Time Machine: VeilSide Back In The Day

What happened to VeilSide?

I get asked this question quite often, and the best answer I can give is that the famous Japanese tuning company decided to step away from performance modifications and focus more on aero kits and dress up. It really pains me to say that too, because not many cars have given me goosebumps like VeilSide’s iconic R32 GT-R R-1 drag/high-speed demo machine did when I first came face to face with it.

Back then, Veilside’s Yokomaku-san was just following the times; shooting for records at Option magazine’s 0-300 km/h trials at Yatabe Arena was the ultimate goal. Then drag racing took over, but when its popularity waned, VeilSide focused on what it was best known for: crazy and wild aero conversions. But after the Fortune kits, the H2 Hummer, and the Bentley conversion for the JZA80 Supra, Yokomaku and his company just fell off the map. Seeing VeilSide’s proximity to Tsukuba Circuit, I should really stop by for a visit one of these days, just to see what’s new. But until that happens, I’ll leave you with a shot back from when VeilSide was still VeilSide.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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The veilside fortune Rx7 was what made me fall in love with the FD. I now appreciate the car without the kit, but the magic of that crazy styling is not lost on me even to today...


I couldn't care less what happened to them, their designs were terrible.


CyborgGT Then why are you even reading or commenting on this article if you have no interest. Your negative comments are not needed on this article at all. In your opinion their designs were terrible, your opinion.


The point of having a comments section is to invite comments, for good or ill. I read this article because I read as much of SH's stories as I have time to. It's part of how I go about being a car enthusiast. Your comment, meanwhile, implies that people should be and should remain ignorant on anything they presume to dislike. If I never looked into articles on VeilSide or saw their work, how would I be able to form any sort of opinion on them at all? If positive comments were the only things people ever said, nothing would ever change. For the sake of progress and evolution, every opinion matters.


Han 4 ever


CyborgGT I have to agree with you on this one. the only veilside I loved was the rx7 fortune one but other than that they're not my cup of tea.
and true that you have to see both sides of a coin/point because if we do something like "Oh you said something negative so you should just shut up" then its like blocking yourself from knowing what you could do better to avoid said comments
it's like feeding an artist only positive comments; he'll only get an ego boost from there. Shit comments are there to help you see what you're doing wrong


It's not even like I 'hate' VeilSide, I don't hate anything. But it is a fairly strong feeling of distaste I have for their designs, and this article is all about "what ever happened to these guys?" so I voiced my opinion. I honestly have great respect for the vision they have to come up with their own designs, and their ability to bring them to life. The end product is not in my own taste, is all. Maybe my original comment came off as overly aggressive? But an opinion is an opinion, nothing more.


This post is kind of unique, and I really like it.  Thanks for the insights, Dino.  I kinda hope I see another post like this sometime.


I think Yokomaku-san is just stuck selling the Fortune bodykits or whatever kits they were making some years ago, haven't really seen anything new in quite a while. (also when was the last time they opened a booth in TAS, lol?) Anyway, still good to know they're updating the FB page often even when the website has nothing new... https://www.facebook.com/VeilSidejpn


I personally get a little tired of the assumption here that everything Japanese is the holy grail. I didn't care too much for they're designs either. The Japanese have awsome stuff from time to time but in my opinion most of the stuff is tacky that comes out of Japan. I'm sorry to upset, but the US invented custom cars. They still lead the way. I'm no5 biased either. I personally thing the Swedes and the Germans put out the cleanest most up to date trend setting cars. Putting neon lights answer spikesome on a Lamborghini just kills the car. Japanese lambos are the only ones I see like that.


Veilside Civic


Stay in 2001 then.


Really?........really........destroy a Celica, a Chevy cavalier. No one in the "real"..... and I mean it without sarcasm.....the REAL automotive world would take this destroying of a car that has WAY!!! more history and heritage than anything Japanese...seriously. You mentioned in the article " the Bentley/Supra conversion, the Hummer kits! Really? Good by Veils idea! Good by 10' tall exhaust pipes, good by over the top body kits! Good buy stupid and I mean moron like camber and 195/ 50 tires on a 25" wide rim. Jeez. Grow up a little at least!


Loved the VeilSide Civics when I first saw them on The Fast and The Furious


"Like rabbid hyenas, they descend on their elders at the slightest hint of vulnerability..."
Seriously some of these commenters need (probably me included) to grow the fuck up. The sites about car culture, like it or hate it they (veil-side) had a massive impact on car culture at large. So it's relevant.
I'm not keen on their style, but I'm willing to bet most of you who are now scenewhoring the fuck out of the comments below once hung off of Han's pendulus like balls.
They are a part of the history of car culture. A big one. Look at the outpouring on the FNF article. veil had a part in that.
Recognise and respect even if you don't like. It's called manners.
As for saying the site thinks everything that is JDM/Japanese in general is holy, that's BS. For instance Go read Dino's - pollite but notable dislike for some of the half arsed installs and builds, wether he likes the car or not he is still respectful though.
Fucking teenagers and redneck muricans.


And you forgot goodbye to having fun unless you instantly fit into a perticular mould.
And goodbye individuality, goodbye freedom of choice....


Are you taking the piss?
Carriage builders, early late 19th - early 20th, building one of custom bodies on big powerful chassis and engines. Mostly European.


Mercedes007 Because we all know americans do it better always.


Hey Tarmac. Don't get your panties in a wad.No veil-side didn't have much of an impact. At all!!! No...you will never see ricer cars known as a "Renaissance of auto motive culture." I have been buying,selling,and customizing cars for over 25 years now. (I'd bet longer than you've been alive!). I haven't had to watch movies to sew styles and relevant cars come and go. I spend 2 weeks out of the month buying and selling collector cars. I'm in Tulsa right now at the Leake auto auction. ( Google it!) You have alot of learning to do son. Until then....stfu


Oh I checked your profile out....rest my case.


That's my point dip sh#$. That's exactly what I said. Ruining real cars is stupid. Japanese cars are awsome when done right. Unfortunately there was a slang word putting down stupid cars that came fron certain Japanese styles......what was it....oh.ricer!


Aaaand....there is a reason I have this website saved. Awsome cars from the Japanese to the Malaysian builds. Unfortunately there is still alot of high school cars being shown. I love speedhunters.com. Just want to see less Japanese builds and more of anything...everything else!


Oh do one, I believe in an inclusive culture for everyone. You speak of scenes and being a professional..... Why enter the discussion?
as said before. Europe invented custom cars, as a pro you really should of known that.
As for my profile, I don't see what that's got to do with it. I tend to call people on being a dick, I'm a dick too, but I'm only a dick to other dicks. But I never slate someone else's choices on what they do with their car. It's their car after all.
You sir are a follower, not a leader clearly.
I don't claim to know everything but I know cars we once saw as outdated and not wanted quickly become rarities, as do bodykits... and styles Influence well past their "cool" date expires, the angular brash and wild super cars of the 70s clearly have a dna link to the "rice" of the 90s.
Said 70s cars are picking up prices.... Again as a pro....
As for Veil They had a bigger impact then you clearly realise, sod the movies, I'm talking about introducing thousands to working on their cars. Isn't that a good thing?
Oh and the AC (Henley I believe) ace-Cobra, the Ford GT (Slough) and custom cars originated in the UK, and all are touted as American.
I've got underwear older then your country son.


Ugh. Really? Troll harder, look up there, I did a pretty good job of trolling the shit out of you mate, throwing ricer about is fucking stupid it's 2016 not 1996.


Henley. Stop now. Your sounding evendors more stupid. Am I being a Dickson? Yep...I can be. I'm old enough to be your dad. Just that I'm smarter, stronger and better looking than your dad. I've customized more cars than you'll ever sit in. I know my truth so shut up. Here are just a few of my builds. Proof is in the pudding.


Oh and me on my old bike I built. Let's see your builds. I don't farm out any work. I build the motors and paint them all also.


Ok West Norwood, but it's still the uk.
as for your "Builds" ...
Eeeeeeeeeeeh. I swear half of those are off a TV show....


Google the pics. You won't find em anywhere. Plus if I were going to do that I'd pick some Sema builds or something. Notice my rover behind the vw. Want me to get the pics while they're in my drive way? I know my truth. Still waiting to see yours?


Not always. Just better than the 90s cars with the horsepower adding stickers and fartcans.


Nice bike. Nice bro hat. Only a moron rides without a helmet though.
I don't have any "builds"
I have a fully stripped and prepped CRX D-Series 16-16, on going project which is currently being used as a Jig for gearbox parts intended for manufacture - to assist disabled drivers. Oh and that's in house. Done by myself and my friend by our own design. Working out access for disabled users is something else that the CRX is being used for as well.
I have a Stagea (no HiCAS, AWD, 60k on clock - no GTR skyline as I have a family 0.o ) I call a daily that got imported to the uk two months ago. I'm currently looking for S13 parts to do a front swap... Or a GTR34 panel set, but that's a bit common too... regardless, the RB25DE is going to be seeing a supercharger as really, the turbo route with 25's is a bit over done.
not built to look cool, or to sell, but built and used for whatever I want to do with them. Built to make me smile.
built for fun. For messing about in. Couldn't give a damn about your opinion on wether the ferraris are better then my CRX (I'd argue that but then, it's my car) but hey, one day what is being built might put a disabled driver behind a wheel.
Worth more then any scene points to me.


Ok well done lovely cars, nothing original about.... Any of it though. Point made.


TarmacTerrorist Very true, not saying they are not good builds but Like most current american "builders", doing what has already been done better by someone else. And this is coming from a proud american. Veilside did have a large impact on the tuner market as a whole (worldwide), I am not a fan of most of their work but you simply cannot deny the impact they had on the market.Some peoples truth is most peoples bullshit.


TarmacTerrorist What kind of driver assistance are you looking into for your CRX? I have made a few setups for disabled drivers. Fully automating H Patterns and such.


We are building a Manual Clutch System for a manual gearbox that requires no use of left leg that can be used at high speed and with accuracy, for cars that cannot normally be converted for say, historical reasons that will do no damage to the shell or to the value of the car.
Classic Car owners that have lower body mechanics issues would be our ideal market but our approach is to make it as cheap as possible to include all levels of income and societal status access to Motorsport.
I hope that made sense, I'm disabled myself and I just took my medication!
I'm glad to hear others are doing similar to I @MrTanuki! Domo arigato!


Mercedes007 It's kind of embarrassing that a guy as old as you are is getting this upset by some random teenager over an internet argument about cars. Did you seriously have to go this far to prove your "superiority" in "car knowledge" to some stranger young enough to be your son?

"Just that I'm smarter, stronger and better looking than your dad."

Like, holy shit, what mature adult types this out and thinks, "Yeah, this will surely prove how much better I am."


I'll give it to you. The comment about built to make you smile says it all. THAT is the basis for all we do. Don't know your disability, but there's a reason I don't sent anymore. Rolled that black Lorinser S500 Benz December 2014. Spent the last 2 xmas in ice. Rolled after a Semi and I didn't like each other. Had my time of death called twice. Im thankfully every day! Can't use my left arm except for menial tasks now. My whole point from the beginning is that 6 out of 10 articles come from or relate to Japanese builds. If you read them close they always gush on how the Japanese are the cutting edge of everything that's cool or up to date in the aftermarket world. Well..bullshi#. I've been invited and went to SEMA 3 times. Builds from all over the world. The Japanese showing is simply not there. Speedhunters.com is the second site I look at every morning on the throne. I just want the young generation that lives by what's told here to know what a Jag xj220 is. What a Porsche 356 Speedster is. That Diamler/Benz invented the gas combustion engine. Who Don Garlits is. Why the F40 is still considered the greatest, most important super car ever produced. The contributors do a great job, I just want to see horizons expanded. Oh... my first build...(Japanese build, first custom was a 75 MG Midget, was an 85 Crx. Turned the manifold upside-down, removed the cat and mounted my first turbo. Keep up the good work and post some pics. Oh. The stopping pick was in 01 so...yeah. hat was questionable. Still don't street race with a helmet. Been dead twicem


That's called being a smart-ass. Didn't start off trying to prove anything! I just wish that one of my favorite auto sites would broaden their horizonsite and quit gushing over what the Japanese do! It's not that good. Where is a.SEMA article. THE MOST INFLUENTIAL, CUTTING EDGE cars and products.are there. Been invited and attended 3 times. The WORLDS newest and best cars are there. Not just Camrose and Mustangs, but the worldsame. Just need the horizons broadened at SH.


Thank you.


Mercedes007 SH features plenty of non-Japanese cars. If you had been coming here for any length of time you would've known that. 

And also, Speedhunters (EA Games offshoot that it is) tends to cater more to the younger crowd, who, by and large, prefer Japanese cars. It makes sense, then, to give them what they like to see, wouldn't you concur?


If we want to keep them in the dark.


You're an infant, nice rabbit and Rover. Obviously the only cars you ever "built"


I totally agree that those are important (and you picked a line up of epic cars there) cars to install in history, but I also want to see young kids getting in there and getting dirty, these sorts of bodykits have a certain appeal to the younger generation. If it gets them up to their ear tunnels in oil and taking part I just can't see that as a bad thing.
Thanks man, inclusion for all in motorsports means the legends of the cars you speak of will never be forgotten.
and I will post some pictures tomorrow once back at a proper computer.
I used to ride myself, oddly enough Hondas, I freely admit I only became interested properly in cars 6-7 years ago when I became disabled and two wheels were no longer an option, but I loved the freedom a bike offered me. A friend convinced me I can have that in a car. Sorry to hear you've been through that. It's hard as hell to pick yourself up each time after those experiences.
However- I've always loved problem solving and was told I'll never drive a manual again...
writing off thousands of cars I could never experience. that wasn't a diagnosis, that was a challenge.
I've outlined my disability before and fear a life time ban if I do it again, but in short- lots. Lots is wrong with me. Optics, Muscle, skeletal and nervous system all have warning lights lit.
We seem to want the same thing but are arguing about the best way to achieve it.... That is rather stupid and incredibly human of us. I apologise for letting it get personal.


Mercedes007 Now we see your real snobbery: "...way more history and heritage than anything Japanese...". Honestly just go away with this crap. People such as yourself have been perpetuating this 'Japanese cars don't have any heart/soul or heritage!' nonsense since as far back as I can remember. It's utter nonsense, factually untrue, and does nothing more than demonstrate your own ignorance of global automotive history. 

If it honestly makes you even the least bit upset that a person you will never meet, in a country you will never visit, customized a car that you will never see, in a manner that they chose, then you need to seriously take a step back and re-evaluate some things. 

Do I like the Boso Lamborghinis? No, I don't. But those cars do not represent all of Japan. Not even close. It'd be like me trying to tell you that one of those people who adorns their V6 Mustang with Pep-Boys plastic chrome is representative of all of American car culture. Tackiness exists everywhere, my friend.

My advice to you is to step outside the little bubble you have curated, and really educate yourself on Japanese tuning culture. Find some old Option magazines, learn about companies like JUN, Top Secret, Spoon, HKS, etc. Watch some Best Motoring or Hot Version videos. You can still get most of the important details of the car even with the language barrier. Once you do that, you'll begin to see what it is that makes real, authentic Japanese tuning so good. It's about a total approach: every little detail is taken into consideration in order to create a truly focused, balanced, reliable car. 

It's fine to have preferences, we all do, but to dismiss an entire country's car culture based on a few cars from the 90's and some questionable Lamborghinis is totally ridiculous.


Mercedes007 Speedhunters doesn't keep anyone in the dark. Scroll down the page a bit. You'll see coverage of a Cars and Coffee, a Porsche track day, an Australian muscle car show, and coverage of a vintage drag race. 

And I've been in plenty of fast cars, but I don't really care at all about power or speed. The lack of it is far more interesting to me.


TRA Kyoto/Rocket Bunny/Pandem in about 10 years...


CyborgGT Point is you already know what Veilside is, you're not discovering them for the first time and your negative comments add no value to this article


Same here here for letting it get out of hand. You WILL continue to enjoy cars behind the wheel! I've learned quick that where there's a will there is an EPIC way! I still want to see what you've got. It's when it gets down to people like you and I..no matter what way we are involved.. get to be proud and show our prides off is when happiness happens. And the the Ferrars


Earman.. the rabbit...no..GTI has a later mO'Dell 2.slow with custome turbo set up. Intercooled and putting down 329hp to the wheels. Rover is fully restored with coil spring 5" lift on 33's Mercedes S500 is a full Lorinser kit with headers, Lorinser exhaust and Renntech ecu. Both 355s have Tubi exhaust. The Hardtop has been cammed with 458 wheels and brakes. Actually I've built over 50 Mercedes over the past 10 years. Current car is a w124 coupe getting a 6.0 ls installed. Sons car is a Dinan supercharged e36 M3. What would you like to see. Fully restored 53 Willys Jeep? How about the custom 1948 15' camper? 74 chevy c10 restomod? The mk2 Jetta coupe with the turbo vr6 mid build? Let me know and I'll post um up.


Here's my shop Earpierce!


Let's see what you've done earring! So far I'm the only one showing my stuff. Hell, I've even put my ugly mug up. On the motorcycle...that I built.


Clearly wheel fitment has come a long way since then


Simply P TRA Kyoto has been around since the mid 90s too


Awesome photo / nostalgia - This styling, and the 0-300km/h era of JDM tuning cars really was the hey day for Japan car culture in my opinion.


CMCurtis CyborgGT And...somehow that is an impediment to voice his opinion? So in your happy-go-lucky world people just say "yes" to everything the other says and there's no room for dissent or different opinions.


AlejandroRamirez CMCurtis CyborgGT No. He clearly doesn't care for the brand so why even posting that he doesn't like it, how does that benefit anyone else reading this article?


Bro5 I agree 
thank for your comment 



Mercedes007 excuse lack of interior shot, as I said its being used as a jig right now and whats being built is intended for manufacture.
if I find an older shot of the interior though Ill throw it in (not that there is much to see, a cage, a seat, battery....)


these are from late last year, 777kgs, 3kgs out front right (Should of left the battery where it was I guess..) my new seat is lighter though... much lighter then the Imola that was in it.thats not crappy paint (on the back of the flatbed) thats reflection of the sky. fully ducted to the brakes, fully stripped interior... its just great having something to take up my time I guess.


and this is the Stagea, I've had it less then a month, excuse shipping grime, photo was for insurance, needed to get that sorted before I drove it home from the importers.
the fitment is hilarious as the suspension was all refreshed before I took ownership. also, factory wheels haha.
I'm going to add some things most WGC/WGNC34 stagea owners won't ever see, a WORKING head unit.. sort of.
its been ripped out (along with all the Climate controls... yeah, whoops..) to make way for a new, actually works in the UK stereo unit and separate Climate control unit off an M35, going to delete all the "wood" with some grey Suede, quilt stitched (got the fabric just need the time!) 

I also found some old shots of the interior of the CRX.




or change the actual mechanics of the car in any major way that would be irreversible . we are going for a no drill, no weld install.


@Guest Simply P Yep, pretty much so in comparison Miura is doing rather well for himself as he actually seems to be making stuff that people actually want.


Mercedes007 Sorry, but if you want to do this, the Italian invented custom cars. Carozzeria Turing, Scalgietti, Ghia, Bertone, Vignale, Zagato...should I continue? The Veilsides of their times? Probably, but probably not. It all depends on the context...which is what we seem to be arguing about here...


bluestreaksti Wheel fitment is so 2006.


Whoops! I didn't mean to steal that for GB, i couldn't remember however I did mention Europe in general previously... I knew it was this side of the pound though!
Can I use the "still learning" excuse? im sorry.
And we agree, we came to that decision up above... I think.
Well, that's what I've come away from the exchange appreciating anyway.


There was a rumor that one of the tech crashed and lost his life on a test drive of a very powerful vehicle they had built. This was supposed to have affected the owner in such a way that he decided not to do performance from that point on. Is there any truth to that?


Veilside MRS spyder


Dam, clean cars dude!! i didnt know the uk had old Americana?


speedhunters_dino Simply P Except that damn FD3S Boss Kit lol.  And I mean no Ill will toward the guy, but come 2020 his creations are gonna look like those Supras up there.


@Guest Simply P Yeah, I know. With the exception of a kit or two though, his creations aren't timeless. A Varis GTR is still gonna be tits 10 years from now. A RB GTR won't. 

Don't call it hate. Wait and see...


Yokomaku's father was the businessman behind Veilside. The son was the designer & artist. Once his father died, sadly Veilside lost it's focus. It's also a victim of the times - demand for their products has steadily dropped to almost nothing nowadays. Better to remember the company for its past.


Very nice. Subtle rear spoiler, sunroof delete. Clean lines! Keep up the good work and good luck!


Love wagons. I'm thinking when I get rid of the wife's Mercedes, going with a Cadillac CtsV wagon. Supercharged, 6sp! Again...keep it up man!


Simply P


Hate on Veilside all you want, I don't get it wither.  Let's be friends.

No I jest.  Much respect to the icon of "and that's when the 90s just let rip".


It's in the US! Arkansas believe it or not!


No back in the30' 40's and 50's is when Americans started customizing cars. Those Italian cars are more than great though. My point is nothing...and I mean NOTHING Japanese will ever compare to American classics, Italian supe4 cars or German luxury!


You forgot Japanese efficiency.


Carporn Racing in the Philippines is trying to help Veilside return to the market


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