Thank Gatebil It’s Friday
Friday, July 8th

It was a pretty standard Friday here in Norway; many multiples of thousands upon thousands of horsepower atomising fuel and tyres in the most spectacular way possible. It was all pretty ordinary, to be fair.

Yes, this is the second of three daily instalments from everyone’s favourite Scandinavian motor festival. I’m going to be fairly brief as I need to get recharged for another day of it tomorrow.

Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-4

Friday at Gatebil is very much the build up for the weekend. Things tend to start slowly, but before you know it, you’ve lost count of how many cars were in that last drift train and you can’t see a thing because Kenneth Alm has just smoked the entire back section of the course out.

Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-8

I’m trying to keep things balanced this year. Although the time attack and extreme cars are difficult to portray in comparison to the four-wheel drifting and general tyre-slaying mayhem of the other groups, they’re a huge part of what makes Gatebil special. Tomorrow, all of the grip cars will roll up to the start line and into a straight-up, paint-swapping dog fight. It’s an absolutely remarkable sight to see so many cars, with varying levels of performance, go door-to-door in a rolling start grid race.

Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-16

We won’t be ignoring the destroyers of, well, everything either.

Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-11

When you discover that the Rudskogen Motorsenter track is live for about 13 hours each day, it’s easy to think that it’s loads of time to cover everything. But you can probably imagine that time seems to move a little faster here and the day is over before you’ve really had a chance to shoot everything you would like. I haven’t event managed to venture into the other paddock yet!

I’m going to stick to my word and keep this brief. I don’t have time to respond to everyone in the comments just yet, but I am taking note of your requests and will do my damnedest to bring you all back something special. Let’s talk again tomorrow.

Paddy McGrath
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Cutting Room Floor
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-1
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-2
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-3
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-5
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-6
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-7
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-9
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-10
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-12
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-14
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-13
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-15
Gatebil Rudskogen Friday by Paddy McGrath-17


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opening shot...boss!!!


Please tell me it's a drift beetle!


... What is the car in the second shot after the header picture? It seems to be chasing a Gallardo.


We always get plenty of drift car coverage of Gatebil.  I want more TIME ATTACK!!


ErikWilson  I second this statement!

Nickay Kitsune

90nissanS13@my350z My guess is a Saker RapX


Is that a drift Scirocco?


Please feature that bug, please!!!!!


cjm420 I'm hoping the same


So gutted I couldnt get the time off to go back this year. Looks to be a great event again. Missing all the madness, spectacle and Potetbakern!
Another vote to feature that bug too!


Paddy, you are quickly becoming my favorite here and I'm so glad you are the one covering this.


It's not, but still an amazing car


Why are you doing this alone? Seems like we're already missing out on content. One person can't possibly cover all that.


xrockonx To be fair, 50 people couldn't cover it all either. Wait until everything is published before reaching final judgement though :)


I know. Can't wait for the rest of your coverage. It seems like every single car deserves a full feature.


90nissanS13@my350z Pretty sure it's a Stealth B7


90nissanS13@my350z ErikWilson THIRD!!


Thanks guys! It looks to be the Stealth B7... I never would have found that one on my own. The Saker RapX is pretty sweet as well.

Brett shannons Insurance

More on the Anglia!


That Bug and drift Scirocco are killing me.


@Brett shannons Insurance Bryn's already got you covered:


Paddy, was the Scirroco mid drift or lost it? We had a discussion on a Vw site.


@VW fan  The scirraco is actual awd converted and audi powered, its made for big awd drifting so it can get extra sideways and still brong it back


90nissanS13@my350z Did a bit of Googling & the B7 is run by Team RR out of Norway. Their FB page has more photos of the car:


I appreciate that. I can't view it as I am not a facebook member.
It is an impressive car. If you like it as much as I did, you might like the Praga r1. I just learned of this one too. :)


@VW fan This is from last year, but should answer your question.


So good seeing you and your cheeky sarcasm again! Been missing it!


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