A BMW E34 Estate, The Japanese Way
M5 Powered

When I spotted Kiyoto-san’s E34 Estate a few months back at the BMW gathering in Odaiba, I just knew I had to find some way to do a proper shoot with him.


I mean, Kiyoto-san has swapped in an S38 from an E34 M5 for crying out loud! And like every great story, there’s some background history to go along with it.


As a kid, Kiyoto-san loved cars and motorcycles. He spent countless hours watching films and television shows hoping to catch a glimpse of some of his favorite cars.


Fast forward to his early 20s and Kiyoto-san’s taste in cars and motorcycles began to evolve.


At the age of 25, Kiyoto-san got the chance to drive his friend’s E34 for the first time, and the power and performance was so intoxicating that he had to have one for himself. However, like most of us, he wanted something that would stand out from the rest. Something that he could input his very soul into.


Thus after spending the next couple of years saving money and mapping out a plan of attack, Kiyoto-san purchased his 1995 E34 540i Estate.


Shortly after, he began to initiate his years of planning. Having friends in the aftermarket arena, Kiyoto-san wanted to help them by using his car like a mobile advertisement.


Kiyoto-san’s friend Megumi-san used to work for BBS and was responsible for building and repairing damaged wheels. But after a while that lost its appeal, so he decided to try his hand at making custom wheels.


Megumi-san eventually started his own wheel company, and Kiyoto-san supported the cause by fitting a set of custom MS01 MGM wheels measuring 18×9.5-inch at the front and 18×10.5-inch in the rear.


E34 Estates are quite rare in Japan and owning a set of custom wheels is great, but Kiyoto-san wanted more from his BMW, and a low ride height was high on the list.


For this aspect, Kiyoto-san turned to his friends at Scream Division, who are in the business of making one-off custom parts. Whipping up a suspension system for the E34 was not a problem, and with the BMW riding low, it was enjoyed this way for a couple of years. However, a strange feeling soon came over Kiyoto-san…


A feeling of discontent. A feeling that the entire drivetrain needed to be upgraded.


That’s when Kiyoto-san had the ingenious idea of buying a wrecked 1993 M5 sedan, pulling out the 3.8-liter S38 straight-six engine and its corresponding 6-speed manual gearbox, and transplanting it into his E34 Estate. The end result has given Kiyoto-san the extra power he was looking for, not to mention the endless satisfaction that comes with a proper manual transmission.


It also stops well now thanks to Brembo 4-pot callipers and 360mm rotors at the front, and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Brembo setup in the rear.


Not wanting to lose the functionality of the Estate, Kiyoto-san has made only select upgrades to the interior. Both front seats have been replaced, with a Recaro SPG on the driver’s side and a Recaro LX-L for the passenger.


This instrument cluster is another carry-over from the M5 donor car, and it joins a few Defi meters to provide all the information Kiyoto-san needs.


Another neat touch is the Renown 100 Motorsport suede-wrapped steering wheel with tri-color stitching.


I think we can all appreciate Kiyoto-san’s build on a number of levels. Not only was he able to create something that still retains the functionality of a wagon, but the fun factor has increased tenfold thanks to the M5 running gear.

Of course, Kiyoto-san was also able to help out his friends by using their parts for the majority of the build. Now that’s what I call friendship!

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

Cutting Room Floor


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I've done a google search. Interested in why the owner chose this steering wheel. What's the verdict on Renown steering wheels? Are they high quality replicas? Why are people buying them if they are literally $10-$15 dollars off the original wheels? Because of the stitching? 
Inquiring minds want to know!


Awesome car. Love that its on real suspension and not air. Those "custom" coilovers are probably modified units pieced from other cars MacGuyver style. Gotta love the japanese. ahahaha


Now BMW needs to make an M5 wagon..


I don't understand why this doesn't have an LS swap?!?!?!?!? Is it not an industry standard now?


rayyuson but i actually prefer the practiallity of air suspensions though, since you can customize your ride height with a touch of a button, instantly.


@SW1 Have a Renown steering wheel in my car & absolutely love it, actually replaced an old momo wheel I originally had. Yes the stitch was a big reason I went the motorsport offering, tied with the historic BMW horn center I'm very happy. Dealing with Scott from Renown with my purchase, & his personable & polite customer service he has gained me as customer for life.




One bad ass BMW Wagon!


@ihateyoutoo lol   if it ain't broke don't fix it


@Nick They did in this Generation. There is a Techno Violet one that is up for sale right now.


Oh I never new about this car..probably because it was never sold in America.


thanks this is good info!


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Bloody briliant! Coolest BMW estate I've seen in a while...


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I have 525i e34. It accelerator cable came out off padal. I opened the car my self with the key in it. The next thing when i finished car had no ignition. Only lights and radio was working. Accoesing to my machenic it locked alarm. The enjectors are not reliesing the engine. Its been 6 montsh now. They failing to unlock / bypass alarm. I just love that car


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Seriously awesome car. i fuckin love it


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Really like those wheels. So style. Much win.


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Does anyone in Japan have a full name according to SpeedHunters? Or is their surname less important than putting -san on the end of every name drop?


T man Look up the default Radio Code in the manual. There should be a button that says CODE enter it and car will start. If it doesn't take the default code leave the battery disconnected for a couple days and retry.


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@ihateyoutoo I hope you're satiric right now


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