Could Nissan’s Z32 Come Back In Fashion?

When I gave Aki a lift to Nissan Prince Tokyo Motorsports Factory in Sakura-Shinmachi to pick up Project 33 the other day, I wandered around a bit. It’s something I always tend to do – especially in places like this. And I’m glad I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have found this beauty sitting at the far end of the garage.

For a model that I once thought had aged prematurely, the Z32 Fairlady Z/300ZX is now something I can’t help but give more than a passing glance to. It’s an attraction I’ve held for a couple of years now, and the thoughts that ran through my head when seeing this deep-blue example were very naughty. I think I’d have no problem taking a clean base car like this and turning it into something very special. Add decent wheels, overhaul the chassis and suspension components with performance gear, and fit some latest-tech turbos and engine management to the tightly packaged VG30DETT under the hood, and you’d be able to create one fast and very capable car.

If parking and space in general wasn’t such a luxury in Tokyo, I’d have quite the string of project cars. For now however, it’s just one more of those ‘what if?’ thoughts that we car guys have plenty of during any given day. Which leads me to the question: If you had the opportunity to build up a Z32, what would you do to it?

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I'd turn it into a race car. Just because it's not very common to do and I think if you shave a decent amount of weight from it it would be quite good


THANK YOU.  It never went out of style Dino, after 12 years of ownership, I wouldn't trade mine for anything. (pic below) This car gets a lot of "hate" due to the fact it can be challenging to work on. But the rewards far outway the repairs. Too bad there are so many sitting neglected due to owners being afraid to work on them. They were the best selling sports car in the early 90s for a reason. 

I agree, they will make a huge comeback, and I can't wait!


Nope.  Looking at the jam packed engine bay gives me the quivers.


if I have one, I might went with the restomod path. maybe with VR38DETT swap.

it's the Fairlady I like after 240Z.


Love the idea too, but I think the vr engine might sit a bit too high in the 300zx engine bay. The original setup is tight as an 18 yr old. You can barely fit two fingers in the engine bay lol.


The Z32 is a classic, to be certain. While tuners have been claiming 600hp or more for years, I'd like to keep it very close to stock - even down to the OEM alloys. I don't think I could resist a bit of extra power via tuning or larger turbochargers, though.


Yank the engine out of it, and put an SR or RB into it so it's easier to service.


Anything I would do to it is swap a modern Nissan VK engine plus drivetrain yet make the work look factory OEM quality. And steelies, it must have steel rims.


SonnyNguyen you're a filthy, dirty, naughty old man.


BrandonTilghman Looks period correct!


I've always like the look of the car but the stock engine is notoriously unreliable and expensive to rebuild.


Not an unreliable engine at all, like any engine regular servicing and a good tune if upping the boost or swapping out injectors will see the engine last (they don't like running lean). I'm on my second Zed now and i put 86000 on my last VEDTT engine and it never missed a beat while pushing 450 bhp at the flywheel on stock internals!!! Oil change every 5000 miles and a rolling road session every year for a tweak and it just kept going,
Bought another car after selling my last one and again I've had no probs and the engine has done 110000 miles whilst turning out 493 bhp on stock internals.
You can get a tapping noise on start up but I find regular oil changes minimize the wear and it doesn't get worse. The noise always goes when the engine is warm.
I drive my cars hard and allow warm up and cool down time though.
Thats my experience with them anyway.


A SWB manual is hard to find in the UK, and if I had one I would prefer that, but I would love to do the Z32 thing at some point.


never went out of fashion.
I would swap out to a Honda K series and run it like that for six months. Then, once I've upset enough people I would go the RB26dett route, AWD from a 33' too. Maybe a Tarzan box. Then I'd spend my days alternating between cars and annoying the traffic on the local hills.
I'd keep that dope looking dash though.


They are findable, I've seen quite a few in the UK, going reallllly cheap mind you (so probably dead and or dying)
I think there was one running in time attack a few years back.


I can see how it may have aged prematurely, but I think they've been in style for awhile now. Its a good looking car, especially with some simple modifications. My impression locally is there are 2 issues that prevent it from becoming popular - 1. Finding a clean base to start from. 2. Reliability


I feel like in Northern California, I still see quite a few Z32s on the road. And having sold my VW, expecting to end up in an 80s Toyota, I found a clean and fairly original 87 Z31 2+2. I see far fewer of those around here and couldn't beat the price vs. condition situation. So I bought and I really like it. I feel like the Z31 was the last generation of Z to kinda keep (more or less) the proportions of the original Z with the driver sitting more toward the rear of the car. 

The Z32 seemed to be the first generation to place the driver more in the middle of the car and the looks are quite as timeless as the earlier Zs. Everything feels kind of smoothed over. And that's just my impression from looking at it. Maybe I'm way off base. Anyway, that was rambling and not quite on topic, but I think if you can find a clean starting point, you can definitely build a pretty sweet car. For sure.


LukeEVOVIII I'd do a fast road car slash track car build. SR20 swap or something even wilder.


BrandonTilghman No come on, for a while there it was out of style. We were persuaded that what came after it was the car to get into but in reality they never improved on it. I love its aggression, flowing lines and simple and ageless interior. Engine I'd probably get rid of and go for a swap, don't hate me for it though haha


j_tso (think SR20 swap....)


earmenau SonnyNguyen lol, this is degenerating fast...


ChrisTonn I will never forget that ride Kitabayashi-san of Pentroof gave me in his orange one years ago. Certainly had all the 600+ horses he claimed that's for sure!


ChrisTonn here it is in case people forgot it!


Matt Wood 2JZ like the one C&Y Sports built years back


speedhunters_dino ChrisTonn  Stellar.


MikeDonnelly my 6 years working at Nissan dealers, my experience with the Edmonton Z Car Club, and a whole lot of other info would disagree. 
They are great engines if maintained and modified properly. They just have a bad reputation in North America because owners can't do so proper servicing like timing belt changes, and treated them like 90's 5.0L Mustangs (rode hard, put away in disrepair). Parts pricing, yeah, it is expensive through the dealer (since Nissan doesn't seem to want to support anything pre-Renault buyout, but that's a story for another day), but there are specialty dealers stateside such as Z1 Motorsports and Specialty Z that are invaluable!
The only VG engine that is a complete turd is the VG33E (supercharged) that was used in the Nissan Xterras. That engine is notoriously unreliable and very expensive to work on for what it is.
Anyhow, I'm gonna keep saving my duckets to import a 99 Fairlady Z Version R 2+2 (with the optional Recaro interior) here into Alberta, Canada. Hoping for a Solar Yellow or Midnight Purple car, and for the car to take a little trip to JUN for a tune-up before it hits the boat, but it's all about that money...


I remember in magazines and tuner adds there was a 2-seat Twin Turbo Z32 with a Kaminari body kit (kit # KA31402), 3-piece BBS mesh wheels, and HKS and Trust engine parts. It was my dream car, but just being in highschool, I couldn't even afford a 240SX (RPS-13).  Now that I'm working, building my highschool dream car would be a cool project.


AprilexHK There isn't much modern with a production Nissan VK haha Maybe the version they used in Super GT...without the restrictors


MikeDonnelly (psst....swap...SR20...)


RichlyOrange There are currently 85 for sale on Car Sensor in Japan, 32 of which are manuals and one of which has 12,000 km on the clock. WTF!


ra21benj Do it and we'll feature it!


speedhunters_dino BrandonTilghman Sad to hear, especially coming from you. :(
With mild engine modifications, updated brakes, and suspension these cars really come alive. The reliability of the motor is just like any other car, proper care and maintenance is enough to keep them going a very long time. Most that have had major issues never understood the car and proper ways to fix them. 

These cars were ahead of their time, and that has caused some issues down the road. Old issues that have very simple and readilyavailable answers for. (ex...HICAS)
I guess I'll just go back to the Z32 community, it's bigger and supportive than most think. There are new parts coming out all the time ranging from mechanicals to body work. The fun part of owning a 90's car like this is updating them with a modern touch. Just like with Supra's, RX-7s, NSX, and 3000GTs you have to know the right community to be with and learn the car and the people.

I'm a damn proud diehard (S30 and) Z32 fan, we are out there, few and far between and usually with dirty hands but smiling.

*sidenote* totes jelly about your R34 and the post yesterday about the Nissan shop visit, omg. I hope to visit Japan one day.


Anyone remember the fantastic TV commercials Nissan had for this car?

My favorite one was the "If I Had a Z..." which shows the Z flashing its lights at a 911 on the Autobahn, to GET OUT OF THE WAY.

Made me get excited about Nissan....


speedhunters_dino MikeDonnelly a Nissan VR Engine (either the new VR30DDTT from the Infiniti Q50 or the VR38DETT from the GT-R.. and there are wrecked cars out there now) would be a bit more interesting. 
and the stock engine bay can be very very tidy if you spend some time and money on it..


ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀs Cᴀʀᴍᴇɴ
ᴀɴsᴡᴇʀᴇᴅ I ᴀᴍ sʜᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ ᴀʙʟᴇ ᴛᴏ ɢᴇᴛ ᴘᴀɪᴅ $9170 ɪɴ ᴀ ғᴇᴡ ᴡᴇᴇᴋs ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴜᴛᴇʀ
. ʙʀᴏᴡsᴇ ᴀʀᴏᴜɴᴅ ᴛʜɪs sɪᴛᴇ...

Gianluca FairladyZ

Oldie but Goldie!


speedhunters_dino LukeEVOVIII Dino let's buy one, get LukeEVOVIII to turn it into a race car for us, and then we can do idlers next year.


Aki_Itoh speedhunters_dino LukeEVOVIII


I had an NA Z32 when I was 18 and I wrecked it being an 18-year-old guy. It's been almost 10 years since, and I still find myself browsing AutoTrader once a month or so, looking at Z32s. I'd never get rid of my GTI project though, so a second project isn't in the cards for now. 

I'm thrilled that we are starting to see more of them get used and built. They are a royal pain to work on and parts are expensive, but damn they're pretty.


I would love to put nismo/rare parts. Unfortunately there arent many Nismo parts


Aki_Itoh LOL that's funny. Thankfully these cars aren't quite as valuable as similarly aged Porsche's, so I think we could be looking at a future potential Speedhunters Project Car...


turbo lm7 tbk front bumper, abflug fenders, veilside c2 wing. Pretend I'm on the wangan?


Never went out of style.
And so awesome that Lamborghini even stole the Z32's headlights for their Diablo :)


good article. i have always had a soft spot for z32's. I always grouped them with the 90s classics like supra and rx7. What is rather new to me over the last few years is the love i am developing for the z31's as well. every time i see a clean example i stop and stare. or harass owner into talking cars with me.


great input. love to hear the techs side. was a tech myself for many years but never worked on any z32's. just always heard horror stories of VG ownership. beautiful cars. simple yet bold. i miss those days of nissan.


gorgeous. love it.


I'm already doing it :D


i alway have thing for z32...   i would put more modern aero body, with lip spoiler on back....   and fit mooneyes hubcap on it. with more powerful engine/electronics


speedhunters_dino without the restrictors, all I would get is a glorious rumble of a V8, a bunch of pissed neighbors and being pulled over at every road block. But at least im happy with it right?


I make tires dissappear with mine


I love the barbie commercial for the z


Timeless design


Nice fresh, twin scrollers on, not too big for quick spool and a nice Haltech Elite and some exhaust with high flow cats and with single tip cans on the back and some deep, deep work meister CR01's and a pair of R34 seats wrapped in the same colour as the other interior trim, YES DO IT!


As a 300ZX Z32 TT, Supra MKIV TT, RX7 FD and 3000GT VR4 owner, the 300ZX and the Supra are the most reliable of the group, with the Z being even more reliable than my Supra.

I hate that a lot of people think that the 300ZX is unreliable and don't realize that the problem is the current or previous owner that didn't do any proper maintenance to the car.

With proper maintenance a 300ZX and a Supra can last forever.


Or RB swap it :D A 26 or a 30/25 will do


What a collection, well done! I echo the maintenance thing too.


One of my favorites @articdragon192 who runs in the Corner3 Nissan Challenge Series in So cal. I used to not care about z's until he came along.


The last few years I've pined for a 300zx as my first jap, insurance and parts costs have scared me of fun original while now I've just got a house, definitely in the future though, the ones I see round here all seem to have bgw's and chromies... So I need to make a decent one.


I would love to. I look online every now and then to browse ones on sale. Be a good idea to pick one up soon - I think they're going up in value here in the states....


Been there done that...twice and still have them after 20 years. Great car if mechanically minded


I have the opportunity, love the car.  Problem is I don't have all the money to throw at it that I want.  Still an amazingly capable car on 26 year old stock suspension.  It's pretty easy to lay down over 500 whp on stock internals and turbos now on e85.


Proud owner of a 1996 Z32 Convertible (stock everything).  I have had similar thoughts to modify, but have not been able to bring myself to do any cosmetic work.  I have spent time finding missing plastic pieces, re-upholstering, etc.

If I was to modify, I would start with the braking and suspension systems.  And while I would love to have the more powerful TT engine, I will settle for what I have.


Owned two for 20+ years. Great car if mechanically inclined


Corner3 Motorsports i love watching his laps. Edgar's car is good looking, well used car in the best sense


speedhunters_dino ra21benj I own that Z32 :) #000 of eight special edition twin turbo's called an SR-71. I tracked the car down and am restoring it back to its former glory. The car's been a dream of mine and I'm hoping to have the project completed by Christmas.


Not anymore you dont lol


Love my Z32, certainly had my fair share of ups and downs with it. Not many of them here in Zimbabwe but 90% of the other owners are cool and we help each other out in sourcing parts(basically importing everything from the guys in the US) or fixing things.Car's been pretty reliable except for some expected aging after 26 years(turbos, injectors). Just about to finish freshening up the motor. Not planning to go big power or anything (yet) but its nice to know that i can if i wanted to. Would definitely love to see more 300ZX especially from Japan on the site. A certain Yuichi Katoh has a tastefully resto-moded car that i love


speedhunters_dino Aki_Itoh This ad that only aired once is my favorite but love all of them..but i'm biased lol


Put a V8 in it, transform it into a streetable drift car, full gutted, diamon steelies...


I've had 3 of these beauties, still in love with her! These are the cars you turn back to look at after you've parked!


I would in a heartbeat.  I worked at a Nissan dealership and there were a few really clean Z32s that came in.  It is high on my list of cars I would LOVE to own.


My build list;
GT675rs turbo's (GT2860's)
AMS manifolds
AMS 3" DP's
AMS 3" - 2.5" resonated TP's
2.5" resonated quad tipped LaBree catback with 2.25" venturi's prior to rach muffler
58mm throttle bodies
AMS 2.5" Intercooler piping
RSP 2.5" SMIC's
AMS Lightweight pulley set
Z1 1pc driveshaft
12 lb lightweight flywheel w/ 6 puck clutch
UAS 1pc braided SS teflon clutch line
ARP fasteners and Cometic head gasket for Stage 1+ Longblock rebuild with Wiseco pistons and Eagle rods
PE850cc injectors
Nistune ECU
Dual 370Z pop filters w/ dual MAF's
AMS Brake Master Cylinder Brace
SS braided teflon brake lines
350Z Brembo front calipers with 2pc AMS 350Z rotors
AMS brake pads front and rear
AMS Race Coilovers
AMS Adjustable front tension arms
AMS Z32 inner and Z34 outer adjustable tie rod ends
AMS Max HICAS Delete
AMS RUCA lockout bolt kit
AMS radiator
Taurus Efan conversion with Audi 2sp thermo switch and Hollister Road 2sp fan relay controller
AMS rad hoses
Z1 boost hoses
AMS clear timing belt cover
AMS remote coolant reservoir
AMS chrome throttle and fuse box covers
HKS DLI Ignition Amplifier
GReddy Profec B boost controller
GReddy turbo timer
Vented fender liners for SMIC's
HID headlight conversion
Dyno'd Aug 2012
572rwhp / 590rwtq / 21psi / 94 octane


That's a shitty list of parts.


JohnSchrauwen Just to let everyone here know, the AMS you represent is the one based out of Canada. 100% cheap knockoffs. Not sure why you insist on polluting the Z32 community with your greed. 

Anyone ask John why there is a whole group dedicated to spreading the news of his crap.

No need to defend yourself.


Your car is riddled with AMS parts though.


Yuichi has a very tastefully and mostly custom modded Z. It's a beauty.


Lol at the trolling haters.
572rwhp and 590rwtq ain't too shabby. U0001f60e


572rwhp and 590rwtq ain't shitty. U0001f60e


JohnSchrauwen you're blind to think I'm a hater. I would love to support a company that provides aftermarket support for our cars.

with your mods, you should be over those numbers. Stop with calling people haters and saying they are trolls. You only show your ignorance.


My greed? Too funny.
I don't work with or for AMS.
The interwebs own you junior. U0001f60e


JohnSchrauwen Here we go.... I've met you and talked to you. You may or may not work for them, but you represent them in their displays. I'm done, John I'm not going to argue with you anymore, enjoy your Z.

btw, no one says interwebs anymore gramps.


AMS parts are shit. Copies of halfway decent parts made with cheap materials.
Lol, go back to your hole you rat fuck.


Mine, i took first place this show


I can't even begin to explain how much I wanted to win an AMShit door prize at ZDayZ and throw it in the trash in front of the entire banquet room. 4 years and nothing, but then again I didn't see anything AMShit last year.


Building with a vh41de cima engine.


They are, unfortunately, maintenance nightmares. I've always liked them, ever since I got a ride in one owned by ZCarGarage's founder when I was about 14 (something about 600whp becomes intoxicating very quickly). 
But it's all of that crazy VG33DETT goodness under the hood that makes them so expensive to maintain. 

Personally, I would built a gnarly N/A VG33DE to put in one, make sure it doesn't have the rear steer, and then give it just a mild drop and some wide wheels with sticky tires. Might help keep the thing simple under the hood. While it wouldn't be winning a lot of drag races, it would certainly feel fast enough to keep me happy on my daily commutes.


AustinKoester My my, what an edgy young man you are


For 17 years I have owned a few (5), and will always have one in the garage. NA or TT, both are fun and a challenge. 
But I love my Slick Top TT conversion I built with my friends in DC at the Bilski garage. JWT Sport 550's with quality Mike Smith Manifolds and supporting parts.
But it's very true, maintenance on these cars is a bit more complex than the basic person can tackle. 
And if you didn't know, Toshio Yamashita, AKA Yama-San, the head designer of the Z32 is currently in Toronto at the National Z convension, through   Aug 6th.


Ditch the VG30 ans drop in a 2JZ or VR38 with sequential box


@Dom AustinKoester it sounds like somebody listens to the rap music.


AustinKoester You're a shitty person


This is what I am doing... VH45DE Swap! Performance VH has all the swap parts!


TheDigitalV3 There's a z32 at the wreckers here where I live and it's this exact thought that has been going through my head every time I see it there. If only I had the money/knowledge...


Motive DVD When will people get tired of the JZ motors... they're really not that interesting anymore...


EricGetz Oh damn, so there is space for that?


MTDatsun Motive DVD Dunno...they seem to make pretty good sense most of the time.


Motive DVD I like how you Aussies think ;)


HaloZ Oh nice clean example right there!


MTDatsun So I've noticed a lot of people delete the HICAS on these cars? Reasons?


MarkoAsakura Another V8 swap! I'm loving all the imagination out there!


@Brad Interesting grille


JohnSchrauwen Pix?


AustinKoester No need for that


3nigm4 TheDigitalV3 Get it, and start tinkering, the knowledge will come ;)


@Eric D I wouldn't touch the exterior much


@Achmiel Still very affordable in Japan


JakWhite nooooooo, not chrome!


300ZXTT Well said, and that is one cool collection you have there!


@SW1 yep that is very true!


speedhunters_dino 3nigm4 TheDigitalV3 I already have a project, and I don't think my wife would appreciate me getting another car that isn't going. Haha.


KylePringle At


rmiguelcar That's ok, they aren't all that


speedhunters_dino it's a tight fit. Follow us on IG @performancevh.vk for the latest updates on the build!


@WacoKid speedhunters_dino ra21benj Sounds very interesting!


3nigm4 speedhunters_dino TheDigitalV3 Ah damn!


speedhunters_dino MTDatsun I think it's just simplification. I know in the R32 it's nearly impossible to get parts here in the states. Not sure if this is true of the Z32 systems as well. One less part to have to replace later.


speedhunters_dino MTDatsun I hear a lot of the Nissan guys removing HICAS or using 'Lockbars' to disable it all the time in Aus. A common reason I've heard is because the rear end feels loose with it.
Seems unfortunate to me. Maybe it's faulty and they then rather do without it hmm.


LS Swap and A Turbo.


speedhunters_dino it's a very un-nerving feeling. and depending on the tires, the computer controlling it will send you in the wall. 
depending at low or high speed, the rear wheels can turn with or opposite of the main wheels and in theory should help corning and stability, but if you don't use it from day one and basically grow with's just scary for some.
some people do as little as add lock out collars on the rear rack, to replacing the rack with a solid bar, to totally swapping out the sub frame from the NA cars, but that's a down grade from a R230 to R200 diff. 
and of course some people delete it do to cost and the PITA factor to repair it. 
90-93 it was an extension of the power steering hydraulic system , and 94+ was electric servo controlled.


Because it's heavy, feels squirrely in the twisties. I'd love for someone to adapt the 94+ (electronic) version with updated hardware for us.


One alternative.

(PS: on the Z32 avoid AMS Canada parts at all costs!!! Cheap Chinese garbage that they knock off from actual R&D parts)


JohnSchrauwen AMS (the Canadian Chinese garbage company...not the respected AMS in Illinois) is a cancer inthe z32 community.  John is their rat if anyone wants to know.


I think appreciation for the Z is long overdue, they are truly beautiful cars. I sold my 350Z (that I had bought new in 2005) to buy my 93 twin turbo 300ZX.  I have considered it an upgrade in every regard--unless you simply can't live without cup holders. :) I bought my gunmetal Z bone stock, have done some pretty simple mods (Volk SF-Cs, coilovers, BPU, Stillen lip, TwinZ side splitters and diffuser). It is not the fastest car I have ever owned, but certainly one of the most enjoyable.
"Add decent wheels, overhaul the chassis and suspension components with
performance gear, and fit some latest-tech turbos and engine management
to the tightly packaged VG30DETT under the hood, and you’d be able to
create one fast and very capable car."  And one damn good looking one, too.


Xrp fittings across the board
Dry breaks where fluids are concerned
Proper heat shielding and venting (heat is a big issue with this cramped engine bay)
Radium / holly / ID fuel setup
Breather mods ( larger intake piping, intercoolers and 3" TBE)
Twinz widebody
HRE wheels
R35 GTR brake setup
Alacantara / leather interior
Full Aero pkg integrated w/ widebody designed by Andrew brilliant
Moto iq team to pick the parts and handle the build
Efr turbos


I'm working the VG30DETT into my FC3S right now


speedhunters_dino MTDatsun Well on the R32 they HICAS get old (old bushes/links, early 90's electronics) and doesn't work properly. Better to remove it for stability and weight savings. I'd say the same applies to Z32s.


speedhunters_dino Or do they? Doesn't VW Group own Lamborghini?


MTDatsun No, they're still interesting.  You're probably just jaded.


Check out the Revolfe kitted Z32 in Japan captured by Street View. I run that page actually and I invite you all for a visit!


Build's done. I'm enjoying just driving it. Not the greatest car in the world, but they're better than most people think.


The Z32 has always been a Wendy Peffercorn for me, I remember lusting after it in middle school at the yellow model across the street. Once I move myself out east, I'll be looking to pick up a track project, and if I can find a clean enough example I'll probably take on that mantle - as my brother has a Z31 right now in the works.


I had a Z32 TT LWB as my first car back in ~2010 and I've always toyed with getting a SWB one and dropping in the V8 from an RS4 and chucking on a load of decent chassis parts to make it steer and stop in a more modern fashion.


inspector_exacto lol nice


EricGetz speedhunters_dino Will do


@JD88 madman!




I've done lots of reading about these z32s and I personally worked on an Na version. What a PITA to work on. I could only imagine the difficulty to work on if it was the TT model. I've read that the last swap seems to be the best combo for the z32. I personally think the z32 is a very beautiful and classic car. The forgotten z from nissan. A real underdog in the car world


I have a 1992 NA 2+2 manual trans t-tops, fantastic car, its like a touring car should be, reliable, good looking, not that slow, 4 persons, and lots of room for stuff (laundry, water containers, luggage etc), i love my car, the only pain is the expensive parts... plus I live in Mexico and earn in pesos so its a 19 pesos vs 1 USD... imagine that... regardless of that I enjoy my car a lot, I plan on attacking some rust on it this year, wish me luck with the economy :D


300ZXTT  all you need is a NSX, and a R32 GT-R or R33 GT-R and you'd have the perfect collection of Japans best hp monsters of the era.


Any press is good press so thank you for writing this article.  I've owned mine for over 13 years but I never bought it in the hopes that it would be "in style" again.  I agree the Z32 can be intimidating to the average owner/mechanic and I don't see it being a practical daily driver because even the basic maintenance parts generally have to be special ordered but there is still a very strong community, after market vendors and technical support for this car.  Too often I see many misconceptions like the ones posted here about this car that scare off potential owners.  As far as I'm concerned this is no different than any other potential project car, you do need to know what you're getting into before you buy one.


speedhunters_dino BrandonTilghman  I think that's more a perception of a younger generation. In my circle, the Z32 never went out of style. It was just past up due to price of maintenance and being needlessly complicated to play with the VG30.

I remember when these were brand new. Frankly the only car from Japan that was in the same league - power and overall performance wise - was the Supra. And even it didn't handle or drive as nice, and at the time, no one considered it prettier.

The TT Z32 dominated all of the magazine and auto reviews pretty much till Japan pulled the plug in the 300ZX in US.


I've owned a few these over the years, a NA model being my first car in high school.They are such undermined cars for how much heritage, technology and performance the car comes with. It seems now that people are catching on. My suggestion for owning one, know a shop that is familiar with this car or make sure you are competent working on cars and treat this car very meticulously. Otherwise it is an epic car and I will own another.


I would love to get a Z32 or, what to my limited knowledge is a similar enough car, a 3000GT/GTO. But I wouldn't go turbo. I'm an all-motor fan, so I'd be a bit alternative and get a high compression build going (or maybe even roots supercharge), then otherwise make the car stop and turn better. One thing I'm not sure about how I feel with this car is body mods. It seems all the aftermarket parts make the car ugly... maybe it's just a testament to the Z32's natural good looks. There are a couple in my town though, and they make the most glorious noise. I love six cylinders!


Amazing cars, I've had two and did them both differently.  Solid aftermarket, even with the AMS Motorsports scum, as now more people know about them and their garbage copies, non-existent customer service and disrespect of the community.
Clean, unmolested ones are getting harder to find, but the car is well worth every penny.  The interior is one of the best I've ever experienced.  Nissan spent a ton of time on the ergonomics and lay out of it.


STOP WRITING ABOUT ALL THE CARS I WANT DAMMIT! Everyone's going to buy all the good examples before I can get my hands on one! haha


AustinKoester lol I think you may have mistaken my Z. There's not 1 single AMS part on my car.


dadecode A GTR R34 or/and an NSX would be great to complete my collection...I like R32's and R33's, but not too crazy about owning them as I'm with the others.


A TwinZ Design widebody kit should be in any 300ZX project list :P


JohnSchrauwen Zip it shrimpy...


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300ZXTT [sarcasm]I'm pretty sure I've seen that style somewhere before[/sarcasm]


otar hahaha sorry man


CyborgGT Yeah the 3000GTO is probably the next car we'll see coming back in a big way...maybe....


Ferras Mexico, nice! Good luck


Becauseracetruck ls-swap everything


@ZFreak Damn how clean is that!


JarradETruog Two is better


niZmO_Man speedhunters_dino MTDatsun Or upgrade it with bits from newer cars?


speedhunters_dino CyborgGT Dino, I swear to god if you make a post about the 3000gt I'm going to cry


AMS built and modified.


AMS built and modified.


Grow up.


Weak compared to a quality build.


How's that AMS inflatable radiator holding up? The MSP manifolds? Funny, you don't have a problem asking SZ for help and advice to keep your ams car running...


At least this one is done in good enough taste that it'll still look good ten years from now. Not something most Miura kits can claim.


It remains second rate compared to quality built Zs with comparable specs. Plenty of examples including my own with better numbers that canbactually oass emissions! Lol... Second rate parts= second rate car. I guess it's a step up from your Honda? You are a bit old for that crowd...


Ive always had a soft spot for them. Gorgeous lines.

Until... You lift the bonnet. It has to be one of the worst engines to work on. Up there with jaguar V12. So much going on and so little room.

Engine out would be my first step.


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That's the most retarded dyno chart I've seen. Stop replying here because you blocked me everywhere else you pussy rat.
Just FYI everyone, this is the rat bastard who buys real parts, gives them to AMS to copy, and then returns them. He's been busted more than once by vendors on public forums. He is truly scum.


Weak? Show me better on pump gas.


Such a potty mouth. Grow up.
Just an FYI, anyone who feels the need to identify themselves as a BigT Dogg, must have issues. Clearly demonstrated by their adolescent behavior and illustrated by intentionally neglecting to mebtion they're the author of that anti-AMS site who's soul purpose to insult, slander and belittle anyonr who chooses/uses anything AMS yet has little to zero personal experience with their parts.
If AMS parts were so bad, then they wouldn't have been able to provide rock solid performance and power for me for almost 9 years running.
Well documented personal experience trumps hate rhetoric every time.


JohnSchrauwen showcases many known failures.
It's called a screen name, and I'm plenty grown up.  I have morals and ethics, unlike you and your Chinada comrades. There is nothing wrong with offering low-cost aftermarket parts.  There is something very wrong copying the hard work of someone else and claiming it as your own.  That's what you and the other imbeciles at AMS don't understand. 

The *sole purpose of our site is to educate new and potential Z owners so they don't make the mistake of buying counterfeit garbage

I'm not going to argue with you here, you are a very confused person who needs to reflect on your actions.  You're a counterfeiting pawn, claiming to be an enthusiast.  Nothing more.


You mean your 94 octane "pump gas" ? Yes we've done more with less and don't feel the need to downplay using a higher octane fuel. Funny thing is, your numbers would be even lower on 93 and safe boost levels. Why tote a dyno sheet that you don't run the car at? Lol...


If a bowed out radiator, poor idling, non-emission passing, rusted undercarriage, ratty interior, cheap respray, paid top dollar for a busted import with an inflated BS dyno sheet paid for by cheating others to further AMS is your definition of rock solid... Enjoy. Lol


If you're into the usual Silvia/Skyline/WRX/Evo etc etc and have to pay the prices that those cars command. I like the Z32 and the GTO, I'd love to have one parked next to my MR2, as I could enjoy the best of both worlds. At an affordable price too. No drift or WRX/Evo tax here baby.


The Z32 is a weird car for me.  I always thought they were totally sweet but then a friend of mine got one and after driving it, it kind of ruined it for me.  Something about the car just doesn't do it for me.  This is coming from an S14 owner and for me s-chassis are just so much more fun to drive.  Still undeniably cool cars though.


It already has round these ends @speedhunters_dino, speak to the guys at eurospec. Actually, tell someone in the uk to speak to them. Used in time attack examples and customers cars.
There's six (!) that I see regularly in damn fine condition.


rv_zenki If you're used to an S14 the Z32 must have felt a tad heavy...


scibO They should have designed a flat six for that low bonnet line :)


CyborgGT Well Miura does "subtle" too, it's just most people don't know it as he designs and builds for other tuners out there


otar speedhunters_dino CyborgGT Done. Get the tissues out ...


JS Just STFU. Now you've found another avenue to push AMS Shit Parts and Service. You are a WORTHLESS BIATCH


Owned U0001f44d


Your fucking delusional


speedhunters_dino This John Schrauwen is a cancer in the Z32 community. He had has been the individual cause of thousands of dollars lost for the people willing to spend the time and effort to engineer quality parts for the Z32. He is universally hated yet still shows his face hoping to appear friendly and helpful so people new to the scene will buy dangerous knockoff parts. AMS, the company that he shills for have threatened their upset customers with legal action in response to forum threads exposing the dishonest practices of their company. AMS has been banned from ZCCA's national convention, and there are groups nationwide dedicated to ensuring that newcomers to the scene are made aware. 
Even their name, AMS (Absolute Motor Specialties) is a knockoff of the reputable AMS Performance in Chicago who are well known for their Alpha Omega GTR. AMS Performance frequently has to explain that they are in no way related to the Canadian knockoff brand. (Did I mention AMS named their top of the line knock off intercoolers 'Omega'?")  

The site is a catalog of many of the failures of AMS parts, and contains links to threads illustrating more. John Schrauwen is a rat, and everyone needs to know.


Let's set the record straight.  John Swhaurauaaauurenaruren whatever his name is takes parts from respectable people in the Z32 community and gives them to AMS to make copies.  They even copied the Navan shift knob for Christ's sake.  They're a company that will do anything for a buck.
I don't give my money to people who will lie and cheat to get ahead.  I KNOW the people I buy my parts from personally.  I see them enough in person and talk with them in person that I would feel guilty knowing that I bought something off some third rate company that has copied THEIR parts.  I support the friends I have made through this community and will continue to do so to see that it continues to advance and move forward.  When you buy from AMS you're detracting from everyone else.  
John, we've seen and heard enough horror stories to not buy AMShit parts.  You're more or less telling us to, "Yo, smell my fart."  Well, John, we're not fucking 7 anymore and we don't find it amusing and we're not going to waft the smell of your shit into our noses.  It may be true that not every single AMS part will break, but I'm not willing to take my chances on that.


She's a heavy lady for sure in stock form.




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Nice spin. I didn't think you have any credible response anyway.


It's a shame you find tge need to hide behind a bogus name. Typical for haters.


Lol too funny.


JohnSchrauwen Here's another one.  
Don't argue with idiots; they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.  

Guess I should have stopped arguing with you years ago, but I can't let your misinformation spread to the unknowing new owners.  You're an idiot John, a mental midget ill-equipped for a battle of wits.
They're not rumors if they're true...


How does the new flame feel about your reputation within the community? Or are you hiding that from her...


I'm Gold Z from TT Net you worthless fuck....I really can't believe someone your age thinks you can keep fooling people. Plain and simple, your a fucking asshole and many people have told you that so really numbnutz, every time you open your mouth about AMS shit you continually prove how fucking stupid you are too. Bet you didn't show up at Z Con this year since its in Canuck land and you would have been beaten down like a wild dog.....when you ain't nothing but a little fucking ratU0001f609


Ass hole


speedhunters_dino Perfect fit. Just dropped her in today.


speedhunters_dino Always thought it was a marketing gimmick. If a race driver can't go faster with it then it's just unnecessary weight and complexity to go wrong. And it's a lot of weight, steel lines running all the way from the P/S pump in the front, controller, the unit itself and linkages. Probably close to 40 lbs total.


Chri5 Duncan speedhunters_dino It did give the Z32 a faster slalom time than the Ferrari 348 though.  And in 1994 they went to an all-electric version of HICAS. That said, I deleted mine on both my cars as it was not very intuitive feeling at all.


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Post one better.
Better yet, post yours.


Lol, typical rantings from a stalker who hides behind psuedo names.


Gold Z - seriously?
You don't have a real name? Too funny.
You can always tell the age and intellect of an individual as when they get frustrated, they resort to adolescent name calling and vulgar swearing.
Carry on oh childish one.


AMS Sucks  I was at last weeks ZCon assisting the staff with events. 
BTW, it's Canada and not "Canuck land". 
Not beaten down.  Even had some pleasant  conversations with Adam, Bernie and Mitch from tt dot net as well. 
It's a shame you're unable to verbalize yourself without resorting to childish gutter talk.


TheOrigBigTDogg It's probably worthwhile mentioning that AMS Motorsports are a completely different company to AMS Performance, the tuning and parts company of 1500hp Lamborghini & GTR fame.

I only say this because I have followed them from the start and got a bit concerned! :)


EdPole Absolutely.  AMS Performance in Chicago is the real deal.  And their none too happy that there's a knock-off company out there riding on their coat-tails.  AMS in Canada even named one of their intercooler products "Alpha".  No doubt to boost search hits.  Just a pathetic excuse for a business all around.


Well speak of the devil.

My dad and I test drove one of these when they first came out, well he drove, I rode along. I dont know if it was a turbo. The styling was way a head of its time, though this is when the other legendary Japanese cars came out which also were ahead of their time. I remember this and the NSX being like spaceships. I dont think Ill ever forget that test drive or stumbling upon where the owner of the red NSX in my town must have worked as I caught the car there more than once.

Where I go when I pretend build a Z32.


Lol, except in this case there's no rumors, but well documented failures that come back again and again.


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Mercedes SLK-Class SLK55 AMG
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AMS Sucks 

Toshio Yamashita (designer of the Z32) after signing my sun visor at the 2016 ZCon.


@BlackholeZ JohnSchrauwen 
For every so-called failure you assume to be true, I have similar documentation from your so called preferred vendors.  Why are things like rusty Powertrix coilovers, failed Powertrix front coilover bushings, failed Powertrix front tension arms, failed Selin Translators, failed V1 SPL FUCA's, etc etc  always overlooked or dismissed as acceptable? Why is it acceptable for SZ to have their DP's and TP's made in Asia but AMS not?   Why is it OK for Powertrix to relabel Korean made HSD coilovers?   Why is it OK for 300 degree to use the Border racing Fuel rail as their template and AMS not allowed to do the same? Why is it OK for SZ to have their catback made by Fast Intentions?  Why is it OK for Ashspec to have their IC piping kit made in Asia and not AMS? 
If you really did your homework/research, you'd find that these so called AMS part failures were caused by either poor installation, improper use/application and/or improper care/maintenance. 
None of your vendors are without fault themselves, so lets not kid ourselves and point fingers or make rhetorical accusations.


JohnSchrauwen You want a medal or a chest to pin it on?  Looks like you photoshopped FFV out of the picture.  Why else would you have your mouth open?

Just because you stood in line to meet the people who matter to our community doesn't make you any less of a piece of shit. Hope you didn't touch him and give him your Candaids


TheOrigBigTDogg JohnSchrauwen 
I was questioned as to why I didn't attend the 2016 ZCon.  This pic was just authenticating my particitpation/attendance.
It's such a shame you're unable to express yourself in a mature manner.  Consistently resorting to insults, vulgarity and childish behaviour isn't very becoming for one who believes he speaks for the majority. 
It's also a shame you shied away from attending this year.  We could have met personally and then you could have ranted all you want and get it out of your system.


JohnSchrauwen Save the vagina monologues for your sheep in the Z32 Tech Group Shrimpy.  I didn't go this year because of work and family commitments.  You didn't go in 2013 because you "felt threatened"
And swearing has been attributed to both intellect and honesty.  So maybe that's why I talk like Andrew Dice Clay, because I'm a fucking genius who speaks the truth.  
You want to show manners by not helping people steal from others.  That's way more important than any language I use.


Why is it OK for you to lie, cheat, and steal from others in support of AMS? Why have you been shunned from so many Z32 groups? Why are there plenty of Z enthusiasts with different parts that get along and enjoy events, etc? It's because they don't shill for AMS. Whatever benefits you received from AMS due to your actions must have been significant considering what you've done to the community and given up for yourself.


I always double take when I catch sight of a Z32. It's always been one for my 'dream' garage, along side other Japanese muscle. (Basically anything Japanese from Gran Turismo 1)


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Prices of 300ZX in EU are getting higher and higher, something must be happening


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"Why is it OK for you to lie, cheat, and steal from others in support of AMS?"
I don't.  Please provide proof.

"Why have you been shunned from so many Z32 groups?"
Because I don't subscribe to your groups bullying and hate rhetotic to fall in line with what your group proclaims as being the only sources for Z parts.  And because I won't be silenced by you or others like you because of my preference for Z parts.

"Why are there plenty of Z enthusiasts with different parts that get along and enjoy events, etc?"
Because those parts work just as well. They may be easier or cheaper to acquire for them as AMS parts are for me.

"Whatever benefits you received from AMS due to your actions must have been significant considering what you've done to the community and given up for yourself."
The benefits I have received is great service.  This includes getting serviced at evenings or weekends due to my distance from AMS.   AMS recognizes and appreciates this obstacle  and endeavours to accommodate.

Now that I've respectfully answered your questions, would you be as considerate to do the same to the questions I asked earlier that were answered with questions instead?


Pretty much a long winded way to say you can't show anything better. 
That dyno was at 21psi which was a very safe boost level considering the build.  The dyno was stopped short due to a sticky BOV so there was a little left on the table. My EBC high boost is at 21psi and low boost is at 16psi.
What you have failed to gleen from that dyno is the ability to reach 590rwtq at 4100rpm.  I saw an 800+ rwhp Z32 dyno sheet last week at Zcon.  While he achieved that HP at 7500rpm (which no one casually drives at), he made slightly over 200rwtq at 4100 rpm.  One can cruise safely around all day at around 3500rpm by just bring mine up to 4100rpm, I have 590rwtq on tap.  It's not about about HP, it's about torque.  And the ability to use that max torque at the earliest rpm level.  I have successfully achieved that. 
Please post a dyno sheet with similar mods achieving similar results.  And remember, this AMS build was done almost 9 years ago.   I'd say that in itself is proof positive of AMS parts and AMS service.


Man oh man where to begin. The z32 was my first car and I still currently own it till this day. So much money went into the point where now I'm questioning if I should sell it. I love it to death, but financially it's the best move as I'm not too mechanically inclined. I only know of two shops in socal within 100 miles of me that have a substantial amount of knowledge and experience with these cars, but I'm not one to drive that far of a distance in addition to my z not being mechanically sound and reliable at the moment. It's a love-hate relationship with these cars but after owning one for so long I know I'll regret my decision if I do find a buyer


I'm working day in & day out to save up enough $$ for my 4th Z32. This time, as much as people encourage me not to, my goal is to have it ready for Formula D and any other series at that. Yeah 2JZ is "the way to go" & RB26 is "the right thing to do" but nowadays in order to get recognizedand sponsored, YOU HAVE TO BE UNIQUE ! Who knows, maybe a rotary swap, SRT10 swap, or something even worse to the basic human eye. So watch out for it Dino !
                                                                                                                                                                                     - @OctaneCity


speedhunters_dino MTDatsun  I replaced the HICAS system with a lockbar for the same reason others here mentioned. The HICAS steering rack was leaking power steering fluid everywhere as well and is too expensive/doesn't make sense to replace.


My Wife has a manual TT 2+2, She's loved Z'd for as long as she can remember. We'd had her's for 12 years.

Basic mods, teins, cat back exhaust, pod, front mount cooler, 12psi. Makes just shy of 200rwkw.

Awesome car to drive, can be a bit tricky to maintain, but once you get out of the R or S chassis frame of mind (I've got a Cefiro and R33) and just accept it takes longer to do things, its not too bad.

We've been pretty lucky with reliability, but its only driven once a week, so not a daily.



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What would I do? Well ,either this color blue, or a dark green, a set of bronze Volk ce28rn wheels, and a few suspension mods to get it sitting right, then enjoy it. Address any issues/improvements one at a time, after that. There are a lot of cars out there that I feel need a lot of work right off, but the Z32 is already a gorgeous fun car to my mind.


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JDM Import Tune n Drift

Well, maybe a stock white Z32 300ZX Twin Turbo(Japanese number plate) as a base, give it a set of bronze Volk TE37 wheels, modding suspension, giving the latest powerful aftermarket Twin Turbo to the really cramped 3.0L VG30DETT, setting boost, rollcage, basic weight reduction, changing exhaust into a more powerful one, intercooler, installing a piggyback ECU system, and then, enjoy it. At least it should have about 400BHP.

JDM Import Tune n Drift

Haters of AMS that creates anti-AMS sites that is made for the purpose of insulting AMS's high quality parts are only childish people that does NOT have any experience with AMS's high performance parts.
AMS would have NEVER provide high performance parts for my car if it was a low quality car parts builder.
All of you people that insults AMS parts maybe do not know anything about AMS.
Well, one easy question.
The AMS Alpha Omega GT-R R35,
if AMS cannot build good parts, then how are they able to create a powerful 1000BHP+ machine out of a Nissan GT-R R35?
That should be easy for you people as AMS haters.


JDM Import Tune n Drift
if 400 hp was all you were looking for you can do that with just ECU tuning.


Please shut the fuck up asshole


@JD88 lol you sir are a hero...seen this motor going out of a lot fo Z's and not into many others


AustinKoester His car is my inspiration..absolute beauty of a thing


I have always been coming to look at this 300zx, will it ever have a ful story more pics?


I tooke the motor out of a Z32 and crammed it into my FC RX-7


My 96TT has 17,xxx miles on it, and I'm not touching a thing, other than the OG that got rusty. Not that I haven't been tempted....


OG exhaust