Napalm Nova: 10 Burnouts To The Gallon

As someone who enjoys tire smoke just as much as the next guy, I completely understand the itch to do a burnout down to the cords. Or better yet, down to the rim.

I was filming on location in Southern California with the Hoonigan boys a few weeks back when Mr. Creative Director, Brian Scotto, decided to do a couple of burnies at an abandoned apartment complex. What else is the Napalm Nova good for? Nothing.

Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto



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I'm pretty certain this is the location where Roadkill did their shootout Rotsun vs. Subaru Legacy


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No more pictures?



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"What else is theNapalm Nova good for? Nothing." Im sure you didn't mean it like that, but as a Ford guy I completely agree that Nova's are good for nothing except shoving a big motor in and doing burn outs. haha. Cant wait to see the rest of your pics, your composition and ability to convey emotion in your photography is truly inspiring. Keep on keepin' on!


cooler than the Novas we had here...


10 burnouts to the gallon seems pretty fuel efficient tbh



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Am I missing something? Where's the video??????
Damn Nova's are cool.


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Wow what a bunch of haters... I have seen this gen Nova be anything.  From Drag Racer to Show stopper to Killer daily.  Now while I am a little biased as I have had quite a few of these.  But considering the chassis is basically the same as a camaro at a quarter of the cost.  So while the lowly Nova started off as a grocery getter.  They have evolved and have kept up with times better than other body styles from the era. Although I do prefer Japanese cars I grew up driving, repairing and modifying these cars.  Dont hate.  Here is one shining example you guys should do or maybe you have done a feature on.


Please please please post more pics!!!


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cumo type in 70 nova from aus.  this particular car i saw at good guys delmar 2014.  i think.or  2015.  but if you think it looks good in these few pics  you should see it in person.  my 3 year old grandson just stood and stared.  he would have been happy if that was only car in whole show.  lol
i would really like to hear/see it more pic here is link to one article on it


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