A Supra That Likes It A Quarter Mile At A Time

As the Japanese car scene has moved well away from drag racing to a variety of other disciplines, I’ve been suffering withdrawal symptoms. Drifting, time attack and just well-rounded, properly-built street cars that tick all the right boxes are what enthusiasts have migrated to. While it’s nice to see this evolution, one part of me can never forget those glorious golden zero yon years.

When I first came to Japan in the early ’90s, I used to hit up my local illegal drag racing spot and check out male testosterone being put to the test in the most infantile of ways. There were massive burnouts followed by wild high-RPM clutch drops, before cars disappeared into the darkness two by two.


Granted, drag racing still happens in Japan; it’s the lack of popularity that I miss. So you can imagine how excited I get when I travel to countries like the US and Australia where quarter-mile racing still has a solid following. It’s the mechanical and engineering side of things that does it for me; I love to see street cars we can all get our hands on pushed to the very limit. And I felt that same excitement when I peered into the engine bay of this rather serious-looking Supra at Art of Speed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the weekend before last.


The owner told me that the project has been ongoing for quite some time, and that at one point it was completely stripped down before being prepped for a few fresh coats of candy blue. Those two huge JP Turbo BX750 turbochargers mounted up high next to the engine aren’t there for show; they supply enough boost to get the fully-built 2JZ to pump out power well into the four-figure zone.


To ensure the already bulletproof Toyota motor can take the abuse, it’s been rebuilt around a JUN 3.2L stroker kit, and there’s HKS high-lift cams to make the most of the setup. There is still some plumbing that needs to be checked off, but once all done this is going to be a rather fun street car.


The stock body mated to RAYS Volk Racing TE37s in classic Bronze Almite makes the exterior look almost sedate; but as we often seen here at Speedhunters, looks can be deceiving.


Presently, the Supra runs a stock 4-speed auto box, and although that suits the theme well, it will soon be swapped out for a proper 3-speed drag transmission along with a more strip-friendly wheel and tyre set up.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Is the car still runs a stock 4-speed automatic because it have yet to be finish ?


Murica style tranny U0001f602


Reading is hard yo.


That auto box can catch you out with the kick down when it comes on boost.  Twitchy chassis, so be ready to catch it :)


mazdaspeeder86 haha :D


BillyOei Well most serious drag cars run autos or air shifted trannys


Slappy_Pistons Dori-fuuuuutou? :D


Being from malaysia seeing a supra is rare but seeing one with no gaudy body kit on is like seeing a unicorn, bigfoot and the loch ness all in one place.


Overnight transmission from Japan.


speedhunters_dino BillyOei Automatics? really? I pegged the drag racing group as the type that rejects non-manual shifting lol.


johnbezt speedhunters_dino BillyOei An auto box is especially useful in turbo applications because they will never allow boost to drop as there's no need to take your foot off the throttle.


Doesn't take much to think around though...
Looks like he's wondering if the stock box was kept by choice (maybe he wanted to run it for a while?) or just because this feature was caught early enough in the project that it simply hadn't been swapped out yet.


johnbezt speedhunters_dino BillyOei at a certain level, theres no way you can shift fast enough to keep up on a strip. Autos rule dragstrips.


Could the loss of interest in drag racing in Japan be due to the lack of cars being built in Japan that would be worth drag racing?


If its built for speed, as the article supposes it does, that 4 speed stock auto trans is the straw that will break its back. So much torque going through that stock converter... Good luck. Better peg the boost well below the touted 4 figure number, unless you want to hire a tow home. Such oversight... And what about axles, diff, and drive shafts? Regardless of the "planned" Powerglide or similar. Why go so far and neglect something so vital to the purpose? Half-assed...


a legend with a triute

BryanC AutoJunctions


BryanC AutoJunctions

RyanLoong : there's gonna be a major JDM TT coming soon.. keep an eye out for Supras... because they are coming


CEL400 johnbezt speedhunters_dino BillyOei 
also the older autos hve one gear less, so you often save the time for one shifting process on the run


Mook Genius Maybe because the car isn't finished being built? Not everyone can have everything they need the instant they want it, things take time and it's not like the car is currently attacking the strip.


Mook Genius Why go so far (leaving a comment) and neglect something so vital to the purpose (reading the article)? Half-assed...
The car is a work in progress. I'm sure you've got a trust fund and a team of dedicated mechanics building your cars for you 24/7, but the rest of us have to do it one step at a time. Your comment leads me to believe that for all your purported wisdom and experience, you've never actually done a large-scale build like this, which begs the question... why are you passing judgement on it?


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