Elegance Plus Utility In An Old Chevy

It’s simply impossible to discuss the SEMA Show without talking pickup trucks. They are a huge part of the event, and every year their presence seems to get larger.

While I’m no fan of the lifted, chrome-laden ‘bro’ rigs that are lined up outside of the show, there’s much more to the trucks of SEMA. As an example, I want to show you this ’68 Chevy C10 owned by Craig Piggot and built by TinWorks Fabrication out of Iowa.


Late ’60s and early ’70s Chevy and GMC C10s are some of the most popular trucks for customization, and you’re always guaranteed to find dozens of them at SEMA. But what sets Craig’s truck apart from the crowd is its cool utility bed configuration.


Used by handymen, roadside mechanics and all manner of other small businesses, utility bed pickups are often dirty and dinged up workhorses, so seeing a vintage one slammed to the ground is a pretty cool thing.


While the patina look was big at SEMA this year, Craig’s truck follows a different route. It’s immaculate both inside and out, and the subtle gold body color makes for a nice understated look. The truck is bagged with the help of AccuAir components and sits on gold-finished Billet Specialities wheels that tuck deep into the C10’s wheel wells when it’s aired out.


The interior has been completely redone with a custom gauge setup, a black and brown reupholstered bench seat, and a Billet Specialities steering wheel to match the wheels.


The attention to detail also extends to the engine bay, which has been smoothed to perfection. And check out that custom air cleaner setup.


I never thought I would use the term ‘elegant’ to describe an old Chevy utility truck, but that’s the word I keep coming back to when looking at Craig’s build. It was easily one of the most unique pickups being shown at SEMA this year.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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Love it....keep the trucks coming please.


Lol I'm not a fan of bro-trucks either. I live in Rhode Island, so there aren't very many applications for a boosted diesel with stacks lifted to the heavens. That doesn't stop people from building them and waste fuel with them, but I digress.

I do like this build. Modernizing old cars piques my interest when the galleries pop up on here. Between this and that last minitruck post, I'm starting to dig modified trucks. Keep em comin'.


Love it! The Chevy scene is so popular that it's challenging to do something new, but this truck did it.


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I like it, it's a shame the rear is quite so square, with the hard edges smoothed off like the design of the cab, this thing would be even more perfect, I guess that's to keep the utility part obvious haha!


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KeithCharvonia Agreed. Really caught my eye.


JamesMiller7 Will do!


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the wheels are a perfect choice! well done! I hope this starts a trend.


Hands down a bad ass truck! Ive known the owner for pretty much my whole life. Craig has always had an eye for style and look. Hes a top notch guy and always down to earth. Hes no big dollar builder, but pulls off the look quite well and surpasses some of the bigger builders (in my opinion). Excellent truck Craig! Keep up the excellent work!


"Used by handymen, roadside mechanics and all manner of other small businesses..."
Not to mention countless Public Works and Parks Departments, and I'm sure other government agencies as well.


My city truck (2008 Silverado 3500 HD) has the same exact Knapheide utility bed, minus the shaved tailgate and other modifications.