A McLaren 650S In Tokyo

The Ginza district of Tokyo is a place where you often find a variety of high-end luxury cars and supercars, so I wasn’t that surprised to stumble across a McLaren 650S Coupe parked up in the shopping district on a recent night time visit. However, it wasn’t the beautiful styling or the mind-boggling stats of the MP4-12C-based machine that made me want to snap a picture of it. What really got me excited was the striking balance and contrast with the two other vehicles it was parked alongside.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE and Toyota Mark X contrast with the vibrant white 650S, and the height of both vehicles also create the perfect boundary with the McLaren being much lower to ground. These combining factors draw your eyes immediately towards the 650S and enhance its visual beauty. It was like viewing a masterpiece hanging in the Guggenheim Museum NYC…

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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But Ron, Y U NO tag as random snap? lol my post click expectations were waaaaay too high. i do like the contrast though.


I saw this one in Akihabara 3 weeks ago...


I live in Rhode Island, USA and there is some serious wealth out here. I've seen two separate bmw i8s in the suburbs (if you can call it that..). Aston Martins I see often. Saw a Lambo Murcielago sv at the beach once.

It's pretty fun speedhunting supercars.


RickyVasquez Dude that's a 675LT :D


i almost thought the toyota mark x was a honda for a sec because of those headlights lmao i spent too long trying to find out what kinda honda that was lol


Why can't Lexus go with the Mark X's front fascia?


Contrast is great, Curious on what those blockers are under each car and how they work? I take it its to prevent theft. Guess I will have to go to Tokyo to find out


Rodent traps aren't they? Council stick them all over the north of England...


It's part of the parking system, Dino did an article on the various types, I'm sure it won't be hard to find on the site.


Random snap or vague article ?


I really wish the US got Mark X's.


Prime22 It won't lower unless you pay the parking fee.


mandeepchase Agreed. Toyota build Mark X's and Crowns even in odd places like China since 2004, I would believe adding Mark X to Toyota's US lineup would bring more diversified choice and let alone some much needed youthfulness to Toyota's image in the States


Agreed if Toyota US ad Mark X in their US line up soon.


A client of ours took me for a ride in his new McLaren. That was sick! X Vicky, Berkeley-Girls London


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