When Racing Bites You In The Ass

We got lucky at the idlers 12 hour last year. Adriana, our RWB 993 Carrera 2, was spun on the grass and the hot exhaust set fire to half of the back end. We had a massive delay, but Nakai and all the guys that were helping him on the day managed to rip what wasn’t needed off and tape the rest back into place so that we could rejoin the race, drive a few more stints and actually finish.

This year things went a little differently at Twin Ring Motegi…


If you checked out my story on the 2016 idlers endurance race, you’ll already know that the second team sharing the drive of the car ran into some issues.


Their fourth driver, an RWB customer from Japan, was hit from behind as he braked for the infield right-hander that takes you under Motegi’s first bridge.


The force of the Lotus 211 hitting the Porsche was hard enough to send Adriana spinning into the barriers. At least that’s how I heard it happened, but at this point it doesn’t really matter.


This is what our trusty Adriana looks like now. She’s all bent out of shape, the headlights are pointing in different directions and there appears to be irreparable damage to the chassis.


But as you guys all know, racing comes with risks. When you put your car on track against other drivers, the chance of stuff going wrong multiplies exponentially.


Adriana may be toast but I wanted to dedicate a post to her at least; a hat tip in total respect, because this car has given me two race’s worth of fun, memories and heart-in-your-throat excitement.


Nakai and the guys that helped him out during the weeks leading up to the event really prepped Adriana well; the car was looking good as we all pushed it out to P5 on the grid for the start of the race.


The two stints I had with her were one better than the other, the chassis feeling tight and the engine responsive with a nice meaty feel from the steering and that confidence-inspiring setup that Nakai always works into his cars. Only if upset would the rear end kick out wide, and just like last year I got to slightly slide the car into and through some corners to tighten the line, mostly to avoid slower cars that were just in a bad position. Despite no ABS, the brakes were strong and progressive with a firm bite, and I loved feeling the fat ass wiggle under full braking going into the second bridge corner. All was right with Adriana and my team were taking extra special care to conserve her knowing that when the second team were done we would have to do more of the same to bring her home at the end of 12 hours.


That was the plan at least.


I strategically placed this Speedhunters sticker on one of the rear overfender canards as I knew it would get pelted with rubber coming off the tyres. Seeing it like this certainly sums what six or so hours of racing will put a car through.


The rear got one hell of a shunt. The right lower arm was ripped completely off, the right shock lower mount was snapped, and the stabiliser bar was bent. So no, this is not the all-new Porsche rear-wheel steering system.


Damage aside, I was impressed to see just how damn thick RWB flares are. These things are sturdy as hell and probably ended up absorbing at least some of the impact.


This is me on the phone to Luke Huxham, who was the second driver on the team, waking him up with the bad news.

The body and right-hand wheel, tyre and suspension assembly ended up taking all of the force of the hit, and after some underside inspections it looks like the engine will at least be saved even if the chassis can’t be.


The front impact was at an acute angle. That front wing tells you everything you need to know.


The fender bent so much that a patch of paint flicked right off exposing a previous color.


Further examination inside the trunk revealed a pretty nasty fold in the front right chassis leg.


The 2016 idlers 12 hour didn’t end well for this 993, but on the plus side the two drivers involved in the incident didn’t get hurt. Their pride might have suffered, but that’s something time can heal.

RIP Adriana.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

Images by Blake Jones
Instagram: blaketjones

Ron Celestine
Instagram: tokyotuner



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I would love to see a "Rusty Slammington" come back story on "Adriana." Sure the chassis is toast, but tube frame? Where there is a will, there is a way. 

"...and I loved feeling the fat ass wiggle under full braking..." -Wouldn't we all, Dino.


The lead photo could easily be a poster - keeping the title of course.


Diesel Dude yes, just yes...


Diesel Dude This is almost like Wangan Midnight's Blackbird!  The frame is doomed from a bad hit, just go tubular on the chassis with carbon fiber body panels and wreck some faces!


That sucks...  I say don't toss the chassis, tube that sucker and make it a 24hr of  LeMons track car lol


@daender Diesel Dude Not a bad idea! Adriana 2 - The Revenge with an even bigger ass to wiggle and maybe a nice pair of turbos :D


Diesel Dude I like butts...


I saw on the earlier post as to what happened, I can't even imagine how you all feel. But the real question is are you guys going to build another RWB or another car, if anything at all for next year.


Simply P You can alway request a print of it in our store :D


YotaWraith If it were my car I'd do it...


DRiFTaddict Well we never built this in the first place. This was one of 7 cars that Nakai uses as demo cars for customers to use at this event. We will be back year for sure and intend to have more Speedhunters join me!!


speedhunters_dino DRiFTaddict was it Adriana that had the fire happen to her last year as well


DRiFTaddict  speedhunters_dino Yes, same car. Poor thing!!


I don't see the death of this 993 yet.
Regarding the prices for air cooled Porsche at the moment, it seems that every car is saveable. Especially if you're "just" building a race car.
I always like your Idlers coverage Dino!


Max @Ghettoporsche Yeah might be a slight chance, I will have to ask Nakai once he's back in Japan. And very glad you like it. Really got to hit up one of the Tsukuba or Sodegaura idlers, it's been a while


Still looks badass.. I'd just fix the suspension enough to drive it around and cruise it as is


sad to see that!


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earmenau Dunno, it's pretty bent...


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Eighth photo from the top, is this an earth strap?


Just rebuild it with a tubeframe in the front


speedhunters_dino earmenau Frame rack and hydralic pressure?


jessepanic speedhunters_dino earmenau maaaaaybe...


Sucks to suck


Send me the chassis, i rebuild it.


JoshMale1 It's getting refueled in the picture, so the earth strap would make sense.  Safety first.


Dino, the flares seem to be made of fiberglass chopped strand mat (CSM).  It's stiff, and feels beefy, but it's pretty weak and won't absorb a lot of impact.  There's inherently a lot of resin for the amount of fiberglass (and epoxy can't generally be used with CSM), and the individual fiber length is short, so not a lot of strength there.  It's nowhere close to the strength and impact attenuation as a similar thickness of fabric reinforcement and epoxy, that's for sure.

steveland cleamer

Guy Martin said something to the effect of 'If you are not crashing, you are not racing'.  Great attitude Dino, to be able to appreciate these cars as individual works of mechanical art, but to still use them as intended and when things don't go great, that's just racing.


Makes sense, since Lotus 211's don't even need brakes....


However, if RWB were to part out the cars wreckage...
I'd pay 100 for a chunk of RWB that has been mangled.
Like buying a piece of art. Well, it is buying a piece of art, but it shows the racing spirit that's in the cars, it kind of completes the vision so as to speak.
But yeah. Chop up the panels and sell em' on the Speedhunters store. Let her live on.


And you cannot lie?


@guest   Crashes make you suck?


Very amazing how the drivers did not get hurt considering the visual of the damage done to the race cars. If a person was involved in a collision that damaging would easily see a few weeks of hospital time.



Tubeframe it. It might not be street legal already but it will live on as a pure racecar


...so, was the $300 dollars collected per team rules? 

My condolences, here's to a full 12 hours in 2017!


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Did someone say 'Kremer'?


James_Turbo Now that's a porsche race car! Nakai should definitely shut up the haters and build something like this.


James_Turbo Took the words right out of my mouth! :D


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time for a tube frame for sure, don't let the story end here dino.


....Do I see an RWB version of a 935 replica coming up in the future as a result? This idea seems like the logical evolution.

-tube frame: required now
-crazy 935 style body: specialty of RWB
-bonkers twin turbo engine: also specialty of RWB

The idea writes itself people!!!!!


It's nice to see the RWB joint this race, nice to look at and great sound. I just wish that Nakai san gave a better training to the drivers. It's no use to fight against cars that are ten laps ahead, it's also no use to block cars that are faster in corners but slower on the straights. This kind of attitude creates frustration and people take risk to take over for no reason. In my memory I took over this car in the hairpin before the back straight, he then took over again in the straight as it has more power and arrived too hot in the right corner. There were many cars behind him as he kept blocking everybody. Then I remember him spinning and... Chaos. Not sure in what order but the Elise hit him at some point, after the spin I believe. One thing I'm sure of is that the back was not damaged by the Elise.


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It's a rough world, RIP Adriana.


Articles just saying the Elise hit the back hard enough to make it spin, doesn't say anything about the damage. Doesn't take much force hitting the rear to make a car spin.


Great to see it out there. She went with honor.


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@Fabrik8 JoshMale1 And yet no roll cage.  Go figure.  They were very lucky.


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Yessss! A gf for Rusty! Lol


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This is typical garbage lies from Carbonare as always. There is clear and irrefutable onboard video from another competitor 5 cars back that shows the 911 spun all on its own and because of that spin, wrecked a bunch of cars, including a Subaru.
The simple fact is that none of these amateurs know what they're doing so what does the "pro" do? Blame another competitor. That's disgusting.
Why they're covering up for their amateurism by actually having the temerity to blame an innocent driver for their own mistakes is deplorable. It's obvious none of them know how to drive... Or lie very well either.


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