A Factory-Original R34 GT-R In Tokyo

Think fast! You now own an unmodified BNR34 Skyline GT-R. What do you do?

I know that many of us dream about owning a GT-R one day. We have even visioned every single part that we would upgrade. Some of us would turn the Nissan into a quarter-mile drag strip monster; some of us would slam it to the ground and focus more on having an aggressive stance than performance; some of us might even try to pull from both worlds of function and form. The point is, most of us would do something to personalize the car. But how many of you would do nothing and keep your Skyline GT-R totally factory original?

While roaming the streets near Roppongi, I spotted this unmodified R34 GT-R among a sea of taxis. Living in Tokyo, I’ve become almost desensitized to seeing GT-Rs in the wild, however, it’s truly rare to find one that has remained unmodified. Thus, I just had to share this moment with everyone.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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I would need two GT-Rs. A completely stock one and one project car

Gianluca FairladyZ

this one's worth a lot of money one day!


I would sell it after like 20 years or somthing


Must. Visit. Japan.


"simplistic" but yet beautiful - nice one Ron, thanks for sharing


Woman driving?)


I went thru fun2drive and rented an R34 in hakone, another american guy rented the NSX, we drove all day thru mountain passes from initial D,  what an awesome experience it was...


Why do street BNR34s always seem to miss the lower lip?


apex_DNA Base model models don't have the lower lip. Only V-Spec and higher have them.


I caught one in the wild.


It's rare to see an unmodified Nissan or anything else, but what I find interesting is that (I think) most of them are driven / owned by women. Once in a while I see a super rare, limited edition or in a pristine condition car, that's owned and maybe daily driven by a woman. And I'll add that she might bought it brand new and be the very first owner


If I had a Z-Tune, I'd keep I'd leave that alone! But IF I had any other R34, I think initially I'd leave it stock for a few months, maybe even a few years, but then the itch to make small modifications to the car would take over. I like what Dino has done when he recently featured his car. I envy the lucky few people who drive R34 GT-R's in the US.


Still makes me laugh when the US car people get all excited over skylines


They're awesome cars even left stock. I got to drive one standard one in Japan and it was fun to drive even on some of the smaller roads. I'd definitely modify it if I had one. I would leave the standards parts incase I would ever go back to standard.


I bet its still plenty quick to have fun with, and its bulletproof. So not a bad idea to leave it stock!


Stock is a dirty word.


Modify it :D :P


I really only like R34 Sedans for some reason. Same reason I like R32's without spoilers on the boot lid: You don't see a lot of them.


Um, how do you know it's stock?
It may have more going on under the hood than the factory appearance may suggest...


90nissanS13@my350z No GTR badge


@Amintore Yeah, and these unmolested GT-Rs are known to have sky high values as well.


LukeEVOVIII Why? I know enthusiasts are going nuts over specific skylines (not all skylines), which is the GT-R variant. You can't blame them though, because most of these enthusiasts know what these blood line has done in motorsports. It's basically the most successful sportscar Japan has made in motorsports, and it's no secret.


Oh I know that don't get me wrong. It's just annoying when people make out that they're the greatest cars ever and that everyone needs to know about it, and that 'no other car comes close'


CMCurtis and?


If the car in question is V-Spec II Nür I would not touch a thing would not want to ruin a rere beast. If its just a normal V-Spec I'd go for full Z tune replica, or z tune body with Mines ultimate response engine

Nakae Shinsuke

I have no chance to think about it because I am in China now


RickyVasquez waw man you're so lucky, :D


There's quite a handful of those here in Manila, Philippines.


90nissanS13@my350z i dont think that an actuall gtr...probaly r34 gtt cause number plate lamp both white..gtr one white and one red....


I rented one about a month ago while in Tokyo from a place called "Omoshiro Rent-A-Car". Relatively cheap, and a heap of fun!


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@rizal 90nissanS13@my350z Yup, non-GTR rear bumper, wing, quarter panels...


I do I do hahaha my answer was to "drive it fast" without any modifications just stay it stock and healthy for some track days ^_^ without a second that was my answer haha