R34 GT-R Prices Are Officially Out Of Control

¥17,340,000, or the equivalent of approximately US$170,000. It might be more than double what a BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nür sold for new back in 2002, but it’s how much was being asked for this car in the ‘For Sale’ section of the recent R’s Meeting at Fuji Speedway.

Fourteen years and 100 per cent growth; if you’re an investment banker you will probably shrug at a return like that, but for a car it’s not bad at all. Actually, for a model that’s not even an ultra-rare or extremely expensive exotic, it’s impressively good. Mind you, the Nissan in question only has a smidgeon over 4,000km on its odometer, so you’d be lucky to find one better or closer to brand new condition.

That said though, even the ‘normal’ (non-Nür) V-spec IIs are experiencing a constant rise in value and showing no sign of stopping either, which makes me wonder: What will happen to these prices once the first 1999 R34 GT-R models hit that magic 25-year-old mark and can be legally imported into the US?

If you really have a craving for the R34 Skyline GT-R, getting into one now might be the only way to ensure you don’t miss out!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Advertised price and sale price are two different things though.  I could list something for $6,000,000, doesn't mean anyone will pay for it.


Good thing I'm looking for a GTS, they don't seem to have risen considerably in the past few years.


I'm just going to opt for an S15 instead. Everyone else can get their Godzilla dreams on, I'm more for lightweight RWD and the lines of the S15 have always made me swoon.


Must be nice, huh speedhunters_dino 

Like the R32, the same thing will happen to the R34s when the 25-yr rule happens...on a much grander scale!
I know it's narrow-minded...but here in CA it's like everyone has an R32 now :)


@SW1 speedhunters_dino You are not kidding. I went to Super Car Sunday there at the Topanga Canyon and the 101 about 10 months ago and this ass clown had a R32 Vspec II and he tried to convince me of how awesome it was and that there is no one in Cali that is able to work on them. He knew because he owned a chain of Nissan dealerships.


I remember when I was 13 and saw a R34 for the first time at a HIN Miami show. The guy came in with a R34 V-SPEC II in Bayside Blue with LMGT4 wheels. Other than that the car was stock, and filthy (car looked like it sat in a barn for years). Had a huge forsale sticker on it, I asked to be curious, at 13 I didn't think anything of it. Guy was asking $75,000 back in 2005. Rivsu I see asking `100k+ for their MNP imports, I can see these being like the NSX for a while.


Meanwhile all i want is a Suzuki Cappuccino..


I think you make a very fair point. Agreed.


What is a decent R32 GTR going for now in Japan? They have crept up in New Zealand as supply gets diverted to the States.


How long until this happens with the other big four? The NSX, (FD3S) RX-7, (Z32,) 300ZX and the MK4 Supra? Sure they probably won't ever be listed for six figure prices like this R34, but they are without a doubt four of the most iconic cars to come out during the 90's and are examples of the the glory days of Japanese automotive engineering and the pinacle of performance of each of the respective brands.


I'm highly anticipating what's gonna happen to Tommi Mäkinen Evos in years to come


I guess I'll stick with the r33 (not that I can afford one).


Those are already fairly common in the states so there won't be a massive bubble


Pretty sure the mark up is directly in correlation with the inevitable purchasing from the US. Either they are trying to drastically limit the amount that get sold to the US or they know that dumb Americans will pay whatever they have to in order to have one.


Law of supply and demand.


@Nick  The only car that will make it to six figures is the Supra but I'm sure that will take a very long time. The FD will never fetch much unless it is kept completely stock and in pristine condition. The 300zx is garbage comparatively, I like them, but they are a pain in the ass to work on and the styling is love or hate. The NSX started at a stupid price and will never get back there. The only reason an R34 will ever get six figures is because of America. If they would have been legal to import all this time, they would never cost more than 20k.


Porthos1984 speedhunters_dino Wait, maybe he's referring the Canada, not California. It's still not legal to own the R32 in our glorious state. All R32s I've come across in Cali have plates from non-Cali states, minus the lucky few with dealer plates.


Matt Wood True. But check out the auctions. Just recently 2 BNR34s went with a pricetag comparable with a brand new R35 and a Nismo R35. Been checking out the auctions for a while and all the Skyline prices are on the rise. It's pretty nuts.


speedhunters_dino - kind of off topic, but what lens/camera setup are you using? Your shots are always great and im starting to wonder if youre using something faster than f/2.8. Have you guys thought about doing any more of the photog how to's?



xloki77x speedhunters_dino Here's the EXIF data for the image: 
Canon EOS 5D Mark III | 50mm F2.2 1/500 ISO100 | 2016:09:11 06:18:37 | Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (Macintosh


God damn, I LOVE that titanium greenish colour, if anyone knows the paint code and/or name I would be very thankful...
That's awesome. Ok, I know it quickly moves them into the "halo car" section (as if it wasn't already) but it shows what a good car they are. They are iconic for a reason, and I know it amuses their homeland but they are a little bit special to see rolling down the road. I think it's great they are getting recognised and the prices are rising.
The only problem is my daily shares 70%ish of its parts, and the cost for new ones is already killing me :(
But seriously, about that colour....


xloki77x speedhunters_dino i miss those how to's


TarmacTerrorist I'm pretty sure the color is Millenium Jade.


Thank you! I've written it down this time, I get told it, I read it... I promptly forget it :s


@ihateyoutoo Low mileage NSX's do go for $100,000.00+ in the US already.


Won't stop raising, bc every kid who loved fast and furious as a kid will want one. And being in their late 30s or 40s they will have the cash to through at the car. Oh, and samething with the s15, mucho money.


CollinBrown Same for me, the dream


Matt Wood And that's exactly what happens in the Australian classic Mazda scene. Some crap box gets advertised for $100k and everyone jizzes at the value of what their car is now worth.


@ihateyoutoo LOL $100k Supra....glad I live in a country where you can still get them for sub-$20k....not that I'd ever buy one


2xthefun xloki77x speedhunters_dino Did there used to be Photography how-to's? That would be epic!


Honestly this is depressing. Not too long ago, the R34 GTRs were readily obtainable second hand. However, thanks to the new generation of hyped up "car enthusiast", their values have exceeded what their actual depreciation was meant to be even in their domestic land. Only time will tell if this hype train will die out, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the R33 GTR.


JeremieSunico Now is the time to get an R33. They are also (slowly) going up in price. Pick of the bunch would be the Autech 4-door


AustinDaniels Though it is ignored, I personally praise that one for being the real successor to the R32 because of the aftermarket companies that achieved so much with it. It was a go to vehicle for many Midnight Club members.


KieranLucasMaguire 2xthefun xloki77x speedhunters_dino haha I guess your answer has been answered. We are planning to do more how to's when it comes to photography. Those are always fun!


Jack Gordon Much demando


AustinDaniels Get in there quick!


LukeEVOVIII They are on the up too


@Nick NSX is on a steady rise too. Have a look at what low Km manuals are fetching in Japan, it's shocking! Mind you, it cost a lot more than a BNR34 when new


nustad With so many around compared to R33s and R34s you do still have a little choice. You can get utter garbage for 15k, and a very good car at 30k


Gasosphere Good man! I want one too! Once I have more garage space I will have all 3 of the cool 90's kei cars


@SW1 speedhunters_dino I'm not complaining :)


Frozzy CollinBrown You need them all really haha


Dill Pickle R34?  GT-t?


Matt Wood Good point.


speedhunters_dino JeremieSunico


speedhunters_dino nustad Thanks Dino - in NZ the asking rate has gone up by at least $10k for a decent R32 and R33's have really jumped up a lot.   Supply of R34s seems tight.  Still cheap compared to a Porsche 964!


man by the time these cars are legal in america, i'll be fresh out of college, give or take a couple years. i hope they're not crazy expensive by then.


speedhunters_dino Dill Pickle yes thats what he meant


Either a Cappucino or a Mazda Autozam. Then K20 swap it. It would be glorious.


damn, lucky you already have a beautiful one on your garage Dino :)
from your perspective, how far the overall driving experiences differences between R32 - R33 - R34?


They've even probably jumped about 20% in the last 18 months. I'm lucky I bought when I did.


What about the prices for the GTT and GT? I plan to get those intead if the prices of the GTR keep going up.


R32, GTS-t. I'm a sucker for RB20s


I've never really hankered after R34s, and seeing one in F&F didn't change that. R32s are where my heart lies because of their Group A connection, so I'm happy for everyone to overlook them. Then again I'm in my early 40s so maybe my take on F&F was different to most - Dom's Charger was more my style.


My Uncle Jackson recently got an almost new silver Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class Convertible


For some reason, odd reason perhaps, the R33 GTR struck a higher WANT note to me than the R34 GTR. Instead of both I drive a Porsche 987 now, which I really like, but I seek change to a Skyline.


I remember saying something about this Dino.  As much as I love the GT-R if all else fails and the prices are out of my reach I have found an unlikely alternative.


Paolo Siega the prices are rising on those as well just not as fast as the GT-R


speedhunters_dino JeremieSunico And the last one of those I have seen was $30K equivalent.


mayorquimby S15 might be the car to get as it is cheap and many I have seen are under $10K


TarmacTerrorist Millenium Jade is the name of that color.


Like Harry said I am taken by surprise that some people able to make $4772 in a few weeks on the . have you seen this page........ http://www.new-career7.com/


Thankfully I've fed my GTR hunger and while it was fun I don't desire another and if I were to get another, I'd simply buy the model I prefer most which seems to fly (a bit)under the price hike radar and that's the R33.


So if the for sale price on the R34 is 17,340,000yen, does that mean the R32 beside is priced at nearly twice as much at 31,880,000yen?


My problem is that when I might be able to afford a R34 GT-R it will already have passed the 25 years mark. So in a couple of years even crappy cars with 100k Km + on the odo, will cost about 50k € or so


The R32 GT-Rs are flooding the streets in the US and many service members in Japan drive them and not take good care of them or crash them. This has definitely made me not want the R32 GT-R. Just too many people have them now.


as much as I`d love a GTR I can`t see the current trend continuing... at the moment they are rising in value but not so long ago Japanese cars lost money hand over fist because the view was they were made from recycled bean tins, now they have a larger fan boy following and that`s driving prices up. Give it time, a new trend will take over and prices will fall back to normality. It wasn`t so long ago people would pay WAY over the odds for Nova/Fiesta on 24" rims and flip paint, now you see that and try contain your laughter.


Are you thinking of selling Dino?  :'D


@mememe Disagree, this is the last Skyline GTR model, last one with the RB26 engine.... nothing to do with the fan boy following either. Everyone and their dog respects the R34 GTR, regardless of being a JDM fan boy or not. The cars will continue to hold their value, it will very likely start to plateau before it again rises in another 15 years. As for the reference to Nova/Fiesta you have to joking surely....


DavidFRogers wtf? all because fan boy.  Sure not for speed or interior
(i am fan boy)


My dreams are getting more expensive every year, let's hope R33's will maintain they're price for a few years


It says 318.8 so actually just about 33k us?


EvolveWRC Sorry to crush your dreams, but the BCNR33's are going through the same..... not that much of a increase... but still though.


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DavidFRogers I`m not saying the GTR isn`t a mechanical masterpiece, I`m saying the current rise of popularity in Japanese cars is what`s driving these prices up, I remember 15 years ago the Pulsar GTiR couldn`t be given away, now I see them fetching 7-12k, same with the 180sx. Hell less than 10 years ago the 32 or 33 could be imported reasonably, they had that same engine, it`s not the engine people want it`s goes with the car that recognition. Same goes for any popular Jap car right now, there`s a large following driving up the price. It`s like basic economics, there`s an increase in demand and those with the goods can hike up the price. I just think something else will come along and we`ll see prices go back to a normal level


170K???? Fir a Vspec.Rediculous even if the r34 is on many ppl top 5 list. I guess this is simple supply and demand.


Lets not forget that all transmission parts for this car are discontinued and Nissan has zero gears or synchros left on its shelves. Currently the only option is a race gearset that runs 15,000 usd.




I love the gtr but it's just not worth anything close to that price when there are cars just as good if not better for far less money. Rx7, s15, r34 GTT, supra, nsx, corvette, golf R, Ford Focus Rs, any evo or word sti.. All the cars I named can be had for far less and can perform just as well as any gtr.. The first four I mentioned are more fun to!


I find here in Australia where gtr are common place this is still sadly the case. R32, r33 have gone up heeps, used to get clean ones couple years back for 20,000 AUD now a clean one will set you back over 30.. And don't get me started on r34.. Between 50-60 would get you a clean one, now 80k AUD + which is insane.


Get an r30 rs turbo. They aren't as expensive and are pretty rare outside of Japan


I was going to buy one three years back, they were seriously like 16-18k AUD Here in Australia, now they around 30+.. Fortunately I'm a evo 5 guy, they like 15k here so very reasonable.


Frozzy CollinBrown what car NOB got now? and orido?


@mememe DavidFRogers The RB26 is an important component, for its character, delivery and sound, its as important as the rest of the GTR imo. As for popularity, the GTIR has been crazy priced for the last 10 years, same goes for S13's etc. There is definitely a bubble however the R34 has never dropped below 20K GBP in fact I think 25K was the lowest it got. It's on another level to the rest of the Jap crowed so a much more solid investment and one of which will continue to rise. Exceptions like the care in the article aside.


Yes prices are up. But that is not a fair comparison that is at a GTR meet and that guy sold ZERO cars there lol.  If you have seen auction prices you will see that real price. and around car lots


awesomefearwave They're already $65,000+ in Canada. Until the market gets flooded and the hype dies down, they're only gonna get more expensive.


Found a R34 GTR online in Japan for $55,000 GTR's are still affordable. This is not a good example but just to show you what is available compared to the articles stock R34 for retarded prices

☆ engine ☆
HKS STEP3 2.8L kit (2012 September engine OH · specification change)
· 87Φ forged piston
· H cross-section forged connecting rod
- Shaving forging full counter crank shaft 77.7㎜ stroke
New N1 block
Bowling honing surface Research Modify
New cylinder head machining
HKS cam shaft IN264EX272
HKS slide cam pulley
Large capacity oil pump
TRUST large-capacity oil pan
N1 water pump
TOP SECRET oil catch tank

☆ turbine  ☆
HKS GT3040 Twin turbine
HKS exhaust manifold
HKS Westgate

☆ fuel  ☆
HKS fuel delivery line
SARD 800㏄ large capacity injectors
SARD fuel regulator
BOSCH large-capacity fuel pump x2
TOP SECRET one-off fuel collector tank
RUNMAX nylon mesh fuel hose

☆ cooling  ☆
ARC wide core intercooler
TOP SECRET one-off intercooler piping
TRUST oil cooler element mobile
KOYO aluminum 3-layer type radiator
TRUST radiator upper line
SAMCO silicon radiator hose
SAMCO heater hose
NISMO radiator cap
ARC titanium radiator cooling panel

☆ intake and exhaust  ☆
HPI air cleaner
TOP SECRET one-off titanium suction pipe
NISSAN INFINITY 90㎜ throttle
TOP SECRET surge tank
TOP SECRET one-off front pipe
APEX Super catalyzer
TRUST TI-R full titanium muffler

☆ suspension  ☆
ARAGOSTA harmonic drive (TOP SECRET specification)
ROBERUTA CUP (before and after the vehicle height adjustable)

☆ chassis  ☆
TOP SECRET original front tower bar
TOP SECRET original 7-point roll gauge + sidebar

☆ driving  ☆
ORC triple plate clutch
ORC lightweight flywheel

☆ brake ☆
BREMBO F50 front brake caliper
355Φ front brake rotor
BREMBO original rear caliper
NISMO brake pads
Stainless steel mesh brake hose

☆ wheel & tire  ☆
RAYS VOLK TE37 19 inch 10.5J + 12 wheel
FALKEN ZIEX ZE912 275 / 30-19 tire

☆ electrical  ☆
NISMO 320㎞ full-scale speedometer
NISMO MFD expansion kit
BLITZ DUAL-SBC boost controller
BLITZ turbo timer
HKS additional meter
Boost meter
Water temperature gauge
- Oil temperature gauge
- Oil pressure gauge
And exhaust thermometer
DEFI tachometer
NEKO AF700 air-fuel ratio meter
BILLION VFC fan controller
OPTIMA Yellow Top battery

☆ exterior  ☆
TOP SECRET front aero bumper
TOP SECRET front carbon diffuser
TOP SECRET side step
TOP SECRET carbon trunk
TOP SECRET carbon rear diffuser
TOP SECRET carbon vortex generator
TOP SECRET carbon GT wing
GANADOR Aero mirror
LED tail lights

☆ interior  ☆
RECARO SP-G full bucket seat front two legs leather Chokawa
TAKATA 4 point harness x2
TOP SECRET steering wheel
TOP SECRET shift knob
RAFIX quick release boss


Nissan BNR34 Skyline GT-R V-spec II Nür
Say that 3 times fast


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Gary89 a Golf and a Focus, as GT-R beaters? here comes the NFS generation


FelipeOyarzo EvolveWRC


@Amintore Gary89 The Focus RS' 0-60 time is pretty much identical to a stock R34 GTR. Of course the R34 has a high top speed but you probably don't get to use that much day-to-day!


Gary89  while you've listed some great and fun cars, only 2 of what you listed are in the realm of what an R34 is capable of


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This^ I hadn't seen anyone mention it but this is the real reason. It's not some trend or flash in the pan, remember muscle car prices shooting to the moon? No different here, a different generation is coming of middle age not but too far off. People anticipate it.
I only wish my -40k mile 1998 2dr 2.5rs subaru would climb in price like a gtr


Therealstig real intelligent conversation you have going here, boys.


SupraMarket  granted, but used trans are relatively easy to come by, and I suspect those paying the highest dollar levels for the cleanest cars are not doing so with the intention of abusing it.  It's a fairly robust trans


Therealstig  well you've certainly raised the bar on dialog, well done.


@Amintore GTR's aren't the be all and end all. Yes they're a great car, a fast car and a fun car(I've owned one so I know) but some of those mentioned are just as fun/fast/great and more modern. The new Focus RS and Golf R's would give an earlier GTR(32/33/34) a run for their money on all points IMO.


@revtil9k SupraMarket Limiter launches all day.....until you put some decent power through them, and even then they're still capable of withstanding some reasonable abuse.


@revtil9k Gary89 Actually, the R34 GTR still to this day has one of the most sophiscated AWD systems ever built! It was perfected after the R32 and R33 GTR, coupled with the fact that it comes with a extremely awesome six speed transmission. In 1999, the BNR34 V Spec was faster off the line than a Ferrari 360 modena and 911 Turbo (the two bench mark cars), and it was only 2 seconds slower than them around Tsukuba circuit despite its severe power to weight ratio disadvantge. The cornering speeds it can acheive is still insane! The V spec II Nur even more-so becasue of the tremendous Nurburgring research that was applied to its suspension setup. No don't even get me started on what a Mine's BNR34 or Z tune can do to pretty much any car in it's power to weight range.....


speedhunters_dino bluestreaksti TarmacTerrorist Does anybody else noitce that it's displayed as a V spec II Nur but in actuality, only the M spec and M spec Nur were painted in Millennium Jade? I'm almost certain it is not a respray.




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Literally the best Japanese muscle car that will ever be built. Pinnacle of what will be an unrepeatable era in sports cars.
GTR is king. 
(and I'm a Toyota guy).


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speedhunters_dino 2xthefun ajroder It didnt even click to check the exif! Thanks! and dino - i look forward to more how to's!


Same thing as what happened with R32's...they'll go way up in value even for crummy ones.
Guys here in Vancouver, BC were laughing around this time 2 years ago.


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I was having this debate last night with turbo_hippy, we found tonnes of examples of GTR34s in this exact colour.... and promptly couldn't find anymore info... is that why it didn't sell perhaps? (Aside from the price I mean!)


Sorry but your wrong. Millenium jade was a "Nur" only colour, available on both m-spec nur and v-spec II nur while silica breadth was an "m-spec" only colour, available on both m-spec and m-spec nur. Some people call silica breadth "champagne gold" but that's not an r34 colour.


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@mememe It's all about supply and demand. There is a finite amount of GT-R's for all the car people to share the world over. And when there are only 12,000+ total units out there (R34), the prices will stay high. Same holds true for the R33 with 16,000+ units. The only reason the R32 is still somewhat reasonably priced is because Nissan made over 40,000 of them. 

All supply and demand.


I love the GTR, and latley though about buying one.I also mailed about details with various well known dealers.Actually i discuss this quite often with a friend (hes on a 200hp E36 Ringtool).I myself drive a MR2 Turbo with nearly 300hp and an E36.
Now we both agree that the GTR is a superb car and became a legend over the years.Also that Fast and Furios Movies (i dont like them sorry) pushed that even more.So the prices skyrocket in the last years.
But we also agree in the point that the car is overpriced.Its not old enough to be a real classic and if you pay the price it actually sells right now - you could expect more power out of it.
I know about the tuning potential of this engine.But seriously - even with let it be 280-320hp plus minus out of the factory - it would not impress me as a MR2 Turbo driver.Shure - regarding the legendary factor - the MR2 looses big time-.But its a light car,and brutaly agile, i would smoke a stock GTR every day with this car.So from the standpoint of "power" it would be a bad buy for the money.Regarding tuning potential - shure you could throw all kind of kits on this car to achieve brutal power-But we all know - even on thiss car - you wont get back that money.
When guys like Dino talk about the GTR its always about investment - but its always the same here - you forget to talk about maintance and part prices - which on the GTR are pretty high too.So in the longterm - your investment eats up a nice amount of the return.And after the math is done - your "earning" isnt that high anymore.




Which means the mint condition 9000kms Bayside Blue R34 GTR Vspec 2 NUR we are selling in the USA for $180k is a damn bargain.and its already in the US.
People in US who said the price we are asking is too much.
I might increase our asking...cuz we priced this car 2 yrs ago


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B rad spilios


how i see it is like copping a pair of yeezys early then reselling it for a higher price XD

Muhammad Hossain

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