World Beater? The New Civic Type R’s European Attack

Honda wants the world to know that it’s taking performance cars seriously again, and it’s decided to prove this by taking its new turbocharged Civic Type R on a tour of some of Europe’s greatest racing circuits.

Using a group of talented touring car drivers, the goal was to set new lap time benchmarks for a front-wheel drive production car.

The car visited legendary spots like Silverstone, Spa and Monza, and naturally Honda put together a short video chronicling the adventures and also showing exactly what kind of lap times the Civic is capable of. While I know there are some out there disappointed that the Civic Type R has left behind its naturally aspirated roots, I think it’s hard not be impressed with what Honda has created with this car.

Are you satisfied with the new turbocharged Type R, or would you sacrifice some of the power for that ‘classic’ Honda NA feel?

Mike Garrett
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The only thing I don't like about the new type r is the number of doors.


Faster than a BMW M4 which lapped the ring in 7:52. Let that sink in, people


Damn that's impressive. Front wheel drive though U0001f44e


It was bound to be turbocharged anyway, even if this one was N/A, there'd probably end up being a turbo version


For me on the turbo and NA deal here's my take. Technically in motorsport Honda have a background with turbo and NA. Yes the NA engines are legendary but I've seen this car in person and I've been behind the wheel. It may not rev to 9k but it still revs like a Honda with a great tone. It's different but still cool. Think of it like turbo and NA Ferrari's. If you go from a F40 to an F50 for example, one is NA one is turbo, they are both unique  but carry the same DNA.

turbo BEAMS ae86

LouisYio villanous


I will miss the naturally aspirated engines but I am excited to see what they can do with a turbocharger!


LouisYio The M4 wasn't driven by a professional touring car driver. But, yes it's still an impressive time for a FWD car.


Turbo all the way, really cool car if it wasen't pigugly.


xracer6 but there its the other way around, older car is turbo, newer NA.


@hibedihubedi xracer6 but just because of each owns intention


birelmotosport LouisYio out of curiosity are you implying that Honda is the only one that sent their car out with a professional race car driver or does having touring car background give them some kind of edge? :P


The One Otaku Active torque vectoring and proper suspension setup means that torque steer isn't really a thing anymore.

Gianluca FairladyZ

i'm so happy that you're a fast japanese machine, but hell why are you so ugly.....................................................


@hibedihubedi xracer6 let's not forget that the city turbo was around before the VTEC, and in my opinion the precursor to the Rs we see today.


the new type R is an amazing machine but its to bad its kinda looks like a tissue bock that someone cut up and rearranged the bits. In short it is not really a pretty car which is a shame. I feel like if it looked better in might not just attract auto enthusiasts and drive the sale numbers up so that they can keeping make cars like this. I want more cars like this from Honda, Toyota and Nissan but if they don't sell they wont make them and that is the sad truth.


I love Honda's but I just can't love this one... As EVO magazine described it: it looks like a cupcake dunked into a Lego box...


The new civic type R's looks are polarizing. When I saw the first renderings I thought it looked mad (in a good way) and it turned out to look like those renderings. I think it's kinda cool that they went with such an extreme design. Makes it stand out from the rest of their lineup.


I think it's good it's tirbo but I would say no to a k25 or something like that.


May have all the performance you want, but still ugly as hell, I'd rather buy a Seat Leon Cupra 290, cheaper, same performance, and more discrete.


I don't think it's torque steer that people particularly object to when dismissing fwd, it's the way the power is put down... However I expect a large proportion of the people that write it off for being fwd haven't driven a good hot hatch before, some of them drive amazingly well!


If a production spec car can match this time then Honda have made a truly epic car!


The One Otaku Ah here we go. You should Google Realtime Racing.


EvolveWRC This..6th gen civic was the last good looking imo


The ugly ones usually give you the ride of your life though.....

Gianluca FairladyZ

TarmacTerrorist  the women or the cars..? :)


@Dom Whats the bet you only say that because you never got the fd2r in that country you live in.


It's nice that the numbers are impressive and all that, but this car just really doesn't do anything for me.


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the car was very good 
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