A Perodua Viva Inspired By Japan

My final spotlight from this year’s Art of Speed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was actually the first car I ‘hunted’ at the show.

What this little Daihatsu-based Perodua Viva does very well, is emulate styles and touches that we have seen come out of Japan.


Take the rear end for example. We see a lot of intricately fabricated exhausts on VIP cars in Japan, and not only the usual sedans, but all the other vehicle types familiar to this style-based sub-genre as well, including minivans, wagons and Kei cars.


The twin loop-around system with quad outlets certainly qualifies for VIP status!


With Japan style being the inspiration, there was no way the owner could call the car complete without having fitted over-fenders.


These custom made bolt-on flares are nicely shaped and reminiscent of what you may see come out of TRA Kyoto. Hell, there’s even a ducktail spoiler on the roof!


To get a decent flow and nail the proportions, the rear widening had to start right across the rear doors. The flush fitment is thanks to air suspension, which drops the car to just the right height for maximum effect.


To complete it all, a very flashy blue-to-purple flip paint was chosen. And along with a few other aero additions, it all combines to serve as a perfect example of the outside-the-box approach many Malaysian enthusiasts like to take with their custom builds.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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it's cute....bonus for the exhaust.  I wonder how it sounds.


a perodua viva converted to a mira avy L250,then add some customs touches. walah


seriously nice exhaust for such a small car. and i like how the owner takes advantage of air suspension to achieve a level of low that would be suicidal on malay roads, but still able to raise the car as not to destroy the car.


That Move Aerodown Custom looks so rad...


I like the cohesive color combination of this car.


Gendou_kun I know both cars are wearing Daihatsu badges but if the one Dino is referring to is a Viva then I'm guessing the "Move" is actually a Perodua Kenari. I mean, they're both basically Daihatsus anyway, but the Kenari is the Malaysian version of that car.


The exhaust reminds me of 2 stroke motorbikes. Is this the start of the 90's trends coming back just with added fitment?


antonyingram Gendou_kun That is what the owner told me it was. Apologies, but I'm not too up to par on current or past Malaysian automotive offerings :)


awesomefearwave Air suspension magic!


JamesMiller7 Loud!


speedhunters_dino JamesMiller7 video?


hi speedhunters_dino this viva is running on static setup. its not on air suspension :p


Hey Dino.
I know this is off topic.
But im writing on behalf of my Kid.
He wants you to know that he is 7yr old and that he is Super Mad & Sad with You. He plays need for speed no limit on my android phone every day as long as he behave and do all his chores . And we did not get the notification that there was a update of the app until today for a special event with you.
So after he made the update today. Imagine his frustration and sadness when he found out that the even to get the BNR34 was over.
So I have to endure a full none stop hour of him Crying and saying how sad he is cause he miss the chance to play with his favorite car. =`(
No father should have to endure that sadness & suffering. =`(


#dadsmoney love it. 
this looks very well executed, someone actually had a think about it before slapping  .99c buckets onto the arches


speedhunters_dino thats a skill worth keeping


the car clearly deserves the award for "Best Stance Car" at Art of Speed, can say the whole car looks clean both exterior and interior. Wish I had more time to talk to the owner, but yeah... looks way better with the current paint compared to before. Anyhow hope I can finish up my car for the next AOS, as I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't get a lot of things done to the car prior to the event. I'll be sure to make my car feature worthy next time around!


the car looks more like it`s taking the p**s out of the Jap scene. 
Sadly it looks like it was done with terrible workmanship, paint looks like it was done with a roller (and still somehow full of runs that have been flattened down and buffed) the way the fenders are held on is just plain ugly, the exhaust looks like a blind monkey welded it, chrome m3 style mirrors? who still uses those? is that filler work in the top corner of the bonnet or just so badly prepped and painted even the buffing can`t fix it?

It may have been semi decent if the work was done to a high standard but honestly it`s terrible

Love your photos Dino as always


@mememe lol get off the drugs.


ErrorsEra there`s so much orange peel on the car it genuinely looks like an orange was rolled over fresh lacquer.

the exhaust is badly done

the way the bumper was cut to house the exhaust looks like a child did it with a carving knife

top left of the bonnet clearly has sandpaper marks where even the base coat and lacquer couldnt fill

there are so many runs in the lacquer it`s funny how anyone could be proud of the work

just saying what I see, as I took up panel beating and spray painting when I was 17, and if I ever let a job out like that my boss would have killed me and rightly so


speedhunters_dino antonyingram Gendou_kun The featured car is a Perodua Viva.
It's just the cover pic shows Kenari (Move) and Myvi (Passo/Boon) converted into their Japanese siblings.


@mememe ErrorsEra Nah it totally looks beautiful you're just trippin'. No cars perfect but for you to say "the exhaust looks like a blind monkey welded it" you dont know who welded that, you dont know his experience, maybe it was his first time? you dont know the time constraints this vehicle was under, you don't know their budget, you dont know what this owner had to go through? You don't know shit ! but you shat all over it "the way the bumper was cut to house the exhaust looks like a child did it with a carving knife" "there are so many runs in the lacquer it`s funny how anyone could be proud of the work" Fuck your opinion mate.


ErrorsEra "fuck your opinion mate" is that your opinion?


Kei cars are certainly popular here in Malaysia due to the high fuel price.

Nakae Shinsuke

とてもいい とてもJDM

Nakae Shinsuke

不错 很JDM


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