Valentino Balboni’s Titanium Exhaust Art

Forty years working for one car company. Can you imagine that? It would surely do something to you.

You’d feel like a part of the brand, especially if your job entailed tuning, testing and perfecting products, and those products were Lamborghinis.

This was Valentino Balboni’s life for four decades.


The former Lamborghini head test driver retired in 2008, but now he’s back, stepping into the aftermarket with his own brand. The catalog of Lamborghini upgrade parts that Balboni will sell under the ‘VB’ banner will no doubt grow over the next year or so, but for now, to make an impact with enthusiasts, he’s started things off with a jaw-dropping exhaust system.

Made entirely by hand, the quad-exit titanium system for the Aventador SV takes 350 hours to create. The whole thing weighs just 6.3kg (13.8lb), less than half that of the stock system. By design it’ll obviously flow better and help the screaming V12 generate a touch more power, although figures aren’t quoted.


Every weld on the lobster-tail bend is smoothed out and heat treated to bring out the natural colours that titanium is so well known for.

The mounting brackets are cut from billet titanium and use the stock exhaust mounts on the car.


Only 30 of these systems will be made and each one will come with a VB plaque showing its production number. Nothing but the absolute best for your ultra rare 750hp Lambo!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Now just mount it on a car and point a camera at it..


Mother of god...


That literally has to be one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my whole life.. It looks like a piece of jewelry.


So many U-pipes bend on that exhaust...  but yes its pretty.


I love when people put fancy jewelry on Lambos lol. Although I think this is a bit more than jewelry.

Gianluca FairladyZ

if i had all this money, i'd order 2! one for the lambo and one as a piece of art exosed in my living room!


great Dino.... I just choked on my tea over this!



Most beautiful exhaust I've ever seen. But no sound clip embedded? There's at least one on Youtube... it sounds as good as it looks.


When it comes to industrial art form, this is sitting at the top of the tree.


350 hours to make? That's like 44 x 8 hour work days...? And it'll take him about three and a half years to make those 30 he's banging out. Doesn't seem legit?

Personally, weight notwithstanding, I'd rather have good stainless from someone with actual bends, but I'm broke so it doesn't matter what I think and I'm not knocking it at all, no negativity here :)


TomRich When they say that, it means "man-hours" or the total amount of labour involved, from all the people who worked on it. He's not making them by hand by himself, I assume he has a team of people.

For comparison, most mass-produced cars take around 1000-1500 hours of labour, but obviously that doesn't mean just one car every 1000 hours, because almost every component is being made simultaneously


Wow, CNC'd billet Titanium. I wonder what cutting tools they are using, titanium is notoriously hard on cutters.


That is more curvy and hot than 'her in doors'. Flawless piece of engineering and photography.

Nice one.


Lasers, it has to be lasers.


KLO101489 It's just like any other specialty tooling that is optimized for tool material, coatings, cutter geometry, coolant chemistry, etc., for a specific hard-to-machine material.  General purpose tooling doesn't work well for titanium, no.


@Mark Yeah too bad they didn't have an SV to fit it to at Concorso Italiano, would have made more of an impact


I do like how they welded a bead around the tip to soften the edge. Very good craftsmanship over all. I would love to see this in the car.


KLO101489  It's not a hardness issue with Ti, it's more so about heat management. Ti builds heat quick that is difficult to manage with flood coolant.

Although, the only machined part seems to be the threaded component at the end of the mounting bracket. There doesn't seem to be any "billets" here.


Question: What happens to all those beautiful colours when the titanium gets heated during normal operation?


I'd be surprised if any of these are ever plugged in. Such a superb bit of art will go into someone's man cave i suspect.
I doubt there would be any performance improvement anyway. Looks like it would build up back pressure and need a retune. Also, is not as though a stock exhaust is just taken from the garbage.


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i have a picture with Balboni, met him in Sant Agata at the parking lot of the factory, he was visiting


Dis exhaust blow ya coconut smooth off


Depending on the alloy It's not that bad to machine. It is similar to working with stainless from what I understand.
They could have used EDM to make the components too, but it looks like the only billet part of the hanger is the cylindrical portion at the end so it was probably done mostly on a lathe.


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A true posers exhaust....for a car made for posers.


roninlotus211 And it is beautiful


350hrs! As beautiful as it is, that simply can't be right.


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TarmacTerrorist  "freakin' lasers"


I will research for my LP superleggera... already have an Akrapovic, let`s see the fancy price for it....


roninlotus211 if i was a Aventador i will install it on myself to increase my pose


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nikomuxowa  I know this is spam because, no one likes the R-class. They are hideous!


mesocetuj Well hope your girlfriend doesnt follow her into the cam whore bizz.


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pretty sure mandrel bends flow mo bettah.  and colored titanium means it is contaminated.


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These exhausts are such a work of art from Balboni but really so are the ones that other tuners I have seen on here who work on them are as well!  The ability to show that titanium burn color brings such a trademark foundation that lets you know right away it's special and purposeful exuding light weight and race car performance I can't get enough of it!  I would love to have headers that look exactly like this on my M3 man!  I agree with so many of the other comments on here though in that I would need two exhaust sets for sure- one for display purposes in the house as art and one on the car! Great article Dino!


Wow, I never knew about the contamination. Good points!


@moldy but doesnt titanium naturally turn that colour after usage? how would you explain to mclaren that all of their 675LT's have contaminated titanium exahusts from the factory?


Titanium is formable and the tubing is bendable, so there's no reason to piece a bend together. All it does is increase labor cost and decrease flow and performance.

And that's not a billet bracket. It's formed (bent) sheet.


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Chri5 Duncan I didnt know that, I noticed many people choose this method over just bending, if it can be done more simply why would anyone choose to break it in many little pieces?

What is the point? If you already use titanium then finish it off with purpose > aesthetics,


I am looking for titanium exhaust for the motor bike BMW R NINE T 2014