out the suspension for the stat, parked look. Once you raise it up to driving height the wheels get straighter


JH4DC321 Probably, Ferrari is good at blacklisting


FrankensteinConnelly :)


Sorry not sold. 
Lose the air ride and that stretched tire thing and we can talk.


Chri5 Duncan Totally agree. This camber just makes the car ugly. These overfenders are pretty nice though, add some huge wing, lighten it, give it more power, use wider tires and boom! You just got an awesome Ferrari to race with on the weekend.


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Get it?? That type of car isn't supposed to be all 'douched out' but it is!! Amazing!!


Disclaimer: For the people that regard anyone that doesn't agree with your opinion as a "hater"... then by default you yourself are a "hater" for disagreeing with my opinion. Also, no one HAS to like all forms of modification. No one HAS to like your taste. No one HAS to agree with you. If someone doesn't like something that you do, grow up and get over it. Ask your parents to teach you how to deal with conflicting opinions like an adult.

Now with that out the way, I admire the work and craftsmanship of the cars that leave LW. It's obvious they put a ton of work into detail etc but, I always cringe at the thought that another high performance car has been "stanced" and tire stretched.



370 Hemi dear safe space, they destroyed a Ferrari for attention, and surprise! most of it is negative.

Drilling holes in a Ferrari and bolting random fiberglass crap to it is not workmanship and does not match the cars inherent quality.

Why anyone would put air suspension and paint a ferrari the color of dirty concrete, who knows - rice has been around since the 80's and the people doing it continue to make money off selling 6 seconds of attention to fools with money, some of them wealthy and bored.

Why speedhunters is posting rice is to capitalize on that 6 seconds too, but why they can't just put pictures and facts and not apologize for a car or make excuses, thats the real issue.


motorness I agree. LW seems to be capitalizing on a niche group of people that want their performance cars turned into over-the-top Uncle Ben's rice.


I absolutely love over fenders. However, this is another example of how I'm not a fan of LBW. I'd be interesting to see this tracked, as the 430 and 360 are ferraris you actually see being driven


nightrift97 But, 'purist' just seems to have become term of derision here, though. And – as other posters have pointed out – disagreement is not 'hate'. It's one of things that makes me visit the SH site much less often than I used to: I'm sick of the "purists can go suck it! Haterz! LOL" stuff that sometimes gets thrown about. This is a site that showcases a diversity of cars. Why is it that I get the feeling – perhaps incorrectly – that a diversity of opinion is becoming less and less welcome (especially BTL).

If someone went ahead and put TE37Vs (a fantastic looking wheel, I grant you) on and bags – for example – a 250GTO, I suspect that a huge number of car enthusiasts (purist or otherwise) would be rightly appalled. This purist/not purist dichotomy is just nonsense. If someone did that to a 250, I'd be in the appalled camp. Then again, there was a heavily modified Karmann Ghia (a delightful car in its own right) on here recently that just looked great, ground scraping height and all. Maybe for a 'purist', there's a "world of possibilities" in the attention to detail and precision involved making a classic car as close to original as possible (or perhaps modifying with an eye to period correctness).

Anyhow, your mileage may vary, not 'hating', each to their own, etc.


JH4DC321 This isn't their first LBW Ferrari. If Ferrari were going to blacklist them, I would think it would have happened already. Not that it matters when you only purchase their cars 2nd hand.


motorness 370 Hemi So good craftsmanship done in a style you dont like therefore dictates it as not being quality workmanship? Thats a very close-minded way to look at things

Im all for calling out the shops that put out piss poor kits with terrible shut lines, misaligned bodylines, gaps between fitment to oem panels, however whether this is my style or not, their kits fit DAMN good, everything lines up nicely and the overall fit is superb.

Also show me where Speedhunters has outlined "ok this is what we are going to cover, whats currently trending be damned." You do know Speedhunters is a media outlet correct? To gain more readers they ave opened their audience so as to keep suriving, just be glad the quality of writing and photography hasnt gone down given this wider scope of coverage you "hate".


Welcome to modern day maxpower...


contestedground Couldn't agree more! This whole childish argument of, "if you dare not like what I like and voice your non-approval" attempt at trying to shame the voice of disagreement is a huge turn off. I miss being able to disagree or voice an opinion of difference with other adults that can respect a different opinion.


Rumor has it the owner of the LB Ferrari in Toronto had a tough time getting one after Ferrari got wind he had the kit. Dealers were barred from selling to him so he had to buy private sale


Money doesn't buy taste. But I at least thought that with enough of it you could get the alignment right. Camber like that just screams, "I have no idea what I'm doing"


motorness 370 Hemi As someone who doesn't give a s**t about super cars, I really couldn't care less if a ferrari/lambo/porshe is 'destroyed' by a company like Liberty Walk. I think it's awesome.


speedhunters_dino gzylo It's amazing how many people don't realize this.


I like this one, it seems that silver or grey with black wheels are like a signature color scheme for LW, but drop the negative camber and give it some ground clearance though. 

It has an aggresive GT look minus the spoiler. I like it. :)


kphillips9936 A lot of customers don't add air. Mind you they tend to ride higher and at times the car looks weird because of it


Makini90 It's a demo car. It's meant to look ridiculously extreme. Customers usually tend to opt for a more road friendly stance. Plus keep in mind the car is lifted quite a bit when it drivers around. I guess that's the beauty of air suspension for these sort of cars, it can be functional and at the same time piss people off at the press of a button hahaha


Mook Genius Yeah tell that to all the high-end luxury manufacturers who seem to be the best at taking full advantage of your first statement ;) As for your camber comment, when the suspension is risen up to drive the car, it cambers positively back. They aired out the suspension for the shoot which is the beauty of air suspension I guess. I should really make disclaimers when posting stories like this *be warned, car is aired out especially for the pictures hahaha


MorganBagert The world evolves...


189021 You really think people who do this to their Ferraris track them?


motorness 370 Hemi Who's making excuses for it? I'm just explaining the obvious ideology that LB works with. If you don't like it you are always more than welcome to look away which is what they always say.


CodyRinaudo motorness 370 Hemi We cover everything we possibly can. It's down to you guys to interpret it all as you will. Just don't forget to enjoy it :)


370 Hemi JH4DC321  >Not that it matters when you only purchase their cars 2nd hand.
That's my point. I'm wondering if these owners would be banned from buying any new F-cars as they come out and/or if they're banned from buying any special Ferrari's (La Ferrari, limited editions, etc.)


Still waiting if Kato-san would do a bugatti veyron...


Love that camber life though. This checks all the right boxes for being different! I appreciate this car for exactly what is. The adjustability air is so appealing, business on the street and party in the parking lot!


SmithG23 Thank you. Somebody that get's the car is on air and therefore neg. camber varies with ride height :)


WeissaAdhiprasetya He would go for it obviously. Just needs a donor car...


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Damn Dino, how many times do you have to repeat yourself...


That looks so mean :o  That paint and black wheels,and little detail like yellow nuts and ferrari badge....perfection. I like to see modified thing that makes poor purists puke.  I would like to see car with this kit but made for a track.


I love the way the kit enhances the original lines of the car, it just looks wicked! The little duck tail spoiler suits it so much better than having a big wing on the back, again, it compliments the lines.

I could stare at an LBW car all day, they photograph so well. Air suspension ftw, slam it for the photos, rise and drive for the journey home!

Thanks again Dino ;-)


TurboHippie My pleasure. Might have another LBW car coming soon ;)


I didnt know that someone can make $7043

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I'm not going to knock LBW, but I don't think the execution of this kit is very good. The back, in particular, really looks terrible. Also, seeing the same styles of wheel over and over doesn't exactly help keep this style fresh. A little too predictable and one-dimensional for my tastes.

But different strokes and all that.


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Frisky_Dingo You know, I agree with you on the wheels. They should try to mix it up a little rather than always stick to the same 2-3 brands. I'd love to see this on some TE37s for example, or BBS RIDs


Can we please stop trying to justify these builds in the article and just enjoy them for what they are? If it isn't your taste, click on something that is.
Everytime one of these sorts of builds is featured we get a long winded explanation of why we have to keep an open mind etc, that recent Mclaren article was particularly cringe worthy and covered almost nothing on the car (this one is a lot better, for the record).
People who don't like it aren't about to change their mind and that's fine, they're entitled to their opinion.
Keep up the good work Dino, I really appreciate the stuff you post, it's always interesting even if it isn't always my taste I just want to hear more about the builds and less about what other people think of it.


I remember seeing a dark grey LBW F430 with similar negative camber at SEMA (I'm thinking it's the same one?). I found it awesome to see a modern Ferrari modified with that much camber :)


My Uncle Grayson recently got a stunning metallic Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Sedan

by ..........................


It's so good, it's like a 3D render... I had to check several times, if it's CGi or real.


bakayaru haha, well that's how the development of these kits start, a full 3D scan and then over to modelling software and then renders to see what it all looks like


jrho Yes, same car. I shot it before it was shipped off :)


Joe Fakename I find it interesting how the Ferraris and Lambos seem to be more digestible than the McLaren. Wonder why? Thanks anyway, I'll always try to cover as much as I can from the JDM scene, it's down to you guys to judge it and decide to comment on it or not


I get the outrageous style and I like it. However, I'm storely disappointed, borderline disgusted, that the body has been severely widened, yet the wheel/tire size is barely latger than stock on he front and SMALLER on the rear. Wtf?


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Stanced Ferrari = #wastedmachinery


Kinda bummed the posted photos favor only the passenger side wheels. I'd like to see the the contrast between the wheels styles on this.


They lose me everytime with that air suspension crap. People want the slammed look but they don't want to work for it. Sad. Body kit looks cool, just wish these things followed up on their race car pretensions by actually being race cars.


oh_snap_boy Kato has a 458 Challenge on air suspension. Is that no longer a race car?


oh_snap_boy woa woa woa wait. "Performance air suspension" do exist though.


Grey one? I think I saw the red one with more factory-esque wheels earlier on Instagram.


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I actually liked the Mclaren, I just didn't enjoy the spotlight on it since it said next to nothing about the car.
Your coverage is by far my favourite part of this site and I appreciate that you take the time to reply to comments. Cheers!


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Yeah the 'superbly balanced', well-engineered supercar riding on 2 inches of rubber per tire.... Im sure all that power makes it to the ground and all that braking power works to stop it.
I like the style of the body... but there's a point where the tilty wheels get stupid. A supercar is one of those.


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I'm stunned that any body can get paid $8640

                                   in 4 weeks ................


The wheels are only fully tilted or cambered when it's bagged and not driving


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praveen polishetty
bolting on flares and dropping the chassis to the ground.