Wörthersee x Rotiform: Flat Out From England To Austria
The 160mph Road Trip

They say it’s not where you are, it’s who you’re with. So why not head to incredible places with great people? This is exactly why I love going to Wörthersee with Paddy.

So when I called him up and asked if he was up for driving to Austria for a Volkswagen show and he said, “I will yeah!” I thought, ‘great – this will be a proper adventure.’

But then I learnt that ‘I will, yeah’ in Irish, actually means ‘I definitely won’t be’. Sadly for me, sarcastic Paddy has been installing Air Lift suspension to his Golf GTI, complaining about not having anything to complain about, and flying around the globe on some sort of world tour.


Every cloud has a silver lining though, and the brighter side to the lack of Irish came in the form of the guys from Players Show, Rotiform’s media team, and two of my favourite people, Mark Riccioni and Ryan Stewart, all signing up for a 2,500-mile road trip.


Importantly, Brian Henderson from Rotiform had just finished putting together Version 1 of his latest Audi project, a super-rare right-hand drive RS2 model.


Whilst Mark had been refining his wide-arched Fujita Engineering Mazda RX-7.


And by refining I mean desperately trying to rebuild its gearbox in time for the autobahn. Everything came together in time and Mark even took a photo to celebrate. I only wish he’d shot some video during the autobahn blasts, because the sound of its HKS T51R turbo gives me goosebumps!


102RON fuel was available from a BP service station just south of Stuttgart en route to the Austrian border, and I’ve never seen owners of tuned 1990s turbocharged cars so happy.


The journey being better than the destination could never be more true, since the run up to Wörthersee this year rhymed with snow. And lots of it. Never ones to be beaten by the weather, Rotiform captured the essence of the road trip and some killer cars in the video at the top of this story.


Whether you’re into aggressive fitment or not, you’ve got to give respect to those who build their cars and drive them 1000s of miles across Europe to hangout in the snow covered mountains.


Ryan’s corner-weighted Cayman on Toyo R888 rubber was not exactly suited to the conditions that met us in Velden, but since it was blocking in my C63, we dug the baby Porsche out and managed to get to the supermarket for some food and a few beers. It really is nutty how quickly the weather can change. And like Ryan pointed out, this is cause and effect of global warming in one image!


It’s Players Classic next weekend at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, so fingers crossed the weather is a little more kind to us. Jay’s green Mk1 will be there, along with lots of old school metal and serious track cars. Last year’s event was great and it’s set to be another solid show. I do believe Paddy is back from Australia and will be taking his Mk6 GTI out on track, so Saturday the 11th of June could be a very memorable day indeed! Maybe I will be wishing for snow after all…

Ben Chandler
Instagram: ben_scenemedia

Photos by Mark RiccioniAnthony Anderson

Cutting Room Floor


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Love RS2s


The contrast in the photo of the R8 is sublime.
The video is top quality too!


That RS2! I want I want I want


Gorgeous photos!


Short, but an inspiring article! Amazing! Fantastic images as well by both, Mark and Anthony.


Davids Kruze Photography 

thank you! :D


I love all of these cars but that FD3S.................I went straight into boner mode


i want that red rs6. holy shit, red on an audi does something to me.


is there anything better than VW ?


How old is the FD now? And it is STILL multiple times better looking than 99.9% of cars being made today.

Whoever designed the FD should be given some sort of medal.

Jussi the Finn

Yes, that Mazda steals the show!!


Very nice RS2 but the rims.... WHAT ARE THOOOOOOSE?! 
Personally i don't like them, if the owner is happy with them cool :) But man i never felt rims where the inside pokes out. Like always a matter of personality. But for me it brakes the car.
Love the FD!


Thats one trip that is definitely on my bucket list. Wonderful shots btw!

turbo BEAMS ae86

scenery = godlike
photo = godlike
FD = villanous


nice video except for... your driving style on the Autobahn is quite dangerous and irresponsible. I know many people drive like this and they are all morons. there's nothing wrong with drivinfg fast, but please keep sufficient distance to the car in front of you when driving at speed. thx

btw. the fines for driving too close to the car in front of you are quite severe if you're caught by the police. from 130 kph on its some hundred euros if your are closer than half your speed in kph in metres to the car in front of you (i.e. at 150 kph you have to keep a distance of at least 75 metres). and you will lose your right to drive in Germany.


@germanguy Hooray for Capt. Hindsight!


Nice sticker on the bumper of the RX-7 there.


Ben L :D


Godlike photos, scenery, and cars

I made the last RX7 photo my wallpaper with the quickness lol


Great road trip cars!

Any more information or pics of that 80's Audi 80 in the thirth to last photo?


@Zed240 that Audi belongs to Kiran who also drove down from the UK, check out his Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/blackman_k/


markriccioni Thank you! Stunning car.


I would have too much anxiety driving one of these cars. I would be worried about hitting anything taller than .30"


markriccioni What a great looking car. Its fitting to see it on the track? Green hell?


Smiggins Nearly 25 years.....one of the best shaped cars of all time!


That RX7 is very simple but it steals the show. Although the RS6 is right up there.


That rx7 is one of the finest pieces of art i have ever laid my eyes on.


So this dumped "997" GT3 (in the video) is actually a 996 someone put a 997 bodykit and numberplate quoting "997" on? Wow. Bragging like this says a lot about the owner im(!)ho.
The RX7 is just magnificent. But seriously .. it just hurts my soul to see all these ruined cars. What do these rims weigh? How long do the chassis cope all the serious road bumps and vibrations from those way too low suspensions? Please people .. stop creating disabled cars!!!


Those mountain rounds... that snow... I'd be **** scared to drive my car hard on them roads!!!


A magyar R8 kié?

Krisztián Attila



Say what you want, but we Austrians have one of the best mountain roads :P


maxproof your a fucking idiot, those wheels are Works and are lighter and stronger than OEM and its not crazy low, just a subtle drop, i assure you itd be fully functional and much faster than anyting you own


Half the cars in these pictures look like ass.


bartimios Everything.


SupraMK3 Incredible roads and scenery. We visited the Grossglockner alpine pass on the way home from Wörthersee two years ago with Brynn: http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/08/2300miles-maximumattack-high-way-home/


John Key NZ We didn't drive the day the snow came down hard. But the Austrians are so efficient that by the following day the roads had all been cleared and it was safe to drive again. Glad you like the photos, thank you.


Demioagogo I think that the FD is one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. Even all these years later it looks so damn good. Art. Totally agree.


Spaghetti The carbon fibre work on the RS6 is stunning. RAYS ZE40 wheels on the RX work so well.


90nissanS13@my350z It really is no problem. The C63, RX7 and Cayman can be driven to the track and around all the speed bumps in London with no issue.


90nissanS13@my350z markriccioni Yes the Rotiform guys went to the Nordschleife on their way back to the UK. I think the Audi is G60-powered, so a great noise, too.


NRNL Good spot!


@turbo BEAMS ae86 Everyone seems to love Mark's FD. Maybe we will run a full feature in the near future.


mandeepchase The drive there and back is definitely the best part of the trip. Shame it snowed as we had planned to do a new alpine pass that none of us had driven before. There is still time for more road trips this year, though.


Onecton Definitely a 'love it or hate it' kind of look. The wheels on Brian's cars are constantly changing, so I wonder what we will see next... The RS2 is soooooo fast, though! RX sounds insane.


Spaghetti Smiggins And when it sounds like this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGM8Kznmm7Q/


@SkepticalApexer bartimios LOL Skeptical. I like pretty much all cars. But the VW scene is definitely fun.


@tom I think it's pretty much perfect https://www.instagram.com/p/BFe0Vuomm2O/


awesomefearwave That's actually a B8 RS4. It's not that easy to tell the difference since they look pretty similar. Cool wagon.


@mememe I've wanted an RS2 for quite sometime, but values have more than tripled in the last two years. I feel like I have missed the boat, there.


Davids Kruze Photography Glad you like. Sometimes short is sweet!


cjm420 +1 for that


Ben Chandler poo. knowing they're 2 different models, you'd think they'd be differently styled. its just the angle of the camera in that pic that misled me. if it's a side view, i would have automatically said rs4 lol. but still cool car regardless


Oh yeah? Thats a pleasant surprise. At the current height or are they air-bagged? I didn't take the time to read this article. I just enjoyed the wonderful photos and great cars.


Lol agreed. Im sure it would be a pleasure to drive.


90nissanS13@my350z Those three cars are all on coilovers. Brian's RS2 is on Bilstein Clubsport coilovers which have been custom made using a small airbag that allows the car to be raise around 50mm at the touch of a button. Glad you liked the story.


The R8 with the TE37s is sick!


Ben Chandler Sarcasm?

The momentary lift systems are great for low-riding coiled cars.


Was it the blue Audi that has "Powered by Porsche" across the engine? WHYYYY??????


D1RGE Porsche co-developed the RS2 with Audi in the early 90s.


PakisaTsekiso D1RGE As said the RS2 is a very special car that was even assembled at Porsche's Zuffenhausen factory.


awesomefearwave Ben Chandler I hear you. And also, I used to hate red on certain cars including Volkswagen Audi Groups models. Now though, my taste has changed and I love red. Can look really good on the right body.


Ben Chandler i love red colored cars, especially older bmws, like the e39 and e46 m5 and m3, but i'm probably gonna avoid them because i heard cops are more likely to be attracted to your cars, according to what i've heard. probably false, but oh well.


@SW1 Those wheels are Rotiform.




Yup and the fastest car in its time.Showing and breaking the norm to everyone that fast cars dont have to be a V12, 2 door coupe.


I Agree if your referring to the performace cars with bags and stance. Its not proper... But on a mk1 golf im totally fine with it.lol


Im jealous, always wanted to cruze from the german to austrian alps! The only thing i got is Mount Charleston.lol


That rx7 is mint as f@#£


Is it the OEM color for the FD?


@Shakedown14 It might have been repainted and tweaked a little but the RX7 did come out in a similar blue called... Innocent Blue Mica


@Adam B Faszbúkon kérdezd ezt az Audis csoportokban :) Lehet, hogy a Péntek esti cruising csoportban is tudnak róla.


@Shakedown14 yup, exactly what scibO said! It's the OEM colour (innocent blue mica) however the whole car has been re-painted in addition to fitting the wide arches (it originally had an RE Amemiya front bumper before switching back to 99-spec).

That being said, it's due a little bumper re-paint after the Autobahn jaunt!


markriccioni scibO Thanks guys for the info! Beautiful color. I would die to get one like yours. The FEED wide arch just add that little thing to make it better.


Hi there ive been looking at this video sometimes and i need a list of all songs used in this video from the very begin to the very end of it, also the cars are awesome im astouned by Jay's Mk1 VW the color and the rims he uses on that cool little fella, well i hope u guys will help me, i appriciate the help.


Loved the video, the cars are amazing, what cameras did you use to film it?


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