Video Round-Up: The 86 Edition

With a new week (and month) of Speedhunting ready to kick off, it’s time to take a quick look at some of our favorite videos from the past seven days. But this time around we’re dedicating things to the Toyota 86, which will be celebrating its special day of the year along with the original Hachiroku, this Saturday (8/6).

Let’s kick things off with more on Ryan Tuerck’s crazy new ‘4586’ build…

Many that thought digital trickery was at play when this Ferrari/Toyota mash-up was teased a couple of weeks back, but of course that’s not the case: the 458 V8-powered 86 is very real. Thankfully, the Donut Media cameras will be along for the entirety of the Gumout-sponsored ‘JDM Supercar’ build too, and in update #1, Ryan explains some of the intricacies in getting the Italian engine to work in the Japanese chassis.

Next up, it’s a closer look at Toyota Great Britain’s Initial D-inspired GT86 build, which brings the manga legend to life in the modern day Hachiroku chassis. Despite just being billed as a concept, thanks to quality parts being used throughout the upgrade (think: RS Watanabe wheels, TRD Sportivo suspension, a Fujitsubo street-legal exhaust etc.), it wouldn’t take much for the Fujiwara Tofu Shop-style 86 to become a purchasable-reality, either as a complete car or an option package. But would you buy one?

Of all the close calls at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb this year, Robert Walker’s ‘moment’ was right up there – hanging your back wheels off the side of a sheer drop will have that effect though! This new highlight clip from SR by Toyota takes a quick look at Walker’s event in the 800hp 2JZ-powered Mackin Industries 86.

Okay, so our final clip is not an 86-only affair, but seeing in-car footage of our very own Larry Chen shooting Ryan Tuerck’s ‘street’ machine (among others) from a BMW M2 chase car driven by Matt Farah was too good not to include.

That’s all for now, but as always, if you’ve caught a cool video in the last week, go ahead and share it in the comments section below!

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Great videos as usual SpeedHunters! So you say comment with a cool video we've seen? How about if we make videos! I realize Google Street View carspotting isn't very glamorous but I promise you'll have a laugh. Check out my channel for more :) Thanks Speedhunters, and keep being awesome!


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