An S2000 That’s All-Out Attack

As I explained in my coverage from Reisbrennen, I always like to have a nosey around when I spot a tweaked Honda S2000.

There’s a slight bias involved as I daily an AP2 myself, but my curiousity is also led by the fact that Honda’s little sports car is notoriously difficult to eke extra power out of.


For an extended period, the S2000’s F20C held the record for the most naturally-aspirated bhp per litre from a production engine – 123.5bhp per litre to be exact. The record was retained for 11 years, and was only unseated in 2010 with the release of Ferrari’s 458 Italia.


Due to how efficiently Honda tuned the 2-litre engine, many of the off-the-shelf modifications that can be fitted to the F20C are a complete waste of time and money. Of course, there’s forced induction, which the motor seems to take quite nicely. With forged internals as stock, power figures in excess of 800bhp are entirely possible. However, it always feels a bit like cheating to me.


Therefore, when I spotted Rudolf Windbacher’s time attack S2000-RS in the Lausitzring paddock during this year’s Reisbrennen festival, imagine my delight upon discovering that it was still naturally aspirated! Guiding me around the engine bay, Rudolf explained that the F20C has been fettled to the tune of 320bhp (up from around 240bhp), thanks to a 2.5-litre Brian Crower stroker kit.


Interestingly, Rudolf has retained the stock intake manifold rather than convert the car to ITBs. A custom homemade carbon airbox draws from an intake in the front bumper, supplying the motor with all the air it needs. The stock S2000 headers are proven to be more flow efficient than the majority of aftermarket additions; swapping them out is often a toss up between how much weight you save and how many ponies you forfeit, however this particular car features a full system that’s been engineered entirely in-house to suit this build.


Inside, the Honda’s cockpit has been gutted of all comforts, and a custom switchpanel and dash replaces the stock item. An AiM MXG dashboard relays all the vital information back to Rudolf. Engine management is courtesy of a Haltech ECU.


The S2000’s footwork has also been developed by Rudolf and his team, and utilises KW Competition coilovers. Braking is handled by AP Racing stoppers, and the Honda wears lightweight 17×9-inch Motec wheels with sticky 230/605R17 Avon radial slicks all around.


Obviously a huge amount of attention has been paid to the aerodynamics too – again, all developed in house. The S2000-RS boasts a lightweight wide-body carbon bodykit, full carbon underbody and rear diffuser.


The giant rear wing is linked to the lower diffuser through the bootlid and rear lights, pushing the rear of the car downwards during time attack passes in order to clinch those vital seconds. This isn’t a show queen – Rudolf’s S2000 was built to attack the track.


The result of all of this time and effort (and lots of homebrew carbon) is a curb weight of just 1,000kg. Add to that an aerodynamic exterior, cracking chassis and a highly responsive naturally aspirated engine and you’ve got one hell of a nimble machine.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: driftagram / jordanbutters
Jordan Butters Photography



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Any videos? Would love to hear how this thing tears around the track!


Lol it's cheating to turbocharge it but not to use a stroker kit???
God the writing around here gets old. Thanks for the pics though!! (-8


Add less weight.
It's oddly comforting to know that Honda created a car you can't tinker with all that much without 'cheating'. 
I'd love to own one.


I'm happy that that particular tongue-in-cheek comment didn't go over your head U0001f609


They're cracking cars. Not much fun on a motorway but awesome on the twisties.


Sadly not - it didn't hit the track much at Reisbrennen due to some teething issues.


The Evo in the 10th picture looks so evil


Top Fuel S2000> This S2000.


Car of the month in my opinion


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DNF a time attack? LOL, did they even start before they left the garage?


Jordan_Butters ignore the slightly simple minded jordan. i know exactly what you mean. it changes the car to a different beast. theres something super refreshing to drive an extremely responsive motor.


"The stock S2000 headers are proven to be more flow efficient than the majority of aftermarket additions"

This isn't true at all...


Would also like to say that the 320bhp is almost certainly calculating out the loss of power through the drivetrain, so more likely around 280bhp to the rear hubs.

With a good exhaust manifold and expanded intake manifold an large throttle body or ITBs it could likely make more.


So, big wang gang Time Attack S2K.

I normally spam lawnmower abuse at Hondas.

Mother of God, I love this one though.


Only Luke could see the profile of an Evo behind a GTR.
Love this dude, someone buy him an ice-cream.


No diffuser strakes. Into the trash it goes.


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@Nick congratz, you know about Top Fuel.


Looks bonkers!


oswaldhoogev1 I have a vid. Recorded the passing of the whole group over the finish line. Will add a youtube link soon. But sry in advance, the cam I used is not the newest :D


@butt Doesn't really need it.


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Not sure if you're being sarcastic?


oswaldhoogev1 There it is. Like I said, sry 4 the bad quality - I actually had no intention to upload it somewhere. But better than nothing :)
The S2000 is the 4th car passing.


But now you're comparing a 320bhp 2.5l n/a to a 700+bhp 2.2l turbo. Not quite the on the same levels.


You can get over 300bhp from 2l duratec engine, so 320from 2.5 is not that great.


Jakub88 the Duratec is Turbo... This is not it's N/A


The Duratec engine is a solid power plant, but once you take the 2-litre version past 250bhp-ish you're talking big money and compromised durability. 300bhp is more attainable from the 2.3-litre.


Duratec lump is also N/A


Jordan_Butters Big money, yes. Durability though, not really, if you do everything right, it´s very reliable engine. Of course you cannot go past 250(and even that is a stretch, 230-235 is more like it) on stock bottom end, but this is the case with most mass produced engines with light cast pistons/rods . I wrote this simply because I was surprised that engine that is so highly praised all the time has so little space for more power. And don´t tell me that extracting that power out of it is cheaper than from duratec lol, don´t forget duratec is super cheap base, you can get low miles engine for less than 1000dollars, F series engine though is more like 3-4times as much


Joeguard1990 Jakub88 No, Duratec engine was never turbo out of factory, you ca nstrap turbo on it just like on any other engine, but unless you are ready to throw a lot of money at it, it´s not worth the gains on stock internals.


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What no specs on the gearbox? Obviously a ton of reaources went into it.
Not complaining (much). Always nice to see s2ks used in anger.


Jakub88 Comparatively the F20C offers forged internals from the factory. Numbers in excess of 700bhp are possible with forced induction on the stock block.