Back To The Future. Really.

If there was one car you’d wish a manufacturer would bring back and start remanufacturing in its original form, what would it be? Chances are you’re not going to answer that question with the DeLorean DMC-12, but if you did, your wish may soon become a reality.

Although the DeLorean is regarded as a cult classic now – thanks largely to its starring role in 1985’s Hollywood blockbuster Back to the Future – it wasn’t always this way.

Launched in 1981, the DMC-12 was widely criticised for its lacklustre performance and high purchase cost, but the car’s unique stainless steel-body and futuristic gull-wing doors saw 9000 units built and sold, although not before the DeLorean Motor Company was bankrupted, subsequently bringing an end to production in 1982. (Fun fact: 1983 model year cars exist, but these were 1982 builds with modified VIN numbers).

Although no further new cars would be built, a few years later British entrepreneur Stephen Wynne saw an opportunity in DMC’s leftover inventory and started a new DeLorean Motor Company that specialized in the repair and restoration of DMC-12s. Ultimately, this led to complete ground-up rebuilds using a combination of both new old stock and refurbished components.

While those cars still retain their early ’80s build tags, the dream has always been to build brand new cars, and in January this year DMC announced it would like to do just that, taking advantage of a new low volume vehicle act passed through US Congress late last year. We’re not talking about a new model based on the old design though, rather a brand new 2017 DMC-12 that looks exactly like the original, albeit with some modern technology. You might have missed it, in which case you should have a look at the ‘make a wish’ teaser clip above.

Although there are no guarantees that a new DMC-12 will actually make it to production, due to massive public interest DMC earlier this week set up a Pre-Order Interest Application form for anyone that is interested in reserving one of what will be a very limited run of cars. It’s a given that a 2017 DeLorean won’t be cheap – a US$100,000+ price tag is rumoured – but for that you’re guaranteed something pretty special: a brand new car from the past.

So who wants one?

The Speedhunters



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Will it still have the sgitty V6 engine?


I think its cool. I predict more stuff as this as electric platforms become mainstream. 
People will just ram classic designs/replicas over E cars with modern tech.

Whats not to love. Gotta accept the future in style.


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felixlueggert LOL. Luckily they stopped the Peugeot, Renault, Volvo 2.8L V6 engine in 1998. Which is a good thing because there are much more efficient ways to almost develop the same horsepower as a Hyundai Accent. :)


I don't know why, but I want to see an old school rally DMC-12 build, like these awesome 308 GTBs. That would be sick.


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One car to be remade now? Sierra RS Cosworth. Or RS200 Evo. Would absolutely kill for either


No. However, if Gas Monkey Garage's EcoBoost Pantera went into mass production...


Out of all the cars I'd like to see made again I'd say a delorean is towards the bottom of the list if on the list at all. Slow but sorta cool in an ugly dog kinda way. Besides they've been making all the new stuff to build one yourself for years. This isn't news, it's just one more fine example of speedhunters reaching these days to bring interesting material to the table. Get this site to be as good as it used to be


The dart build is the only reason I even look at this site anymore


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felixlueggert Nope, I believe they were looking at a few options. An LS being one of them.




This may actually happen.


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LukeEVOVIII I like the way you think


GMC Cyclone / GMC Typhoon - saw a Cyclone yesterday and got super excited. GM only made about 3,000 of them, for 1991. About the only thing I might desire is a revised interior. Everything else about how that truck looked, still looks fantastic today


Sy/Tys are wicked. An upgraded interior would be a nice touch because most of the air inflated bolsters stopped working anyway!


This car actually sucked and the movie did too. Please delete from history. Dude dumped all the money he made from the cars right up his nose. 80's, baby.


Yeah as a car, it was total trash. I saw one once, my first thought was "what an ugly POS" and then I realized what it was... but I don't think something should be cool, simply because it was rare.
It has a devoted following, so SOME people really like it, but Big-Hair *was* cool, and French women don't shave...and we all have our views on that as well.


Why is this car so special? It was in a mediocre film, and the vehicle itself was a somewhat cool looking lemon. Just because something's a bit rare, or it was in a movie, doesn't mean it's actually good.


D1RGE EXE BTTF is awesome, them's fighting words.
-80s Baby.


TPLC2 You take that right back! Back To The Future was an awesome trilogy!!


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Great car. Wish they will be able to do it.


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MPistol very much this. Or the 454SS, my old man had one of those here in the UK for a few years, stock except for a 4" drop on springs/blocks and a straight-through exhaust. You could hear it 4 miles away. 
Made the mistake of googling for it the other day though, a subsequent owner is a vandal - horrid near-donk-sized chrome wheels (well, probably 20s, not that huge on a C1500 but not my taste at all) and nasty LED tail-lights amongst a couple of other "choice" modifications :/ 

In fact, Manufacturers building any kind of huge-power factory-special road trucks would be cool. The Raptor is cool and all, but it's off-road which I don't really care about. The F150 Lightning was so much cooler if you ask me, along with the less-special Dodge Dakota R/T from the 90s and of course the Ram SRT-10. If Dodge could just stuff that Hellcat motor into a Ram from the factory I'd be a happy man indeed.


The car is unique which makes it cool. It does hold intrinsic value to many that follow the film (like myself, from the 80's).
While the car was poorly developed, built, and sold, the car was significant as well for being a small mall challenging the corporate giants (Ford/Cheverolet...etc).
The real problem is the pricing leaves only the rich purchasing teenager machines. The adult in me doesn't care about this car, but the kid in me....U0001f60a


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