A Peek Inside The Evil Empire
Pure Evil

Think Russian drifting, and there’s a good chance the Evil Empire will be one of the thoughts that comes to mind – and it’s easy to understand why.

At its 2007 formation in Saint Petersburg, the Evil Empire was simply a youth movement with an interest in skateboarding and other extreme sports, but a couple of years later the group was introduced to drifting and hasn’t looked back since.


Team members have competed in various drifting championships around the world, including the local Russian Drift Series, the Eastern European Drift Championship, Drift Allstars, the Drift UAE Championship and of course Formula Drift, although you might best know the Evil Empire for their cars and their videos.

If you’re talking about the latter, then Дрифт в центре Санкт-Петербурга (translation: Drift In The City) featuring Evil Empire’s top-ranked driver Sergey Kabargin and his Supra cutting loose on the streets of Russia’s second largest city is undoubtably the team’s biggest triumph to date. Released earlier this year, the 5-minute short film has already clocked up close to 2 million views on YouTube alone, something you probably won’t find all that surprising if you’ve watched it already. If you haven’t, click play above.


At the heart of the Evil Empire’s regular video releases via the team’s channel and that of Sergey‘s, are some very unique drift cars, all of which are maintained from this well-equipped workshop in Saint Petersburg.


The Evil Empire’s staff of 10 have been working together for years, and they’re not only co-workers but also very close friends, which brings a special dynamic to the operation. Pavel Smirnov (center) is Evil Empire’s lead mechanic, and of course a drifter himself.


Although the workshop could be considered large by most standards, when it’s the middle of the racing season and a weekend, space is at an absolute premium.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that almost every Evil Empire employee owns a race car, and a few have more than one. And it’s everything from Nissan Silvias, to a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, plus a Toyota Chaser, Aristo and Mark II. There’s even Corvettes and Vipers in the mix. But if there’s one car that really defines the Evil Empire, it’s the fourth-generation Supra.

Supra Reinvention

Given Sergey Kabargin’s penchant for Toyota’s front-engined and rear-drive hero of the ’90s (he’s driven many over the years), it was only natural that the Evil Empire would follow suit and start looking at ways to improve the Supra’s drift-ability. But it’s not the mechanical underpinnings that identify these cars though – it’s the way they look.


A lot of work went into the exterior transformation, beginning with sketches and then a 3D model, just as it’s done in an automotive design studio.

For the final components that give Evil Empire Supras their own identity, material choice was carefully considered too. You might expect it all to be FRP, but in an effort to shave as much weight as possible from the Supra chassis, the doors, fenders, bonnet, trunk lid and other items are all produced out of carbon/Kevlar.


The headlights are another area where the attention to detail really shines. It’s quite common to see lights from other automakers used with serious transformations like this (think: Porsche headlights in RE Amemiya’s ‘Super GReddy’ FD3S RX-7 kit), but again, the credit all goes to the Evil Empire here. The LED headlights were designed in house and mocked up using a 3D printer, with the finished items manufactured to an OEM standard.


After five years of building these cars, the Evil Empire team have formulated a recipe that works, albeit using a number of non-traditional engineering solutions. With each new Supra build, the body is stripped down to a completely bare chassis ahead of blasting, welding and then painting.


Although we’ve seen a Mast Motorsport RHS466 V8 in one of Sergey’s Supras, there’s no guessing the Evil Empire’s engine of choice. Once again, the team knows exactly what works, and their Toyota 2JZ-GTE recipe involves stroking the inline-six up to 3.4L and fitting a large single Precision turbocharger. With this sort of setup, 800+hp is no problem.

You only need to look at the custom suspension setup to see just how well built these cars are. Every element is considered, and the finished build quality is amazing.


I’m not sure what I expected to see when Lex Ulanov said he’d send through some photos of the team’s operation, but it’s hard to not be impressed by what’s created inside this Russian workshop.

Long may the Evil Empire continue.

Brad Lord & Lex Ulanov

Photos by Lex Ulanov



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Damn...Its hard not to be seduced by the dark side looking at that rear suspension.
Also, these cars look even more badass when you know there's not 1, not 2 but 3 in the fleet.


these are the ugliest cars i have ever seen!!!!!!!! what a waste! if it doesnt look good then whats the point? fuck anyone who thinks differently!


@ihateyoutoo They're made for drifting, not a fuckin fashion show, get over it lame ass.


@ihateyoutoo It's unique m8


I agree the colour scheme is far too much for my tastes (I prefer the simple look with a strait colour or 2), but you have to admit their not bad at drifting.


Only Russians can make a Supra look THIS ugly... for f*%ks sake, leave poor Toyotas alone and trash your zhigulis. Commies.


Not only do I think these cars are totally sick, its awesome how they just make their own stuff. Love that. Just to stir the pot, this kit looks better than a lot of the ones from Japan.

turbo BEAMS ae86



@ihateyoutoo that's the spirit! :D


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cakibi my Aunty Peyton just got stunned green by a pc from only workin part time on a Suzuki Equator. go to hell.


Supra from last few shots was built by HGK


Unique New York


@LawRee And who said xenophobia was dead?


Those giant Star Wars paintings though. I need that in my life.


andrxw unique =/= good looking
stop trying to justify shit-tier aesthetics just because they're unique.


It's a shame to change a Supra so much, but you gotta move with the future, and this is just awesome!


@ihateyoutoo Whats the point? Well, func is always better than form. And I quite like the badass Audi look. But hell, what do I know.


are you sure these headlights aren't from something like an audi a7 ??? Oo 
I think this bulky nose doesn't fit the supra at all it makes the side profile of the hood look really messed up.
But I guess these cars are made to basically say go f**k yourself to everbody and not to look aesthetically pleasing.


Great car. I do think so and fuck yourself and have a funny !!!


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The mechanical stuff, fair play they seem to know what they're doing, real nice shop too and obviously they have some fun driving them, so good on them :)

I won't comment on the 'look' of these things though... I probably couldn't put it into words if I tried.


TomRich Hit the nail on the head, you did.   I love their concept, their engineering, their driving, nearly everything about their whole crew actually...



Yup, you're right, can't express how I feel about them Supras in words.  Damn.


TomRich at first i didn't like the looks of Supra too, but after seeing it in real life drifting in front of  my own eyes, i started to think it looks pretty amazing :D


So they're making LED internals to be retrofitted inside Audi A7 headlight housings and lenses?  I'm confused about what they're actually making, and I see OEM-type mounting tabs on the headlight housings.  It's very plausible that they're making new internals, but I seriously doubt they're manufacturing their own exact copy of an Audi lens and housing.


Ouch!!  That Kerb Smack at 3:05 cost him a wheel,. You can see how buckled it is in all the slow motion shots following it. I personally think their ugly as sin, but each to their own. some crazy driving, I'd watch and follow this any day.


the only thing i dont like is the rear end, everything else looks pretty sweet i think


@Max shhhh.... his stupidity doesnt let him see further than his nose...


@ihateyoutoo oh yeah! because YOU are the authority on what is good looking and what is not and you say is what's the truth... how stupid are you, seriously.


You gotta have some pretty big balls to take a timeless shape like the Supra and put it through these kinds of paces. However, these are cars that are driven in full anger and given full attention to detail towards their performance. If there's one thing I can respect is this level of intimacy with your car to do with it as you please. The aethetics are not as important as that, to be honest, no matter my opinion on the transformation.


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https://youtu.be/pwpgAPiHK5c - is the their trip to USA on a FD


https://youtu.be/FQKGHEOnaFc - their crazy winter Russian Drift


my_pony_is_dead  Yeah I imagine they make an impression in real life mate :) They obviously like it and some folks here do too, yourself included, so If they're having fun then more power to them and I hope they keep it up :)

Not my cup of tea visually, but I think a lot of mainland Europe has different tastes than us and that's cool :)


I'll be honest here , their Supra isn't my favourite in term of looks , but I salute them for trying to make something different , and it actually works rather well ... and the rear end of the Supra now looks like FZ5 in Live for Speed .

To be honest the headlights looks like from Audi (for example Premier 4509 GTR kit for Supra use 2008 Audi R8 headlights & taillights) , I wonder if a genuine Audi headlights would fit ?

I've also wonder if they sell the bodykits ? It could help some wrecked Supra to resurrect , since it replaced nearly everything .


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I'm from Saint Petersburg and I even saw some of these cars on events. I don't like the way these cars are styled too but I should admin Evil Empire made the own unique style. I'd say unforgetttable ))

And I want to touch EE team members:

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Or Sergey Stilov on his S15? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKlVcvjUCU2RpBRw864EDGQ


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i need this kit in my life

L. Hutchinson

Building an early 50's Mercedes hot rod and need your help on how you placed the Mercedes M275 V12 in the 2010 Mustang.
I want to use the same engine but need guidance on the ECU package.
Does Tatech have a email tech site?
Appreciate any feed back.