A Blown, Neo-Vintage Miata

As a two-seat roadster, the Mazda MX-5/Miata is a car that’s always had a pretty specific purpose: lightweight motoring fun. But even with that in mind, it’s amazing how diverse the model’s community is.

Some folks build their Mazdas for performance above all; others build theirs to cruise and look cool; and some go crazy with retro styling parts from boutique shops. Here we have a Miata build that includes elements from all three schools of thought.


Owned by Eddie Rodriguez of Las Vegas, this 1995 Miata was one of my favorite cars at the recent Wekfest Long Beach event. It’s a build with an appeal for both casual enthusiasts and hardcore Miata fans alike.


The most obvious difference from a standard NA8 Miata comes up front where Eddie has fitted a complete Pit Crew Racing nose conversion from Japan. The fixed-lamp, 1960s-esque facelift looks perfect in this dark blue body color. Other cool touches include a ducktail rear spoiler, low profile rear bumper, and a center-exit exhaust.


And perfectly complementing the retro-styled body is a set of 15-inch Star Road Glow Star (by Work) wheels with gold centers.


The interior of Eddie’s Miata has been given the full retro treatment too. There are vintage-style gauges and center stack, diamond pattern leather upholstery, and a wood-rimmed Nardi steering wheel.


But if you thought this thing was only about looking cool, you’d be wrong. Under the hood, the Miata’s 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine has been fitted with a Kraftwerks supercharger kit for some extra power.


Also check out how Eddie has retrofitted a polished Ford valve cover onto to the original BP motor. He tells me he often gets asked, ‘What kind of Ford motor is that?’


Will the low ride height and wide wheels bother the Function Police? Probably, but who cares? From the body to the cockpit to the engine bay, Eddie’s car is one of the coolest and most cohesive Miata builds I’ve seen in a long time.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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Nicely done!


I'm sorry but i'm going to have to pick "strongly disagree".  I get what you're saying but just look at the last image, what is cohesive about that, the front doesn't match the rear, the bikini roof doesn't match anything, the colour of the roof wheels and interior look like they were meant to match but it didn't quite work out... It looks like a really good build let down by a few key styling decisions, you could look at it from one angle and go WOW thats amazing, look at it from another angle and go WTF?  

Its just trying to be too many things at once and while some people have the eye to pull a cohesive build together i don't think this is one of them.  Not saying i could do better... but no, just no.

Oh and that ass is just butt ugly, pun intended!


this is seriously cool. i like the retro touch on this somewhat modern miata. its the best of both worlds.


And Kraftwerks supercharger in the bay with a LOW N SLOW sticker on the windscreen... just proves my point!


Was that actually neccesary? I get that you don't like his car, but couldn't you just keep it to yourself and scroll to the next post? Because he and many others do like his car.


Pit crew front end is so beautiful. I wish I had the cash to give me NA that treatment.


chrome trim all around and chromed windscreen pillars and it'll be very very cohesive! Does look stunning though.


I don't like the way it looks but damn that buid qualitate


Honestly, the nose ruins it. The rest isn't bad, but the nose makes the proportions go all weird. The NA Miata is nearly perfectly proportioned stock.

turbo BEAMS ae86

for what? recognize miata instant


Hahaha well sorry buddy my opinion is you should stick to your Check engine light Volkswagen. People like yourself aren't car enthusiast, real car enthusiast appreciate the time, effort & money put into a build. Also gotta remember a Miata only has 90 hp to the right wheel,& the pro charger doesn't make it fly, therefore it's still slow ;-) would love to see what you call your "build" since you have so much hate towards this one ...... Hahaha




Seriously ugly, but I'm glad the owner likes and enjoys it.  Dig the diamond stitched upholstery though.


Judging by the cars in the BG, it fits right in! Not a flavor that leaves a great taste in my mouth, but who I am to tell you how to spend (waste) your money/time?


Damn a lot of people don't like this car . Wtf


The hate is strong with this one. Kudos to Pit Crew for going with something unique for the front end. If you know your Brit car history, lots of people compare the Miata to the Lotus Elan, and I clearly see the resemblance between the Pit Crew front end and the Lotus Elite (1957-1963). Anybody know what make of "vintage" gauges are in the cluster?


so f*^kin cool

Quentin Jones





If you're going for the chrome front bars, then you need them in the rear. The period that inspired this didn't have aero side sills. And the worst part after all of this seemingly fine work is the leftover headlight corners for the hood. Nice try but the sum is worse than the parts.


I like it. The front is not my style but I like pretty much the rest of the car. That valve cover conversion is pretty cool, though I think the coolest thing about this car are those gauges. Props to the builder on this one.


I love retro styled Miata and this is one of my favorites. If there was one small change for me, I would have cut out the panels where the old flip up lights used to live, and mold those to the hood so the cars nose looked a little smoother up top with the hood open/off. I will however build one of these one day.


Robiii To each their own I guess?


Tons of gorgeous work, love the retro theme, but that pit crew front end just makes the car look like a special needs Car. Way off.


squidlyness It's most likely so you can use the stock hood....


Unique, sorta (remember the feature you did on another Pit Crew nosed Miata a couple years ago, pictured at the same location?). I think the front is cohesive but like someone else said, the hood corners and lack of chrome bits in the rear make the car look incomplete to me. First glance, yes, amazing. Closer look, it's aaaaaalmost there, but not quite.


T8DTurdbo squidlyness
Obviously, but that's why it's a half baked idea. There should be a custom hood to match the front end if you are going this direction.

Deep Dishin It

Sick. Love this kit. I dont mind the way the bumper cover sits where the headlights used to be. Cant hide that its a miata so leaving that doesnt bother me.


I like it but if it were mine, no stance, proper offset and wheel widths and wheel, low but not pants on the ground low everything else I love and what I'd have in my MX-5. I actually was so gutted to miss out on a green 92 NA with the tan leather and nardi wood interior.


oldworldgoods Because of the stock-appearing gauge layout, I would imagine it's just a set of custom gauge faces with the needles clocked.  Autometer does some really nice custom work (they have an entire custom gauge division now), but the Miata gauges appear so close to stock that I don't think the gauges are aftermarket.



The gauges are made by revlimiter.net he has a large range of custom gauges for miata's



The gauges are made by revlimiter.net he has a large range of custom gauges for miata's


Pit crew cool.
If he likes it thats the main thing.


Yep, just verified that they're Model 31 gauge face overlays from revlimiter.net, and not actual custom gauges. Just the stock gauges with new graphics.


Agreed 100%... looks like a thrown together box of eBay returns. Fugly.


I really like the interior and engine bay.


same car ?!!!


He deserve a chrome rear bumper detail too, i like...


Yes actually. Canibeat did a feature on his car before the pit crew front end conversation


The top is a bikini top or a "G-String" top


Love the interior and engine bay , hate the Pit Crew. It just look  all fucked up , too low and too long like some squished Trabant. . Those g-fusers don´t work with the front end, Some how the shorty bumper looks weird also.


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Don't get me wrong. I really love how the car is done infront but the rest of the body doesn't quite match the front.