Out Of Place? No Way. A Stunning ’32 At Wekfest

When I walked into Wekfest San Jose last weekend, I expected to see a lot of different modified cars representing a wide variety of styles. What I didn’t expect to come across was one of the coolest  ’32 Ford Roadsters I’ve seen in a long time.

But that’s exactly what we’ve got right here.


The hot rod was sitting quietly amongst the other vintage customs and lowriders at Wekfest, and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I soon found out the Roadster was built by none other than Jesse James and his Austin Speed Shop on Discovery‘s TV show Outlaw Garage a few years back.


Built in the style of a classic dry lakes racer, the original-bodied Deuce is just dripping with awesome details. It starts in the engine bay where you’ll find an Offenhauser-equipped ’50 Ford Flathead which is mated to a 5-speed gearbox and a quick-change rear end.


There’s no shortage of hand-fabricated parts on the car with one of my favorites being the Flathead’s exhaust system. Just beautiful.


The color choice couldn’t be more perfect either – a plum hue with dark blue accents and tan leather upholstery in the cabin.


Another great touch is a DuVall-style split frame windshield to further build on the vintage racing look.


The 16-inch steel wheels have been fitted with a set of custom disc covers with spinner center caps, and they look fantastic with the retro Firestone rubber.


Last but not least is a very rare set of E&J torpedo-style headlamps which have naturally been left raw and unpainted.


There you have it – one of my favorite cars at Wekfest was a 1932 Ford.

I’m not a big fan of automotive reality shows, but if you can see cars like this being built from the ground up I just might have to reconsider.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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sleek is the best way to describe this car... all the parts seems very natural and compliment each other nicely


Still can't click and view pics in full res :(


I like the coolant overflow tank. It looks to be an oxygen tank from a Messerschmitt BF109. The writing translates to "oxygen bottle for breathing apparatus BF-109 non-flammable".


SkanderFekir Click on a picture and once it expands you can select the download icon on the bottom right :)


I think this car was at the Grand National's this past January... very cool build! Melding of car niches can do nothing but grow innovation in my opinion, glad to see it!


I loved this car back when they built it in the show and its just as beautiful today as it was then. The hubcaps and blue paint are post show touches but it works really well. That windshield was actually hand built by Jesse in his home shop unless it was replaced at some point because back then it wasn't plated. Great work as usual Mike, I can't get enough speedhunting.


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@TheBlackHand its not authentic. Too many typos;)


@TheBlackHand It is indeed a BF109 oxygen tank, good eye.  My dad did the decal for it in German.


the subtle tint on the glass is a cool addition to the car which I wouldn't expect on a machine such as this


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